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Andrew Boon posted 28th of November 2010 in Boonex News. 14 comments.

We now have four main memberships here at Unity.


Basic Membership is for licenses tracking, free licenses registration, buying at Market and newsletter subscription. That's about it. As a way to prevent SPAM and rate-fraud, Basic Members may not post anything, may not rate free products, may not comment and may not vote.


Advanced Membership is essentially an "activation" of a true Unity Membership, where you may post, comment, communicate, vote, rate, etc. It also now includes 5 Basic Tickets ($1 worth each), so it's $5/lifetime fee is now even more justifiable. Also, it comes free with any purchase of BoonEx licenses.


Premium Membership is a way to get access to special news, Market discounts, posting to Market, highlighted Forum posts, etc. It's a way to contribute, stay informed and "be in the game".


And now... Ultimate Membership is the support membership, which includes 8 service tickets and one urgent service tickets, which cost $991 if bought separately. Ultimate Membership status also "freezes" expiration available Tickets, so they add-up month-to-month and don't expire. This Membership is designed for anyone who needs a high-level support at hand, anytime. Businesses and web-masters with larger sites should seriously consider this one at $499/month.

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I don't get it.

I never have got the memberships, they are worthless in my opinion.

I have been on advanced membership for a long time and the difference in support between having a free license or a paid license is nothing. We can pick a Boonex agent but they can't support us nor can you get hold of most of them.

Those members on premium membership complain about the same issues.

What reason/motivation are you giving for members to upgrade? I would never upgrade to ultimate for $499 see more or any other price because I don't believe we would see any increased support at all.
Great package offers but unfortunately we cannot afford the moment as we are students but will surely think off once i finish my collage


'@ zigojacko

and the price $499 is to mutch this sound like reping people off and the support is not good in my language the support is sck
You're right, @zigojacko.

Memberships are worthless since we can never get anyone to help us. Even when we contact our agent, it is 2-3 days before we can get a response and if you try to go to a different agent, they tell you "I am not your agent, please contact ____ and they will help you" instead of just trying to see what the problem is.
Andrew Boon
Neither of old membership ever included support promise. It simply couldn't. Developer's time cost is tens of dollars an hour and $10-20/month can't possibly justify that. Agents tried to help, hoping for sales conversion and they did a great job, but too a specific agent was unavailable and that caused delays.

We adressed this issue by introducing united support tickets and now all agents can work on them together, so they are processed a lot faster. We can now also sell paid service tickets see more and pack them into a support-oriented membership.
It is too much $499 and only 8 service tickets, this is what you call a high level support.. LMAO


i run an IPB board with chat rooms, gallery, File sharing,blogs, an e-commerce, and so long as i pay just $25 every six months, i can have as many support tickets as i like, they will even do the upgrades for me if i like, as many times as i like... and if my site is ever down for any reason, they will jump in to help within 24 hours, all for $50 a year.....

As my old granny used see more to say.

"its better to sell a thousand at $10 than 2 at $100"

cheers :-)
Andrew Boon
Basic tickets are $1 each. You may end up paying less than to IPB with those. The "service" tickets are for the cases when somebody has to do custom work for you.
i would not consider custom work to be a service ticket. Where can i read the exact SLA what can be expected what services are available, time-frames.

If custom programming is required, that is out of the actual realm of 'Support', and is in essence 'custom programming', at which time this would take away from those who would need actual 'support'.

im still waiting for the timestamp issue to be resolved as its not going away, and it hasnt gotten any better. it has been said what see more a burden this is, but, this was a mistake from the begging to loosely place timestamp calls with different formats and no way to manage that timestamp or the timestamp format.

so yes, if i were to pay $500.00 i would want the timestamp corrected, and manageable from the admin panel as well as from the members profiles, just as all other social networking sites provide.

for my same $500.00 i would like to see the stale flash apps go away, and implement the flash+html5 so that we have control over the skin of the flash apps without spending thousands on a flash editor.

so that would be two of my service tickets. can you let me know when this can be done?
Is there going to be a difference between "general bug fixes support" and "customized support"?
It seems to me that the price tag of $499/month is out of line with customer support for an off the shelf product that is in need of bug fixes/patches.
I could understand the charge for doing customized work but to me that is different than service support.

Disclaimer on package should now say:
Special tools, specific knowledge, and much assembly required. Batteries not included. see more -- but we will sell them to you for another $499/m
$499/m to get in front of the line for a product that is already at version 7.4 and climbing?

That made my day. Great humor.
What happened to those people who have previously paid 998 dollars? Where do they stand in this new framework? Do they qualify for support or are they expected to pay another sum of money? I paid 998 for the Prime package 2 months back. Please advise.
Andrew Boon
The old Prime had it's own pack of components, with even higher total value, and you were supposed to be choosing it for them - 3 Dolphin licenses for example as apposed to 1 in the new Prime. We changed the package, but it's for new buyers, since it's just another set of products services that you get at a "wholesale" discount. I hope this makes sense.

We still get enquiries for old Prime, too.
hope things all work out on this business model. its a fight to come up with just the exact combination at times. i think the Old prime 3 license and iphone branding was a good package for the price.

i know there are many clients who have the prime who are not happy with the inability to commercialize the dolphin backend because of the extensive branding that has taken place.

then there are the module dependencies that have had some throw up their arms in disgust.

one of the more see more talked about malfunctions, from a business entity is the timestamp, and the inability to manage it from the admin panel, or to allow the users who are global to set their timezone.

dolphin is good software, and we can see that its headed in the ultimate direction of Trident, and there are many of us who are waiting for that day.

Keep up the hard work, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the BoonEx staff.

After getting screwed by a vendor on here out of $69, paying for a one year license $99, bought template for site $60, paid $100 to upgrade to next version of Dolphin by Gorpus, then I paid $99 for a support ticket and the ticket support system at Boonex would not let me put my support ticket in. SO now I am out $99 so far because I requested a refund from Boonex and they still did not give it to me.

So now after spending hundreds of dollars I have come to realize that Boonex charges $198 an see more hour for support. My doctor does not even charge that $$ for an hours visit. By the time you add everything up at Boonex in the long run you just burn money here.

Skadate or Abledating offers a way better deal and cheaper support and no third party scammers.

I am moving my whole boonex site to one of these platforms. I am disgusted with my whole Boonex experience.
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