Dolphin 7.0.3 Final Released! VERY important update.

Andrew Boon posted 29th of September 2010 in . 43 comments.

Don't let the "after 2 dots" index fool you. This is a seriously big and important version update that brings a long list of improvements, fixes and even new features. Most importantly, it is the major part of our "Speed-up" project, so it will most definitely make your sites load faster and consume less server resources. Upgrading is highly recommended.


Brief Changelog

Believe it or not the list below is not complete. It merely covers most notable changes.


- Speed enhancements:

  • Forum spy delays on big forums fixed.
  • Css/js files combined to one file (where possible).
  • Tables pruning added.
  • Indexes were added to some tables and some unused unsexes were dropped.
  • SQL queries optimised.
  • Cache enhancements.
  • Post request replaced with get request for checking new messages in simple messenger.
  • Member menu optimised.
  • Some injections were moved to particular pages instead of running on every page.
  • Unused language keys removed.

- Major update of Forums: streamlined UI, attachments, signatures, back button fix, HTMLPurifier lots of fixes and updates.

- Media files administration was improved and some usability issues fixed.

- Facebook connect module was rewritten to comply with the new Facebook API.

- TinyMCE was updated to the latest version.

- Cache system was unified site wide.

- Cache file names are version dependent now.

- New cache engines added (Memcached and eAccellerator).

- GZip compression for CSS and JS files cache.

- Cache for page blocks.

- Cache for floating member menu.

- Profiler was updated to show much more information and timings.

- Custom text snippet for News and Articles.

- Spy in Index page.

- Video/Sounds modules displays red bar if uploads are being processed or failed, so user always knows what's going on.

- Vimeo and local sound/video file embed filters were added to HTMLPurifier.

- Number of security updates (details not announced).

- Fixed problems:

  • Video not buffering (played only after fully loaded).
  • It is now possible to empty messages trash.
  • Sent mail list displays recipient now (not the author).
  • Group/Store/Events modules media files are displaying files from particular group/event/product, and not all files from all other groups/events/products.
  • Duplicate messages in Shoutbox fixed.
  • Membership days and price was not always shown correctly.
  • Checkbox set didn't save values if more then one checkbox is checked in Advanced Settings.
  • Admins are now able to delete users' avatars.
  • Download original photo now opens in a new window.
  • Missing avatars problem fixed.
  • Misplaced slash was displayed in some media page titles.
  • TinyMCE area was not always shown in Forum.
  • Media files were not playing on some hosting environments.
  • Events/Groups/Store search results pagination wasn't working.
  • Some select settings were broken in flash apps admin panel.
  • Editing old blog post brought it on top of other posts.
  • Admin wall was updating when admin edited somebody's profile.
  • Admin editing of user's event caused event thumbnail to disappear.
  • Video files from video comments were not deleted when video comment was removed.
  • Wrong text encoding in floating member menu submenu could cause problems with non-English languages.
  • It was impossible to view event/group/product which contains non-latin characters in URI.
  • Delete button in in Articles module didn't work.
  • Some membership levels in blogs were not applying.
  • Duplicate records were created in database for membership levels in some cases.
  • Sites module search was not included in global search.
  • Misplaced RSS icon for Groups/Events/Store global search results.
  • Tags link in Sounds module was pointing to categories.
  • Organise sounds didn't save file positions.
  • Latest posts in Blogs was not latest, but popular.
  • Many of admin dashboard links were incorrect or old.
  • Admin HTML promo code was not escaping properly before saving to database.
  • Top menu wasn't always evaluating 'Check' fields before showing menu items.
  • Too many unsuitable cookie headers were sent during language switching.
  • Wrong RSS links was created if two albums had the same name.
  • Blogs home was missing in Page Builder.
  • "Befriend" button now changes to "Remove Friend" if members are already friends.
  • Managing Fans/Participants in Group/Events modules if there are many participants caused different problems.
  • Some old unused files were removed.
  • Design fixes.


Download Dolphin 7.0.3

Try Dolphin 7.0.3 live at

Full list of publicly available tickets processed in 7.0.3

Update instructions and upgrade pack (7.0.2 to 7.0.3)

Dolphin 7.0 Discussion Forum



Dolphin 7.0.3 introduces a number of speed updates and most of you should expect faster loading times and reduced server overhead. To feel the benefits you would generally need a fairly popular community site with many members and concurrent users. We plan a lot more changes and improvements of the front-end in 7.1, which would give more noticeable gains for end-users.

Most importantly, it is highly recommended to make use of our server setup recommendations. We'll be adding web-server recommendations soon. Our test show that most performance gains come out of proper server setup. Thus, 7.0.3 installed on properly configured server would be very fast and would efficiently handle large user-bases.

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great thx let's test it :)

let see how is going to rock from long time

Thanks Andrew and team for this great effort.

We finally tested for upgrade from 6.1.6 to 7.0.3
very good....i will test it now;)
Nathan Paton
I had a feeling I'd be seeing this today.
Thank you.... You guys are doing an awesome job!
Great sounds

thanks Andrew and boonex team , I will test it :)

whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we love you now how do i get my host to upgrade it?
I am with Arvixe
Nevermind my question on how to update, I think i just transfer the files.. GOGO FileZilla!! :)
Thanks Boonex, Looking forward to giving this a run later tonight after i get home from work.
Good news :) let's test it :)
Whilst I am loving the sound of most of this update, there are some pretty major changes there...

Exactly how are we supposed to update our site if we have pretty much edited every single CSS file in every module, in every template etc etc.

We have just spent two months designing our site and literally everything is customised, we launched on 12th Sep and now you go and "where possible, put all the CSS/JS into one file".

It will literally take weeks to sort this out then now on see more our site I presume? :/
This is great, great news. Thanks!

CSS/JS files stays the same (most of them), the template engine creates one cache file from all CSS/JS files. This is the same way as before, but some JS/CSS files were plugged-in incorrect way which prevent them from caching - we tried to find all this places and make correction. JS/CSS files stays unchanged after this correction.
Fatal error: Class 'BxDolAlerts' not found in /*****/******/public_html/inc/ on line 542
Did the 'Seach by Zip Code' ever get fixed?
Nathan Paton
@saberface: There is a link to the upgrade instructions in the blog post.
Excellent timing for me! :) I'll update and do a check of last min details before my site is officially announced. :)

Seems to work great. Updated without a hitch. It even resolved an issue that I had updating from 7.0 to 7.0.1 due to some manual modifications that I made. The original 7.0 to 7.0.1 script didnt work but the new updates work fine from 7.0 all the way to 7.0.3 =)

Now if only I could get the Desktop module to install. I have had problems with it since version 6.0 it just WONT install from the modules panel :(
Yet another job well done by the Boonex team! Way to go :)
I'm so happy to see dolphin 7.0.3
Great update and much better speed. I only noticed that the site stats are missing. It shows the header in the page block but no stats plus the orca language file does not compile 100%. Any reason for this?

Thanks for the reply, I'm not entirely sure I follow what you have said but I am guessing maybe it won't be as difficult to update as first thought.

Nice job in getting the update out but after installing it I can't really see the speed improvement yet. You also forgot to add an audible alert for the simple messenger and this update has buggered up Anton's mod that fixed the problem.

@Anton, will your mod work in 7.0.3?
I really have to laugh at this release notice. Oh wait, let me put on my rose colored glasses, now that's better. So Major improvement, hmm? where have I heard that before? "need a fairly popular community site with many members and concurrent users." now how is that possible with prior versions that never seem to work right?. "We plan a lot more changes and improvements of the front-end in 7.1" flash back??? "Thus, 7.0.3 installed on properly configured server would be very see more fast and would efficiently handle large user-bases." When in doubt, onice on servers configs. And what about all the mods we have installed in 7.01, what now? How much more will we have to spend getting them to work, if at all. Can't wait to see this unfold. Whatever happened to successive working versions? Well at least there is one admission of there being bad coding in there versions, should boonex pick up the tab for all the hours and money spent fixing the prior problems? Hey don't get me wrong, it would be wonderful to have a real version at least 1 that works, some one pinch me, am I dreaming? To all mod developers that I have bought from and that have installed on my site, are all your mods going to work on this version? I will give kudos when warranted with great pleasure. I only wish I was to busy marketing a working site so I would not have time to write this....
Hi, nice news... but... How i can upgrade from D7.0.0 to 7.0.3 ? I must do all the single upgrade 7.0.0>7.0.1>7.0.2>7.0.3 ??

I hope can be do easly... Any help will be very appreciate...

thank you...
Nathan Paton
It seems some people have forgotten that when you update your site to the latest version, you are running the risk of some modifications (such as direct file modifications) ceasing to work correctly, or at all. This can be caused by a lot of things, from the updating of a function, or its complete removal and even the deletion of files which no longer serve a purpose may cause this to happen. This isn't reserved for just Dolphin. Even Drupal and Joomla modifications suffer from this. It's not the see more script developer's purpose to ensure compatibility at the cost of features and enhancements. It is the modification developer's responsibility to remain on top of changes and make them as needed to ensure their products remain compatible.

To make it short: This is not something that BoonEx can control, nor should they have to. It is the modification developer's duty to ensure their offerings remain compatible with the latest version. The same goes for companies such as Microsoft. While they try to keep as much compatibility with old software as possible, it does not mean that they will sacrifice complete overhauls of their code or a much needed update to some core component. No, for it is the developer's responsibility to update their software to work with these changes.

Oh, shoot. I accidently made them both equally long.
I would like to know why, with all the Orca forum improvements, you guys at Boonex can't figure out a way make the language compile to actually work with ALL templates at the same time. This has never worked properly, and it still doesn't. Why on earth do we need to compile a language for each and every template we use? It makes no sense to me. Why can't the forums just use the same language files for each template?

Somebody please explain to me why this can't be done.
Just successfully upgraded 2 dolphin sites to the newest version, time will tell if the sites start throwing errors, the upgrades seem to go smooth though.
@Magnussoft. Comeon mate, you know that they should have added an audio alert for the simple messenger? I am just saying that I was expecting the upgrade to overwrite Anton's mod with a Boonex version that had an audio alert for the simple messenger.
Every thing works fine but mass mail generates a database error.

The original poster noticed this when he received a contact us email. Although his sql server was down at the time when getting the database error i get is when sending out mass mail.

Database error in


SELECT `ID` FROM `sys_localization_languages` WHERE `Name`='en' LIMIT 1

Mysql error: Table 'profilev_site.sys_localization_languages' see more doesn't exist

Found error in the file '/home/profilev/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolEmailTemplates.php' at line 35.
Called 'getOne' function with erroneous argument #0.

The BxDolEmailTemplates.php file in 7.0.2 is smaller then in 7.0.3 so I have tried to update the BxDolEmailTemplates.php file with the up to date one in the full dolphin 7.0.3 package due to it not being in the patch package but no luck. So there must be some thing missing from the patch to update the database that is causing the error.
Ok, that's more like it! Why can't the other updates come as speedily as this one?
Ok question. Performed the upgrade twice. Seemed fine but the site runs very slow now, still says 7.0.2 in admin and the links to boon just spin and spin. Had this problem running upgrade patch to 7.0.2 from 7.0.1. Hope a quick fix had to fresh install 7.0.2 and spend several, i mean several weeks putting changes back in place uggg. Any suggestions on this one??
For one did you change the /inc/ and change it to this?

$site['ver'] = '7.0';
$site['build'] = '3';

Also you need to post this in the forums for more help. Blogs are not meant for support.
And Bambie you should know this by
The link 'Try Dolphin 7.0.3 live at' gives off a '502 Bad Gateway'.

Not inspiring confidence...
Thanks for the upgrade. I am concerned why my site can't control incorect emails being supplied on member joining. any Ideas?
hem, same as usual. many problem are in there. new release , many new problem found.
so, until now i still use my dolphin 7.0.0 with bug fixed by my self ( ). including new facebook api.
Yikes!! Tons of problems!
It appears to have loaded fine.. but...
Admin Side
*Approving Members: My site is a private network.. so users have to be approved.. I can't see the list of Unapproved members.. I'm using both Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer.. Both will NOT let me click on the Unapproved/unconfirmed list of members.
*Admin: Menus: The Drop Down Menus for Modules, Tools, Builders and Settings do not work, luckily I can get into them by clicking on the title too.
*BoonEx see more News Feed: Not loading anything. the little loading signal just keeps spinning and spinning
*Featured Modules: Same as the News Feed, not working.
*Memberlist: Can only view the first 32 members, I can't click on any other list, or drop down to view a different amount per page, and the next button brings back page 1.

Members Side:
*World Map has stopped working
*Tool bar at the bottom is now gone
*Zip code searching still doesn't work
*Chat Room isn't working
*Video Album list doesn't appear correctly when looking at a video and seeing the other albums a member has..

This is all at first glance too!! :( How disappointing! Why send the note that the update is ready if it is not fully tested?? I can't believe I can't few my pending members.. I need that to work.
*Admin: Menus: = OK
*BoonEx News Feed: = OK
*Featured Modules: = OK
Memberlist: = OK

*Tool bar at the bottom: = OK
*Chat Room: = OK
RE: My Post:

For some odd reason, it seems that a lot of the features on my site no longer function at my location at work.. I went home and everything was fine.. Then this morning, at work, everything is off again.. And since none of my members are complaining, I'm guessing it's on my end. DolphinGeeks answered with the possibility that my place of employment may have put a firewall up or see more disabled something. So sorry about that reply!
The updates look good when I'm at home! Thank you :)

The only thing that didn't work when I was at home was the advanced zip code search still.. But I'm using the world map as a work around that my members can use for now.
see moreIt would have been great if they had fixed it so that the Privacy setting for the simple messenger actually worked. I have had quite a few complaints about this already.

Yes, yes I know this is not the right place to post the problem but after doing the right thing and sticking it in the forum (twice), it seems to have been avoided by the Boonex if that means they do not know how to fix it then it would be good to know cause then then maybe someone else outside of Boonex, can.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.