I would like to propose JTadeo as a moderator

sammie posted 24th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 16 comments.

I would like BoonEx to consider making James Tadeo jtadeo a Moderator here.

weekends and holiday weekends are a long time to go without having a moderator to deal with the spam.

James is well liked and respected by everyone as far as i know. He works closely with BoonEx and has proven an asset to BoonEx and the community. he is one of the nicest guys you could meet and chat to, (just hide your coffee he drinks it like a fish lol) He is very Diplomatic and chooses his words carefully when trying to calm a dispute. i think James is really the only person that has proven he would be idea for the position

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good idea, but i think there are others on here as well mrp, comes to my mind when thinking of a great and grand aspect, and there are others, i recall when this site first launched, there was a todo about vying for a moderators position, there were a few of us who showed an interest and of course there was never anything done in that regard. i personally signed a NDA and sent it back to boonex. i submitted a mod, but because they didnt like it, it was rejected. took the work out of the 80+ files see more you have to chmod which i still have figured out why they release the script with that being a necessity for an install.

chmod 80+ files and reverse only about 7, so why not release it with everything with the required settings and just reverse the ones that need to be 644? still wondering why this is like this.

oh well,
just on a rant, yes Jtadeo, if he would take up that position, would be a good one.

Yes, James is a good choice. I'm ok with it.
Same thing sammie, for God's sake let Boonex decide when they need and who they need as moderator..
You always want to be a "do-er" (to look like one) but is no substance behind your fake posts.. you just campaign for your broken reputation.. and you have no shame to continue..
Well i am 100 percent behind this site getting moderators, it is badly needed to stop, warn, delete users like (well we all know the names) I just hope whoever the moderator is can be impartial and do the job properly to settle this site down. There is one worry though for me, i know that there is not really any facilities on here for any moderator to moderate properly. For instance, its amazing how people behave on forums if they can see the admin or moderator stalking the boards but there isnt see more anything like that on orca, and certainly not on here. with so many members there has to be ZERO tolerance for behaviour we have seen lately and there needs to be a warning system set up like there is on most places. Ive seen sammies other blog post today and she is very very upset, speaking about being threatened, her site members being threatened,police and allsorts. this sort of behaviour from members has to stop, and they do it because they know that this site has no control over its members and no repocutions for those that do. Ive admined and moderated sites for years, and there's no way members would get away with this sort of behaviour on any of my sites and some of you (you know who you are) need beating with a stick for the shameful way you behave, bully, flame, attack.
what "we all know the names" are on a blacklist because they expressed their opinion by far more civilized than sammie? what would that moderator do? stop our free speech? the day that happens I would definitely leave...
@ Mastermindsro who said [quote]what "we all know the names" are on a blacklist because they expressed their opinion by far more civilized than sammie? what would that moderator do? stop our free speech? the day that happens I would definitely leave..." [/quote]

And since when did freedom of speech include bullying,stalking,threatning, Harrasment,sexual discrimination. thats not freedom of speech, thats abuse which there are laws against such things. So if you call that stopping see more freedom of speech then you have no concept of what it means.
wow where did you saw "bullying,stalking,threatning, Harrasment,sexual discrimination" in my comments, I want you to show me the exact comment..
Did i say you were responsible for those above actions, stalking yes, bullying yes, harassment, yes, which can be plainly seen in the recent blogs. if you had read my long post [quote]Ive seen sammies other blog post today and she is very very upset, speaking about being threatened, her site members being threatened,police and allsorts.[/quote] the rest was aimed at that behaviour, and how members seem to be allowed to get away with it.
Hi Everyone,

I'm fine with what the group wants. Moderating any type of forum can be a weighty responsibility.

This forum does moderators. I think it will help increase the quality of the content and reduce the spam that has plagued this forum. Especially on weekends :D

I do agree with what mastermindsro has said. It would ultimately be decided by BoonEx and who they feel would be the best to serve as a moderator.

However (and I guess you knew this part was coming), there is also a stipulation see more that the initial steps to becoming a moderator is by first doing the following:

"Become a Moderator
To become a Moderator on Unity you need to:

1. Post a message about your work as a moderator here.
2. Wait for members votes."

The above is a direct quote from my account pages. In order to be eligible as moderator, one needs to follow the protocol and path set out by BoonEx.

I will think about it a bit more and see if I can bring a bit more value to Unity as a moderator.

sammie, thank you for recommending me.



"This forum does need moderators."
I would wholeheartedly support you as a moderator if you could assure me that you will not allow yourself to be influenced by the vocal minority.

What would your policy be towards all of the off topic dramatic posts of late?

I would like to see Unity be a drama free zone regardless how many points the poster has.
Son, you're not going to have much time for sipping.

With all due respect to Sammie who is sincerely trying to help us all out here, - We don't NEED moderators! We have tried moderators before and that didn't work. We can self-moderate!

I suggest that we remove the "Community Blogs" entirely from "PUBLIC" viewing at Unity. Let's not flash our dirty laundry before the masses any longer.
This practice has proven to be counter productive and bad for business.

We then allow "ALL POSTS" to be viewed exclusively see more and privately by each individual member on his/her "Unity Account Page", and finally we need to allow each individual the abilty to subscribe/unsubscribe to any Blog of their personal choosing.

I can't speak for James but I believe that James Tadeo is too important to this community to have his time consumed cleaning up our vomit. GOD (I think) has led James to us to illuminate our minds and lead us in the way of the Dolphin!

Anyway - Bottom Line - We need to confine these Blogs to private "Member's Only" viewing and we need the ability to "Screen" the Blogs.

Faithfully Yours,
This is a very noble jesture, but I think Boonex really should make these choices on their own in private and not go with the popular vote. By making public nominations such as this it tends to shine a lightalmost like forcing them to make a choice. Let them make up their own minds and if they wish the opinions of others then I am sure that they will make it known.
I distinctly remember posting an endorsement for jtadeo here --- but the post is now gone?

Is this a magic page? And who's the magician?

This goes at the heart of transparency. My post did not have any profanities in it. It was on topic. It was constructive.

So why is it gone?
Andrew Boon
Could be a bug, or something. We'll check it.
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