Greet.php is it not time to drop this?

sammie posted 31st of July 2008 in Community Voice. 12 comments.

as greet.php is the cause of most spam from our sites, (the bot trigger bug is still not fixed) i think it is time to drop this feature.

with all the other ways to send a message, do we really need a greet with no text?

a lazy mans hello. if people want to say hi, let them type a message. i see no point in this, i have members putting my site on the email black list because of this false message they get, sometimes 10 a day.

is it now time to get rid of this?

how can you unite people if you allow them to say hi, without saying anything?

whats your thoughts?

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my postings are 130 days old but according to the blog and forum no fix for the greeting is available. This is in the same line as none-members posting comments on member profiles. basic bugs that need to be fixed.
thats why i think its time to get rid of it, it aint really needed. and people keep asking me how can they see the message, and there is no message
I agree it's time to get rid of greetings or update it... where it's sent with a message at least. It can be a message with radio buttons of about six phrases to select from for those just wanting to break the ice.
Agree sammie.
The present greet system is an old one. Huge changes need to be made to it. At the moment, it might still somehow work in dating sites, but is completely useless for social networking sites.
How about replacing it with 'Teasers' of orkut? In orkut, a 'send teaser' option is shown on every profile. When one clicks on it, the teaser page opens up. There either the user can write his own teaser message, or may select one from the provided categories like- sincere, romantic, humorous, see more flirtations, movie lines.
This would be a good feature, and moreover the admin can be provided the power to manage the teaser categories and add,edit, or delete teaser messages from them.
One more important part can be making all this load in an ajax window like the new login box in dolphin, instead of a pop-up window. When a user clicks the option 'send teaser', an ajax window opens in which the user does all similar to orkut. Once the teaser is sent, the ajax window disappears. This will also speed up the task, and members wud love 2 send teasers. Moreover, there wud be no more a file like greet.php and so no worry from bots.

Please do comment.
Greeting is working fine for me and is one of the most used feature.
Desagree 100% to suppress this feature.
But this feature could be improved, for example by giving the choice to send greeting, kiss, smile, etc...
how many visitor greets are sent to your members each day?
my member and and none-members?
I now none-members have access to the greeting option and thats where the problem is.. with me anyways unless i missed a check mark somewhere..
That's what i ment. There are small details which Boonex omitts like this one for example...
Now i see they already ask people about new features and stuffs. I don't see Dolphin doing well for too long, if bugs or misconfigurations/fixes are not done to some small things like this greet thing. I don't say nothing... I'm planning to stick with 6.1.2 or 6.1.3 as for the rest, I WON'T upgrade to anything else, even if would have the coolest mods ever. Because i don't want my site to crash because of see more some old simple features that has'nt been reworked such as greet.
It wont solve all your problems but if you deny access to it to only valid members it might help or cut it down a little. Not a fix all sollution, but it might help a little.
My site allows only logged members to send greetings (renamed winks). I worked on the email templates too, and the HTML notifications sent are quite nice.
Visitors even don't see the actions block on the members profile page. That can easily be done while setting correctly the actions allowed by membership.
Greetings is a greet feature ! and is a nice way to enter in contact with new friends and, by the way, increase the internal traffic of any site :-)
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