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AntonLV posted 8th of February 2010 in News. 17 comments.

Everybody who worked with Dolphin 6 knows that this version of Dolphin has moderators as special members of the community. They have an access to some parts of Dolphin's administration area and can help administrator to check and approve a content submitted by community users.

Dolphin 7 doesn't have such special members by default, but the problem can be resolved by using default Membership Levels feature. It became possible because Dolphin 7 has a lot of membership actions which cover almost all member's activity on the site. The feature can be found in Dolphin 7 administration panel -> Settings menu item -> Membership Levels sub item. As you know you may create paid and free membership levels there.

So, you may create some membership level, for example 'Moderators'. Then you need to activate the level and configure its actions. You need to allow actions like 'edit', 'delete' and 'approve' to 'Moderators' membership level without any limitations. Now you may grant this membership level to active members who you want to act as moderators via Dolphin administration panel -> Members section. It's more comfortable for moderators because they don't need to have additional access info and go to moderation panel to do the work. They can simply browse the site and make necessary changes directly on the content's pages.

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So theoretically, when the user Admin which obviously has near enough to full access with respect to the admin panel (I say near enough because the Admin user doesn't really have complete and utter access to everything as pointed out in posts by Houstonlively for example) is logged in and in the front end of the site comes up as a standard user....well on my site anyway.

So could I then give Admin its own type of membership, say something like 'Admin Front' and then I should be able to modify, see more delete and create almost anything from the front end too.....or would that create some sort of conflict?
Yes, you can do this. I think you shouldn't have any conflicts.
i will test this.
Theoretically it can work, but...

For example - I have 2 kinds of the membership:
1) Moderators - free membership, only for moderators
2) Premium - paid membership, for everyone
What if moderator wants to have 'Premium' (sponsor) account?

The second thing is that in this situation 'Moderator' will have only access to materials which are available for him (privacy settings) - public or his friends materials.
You may create 'Moderators' membership level as a level with all available actions.
In this case moderator doesn't want to be a 'Premium' member.
Ok sorry to be a pain, not sure I understand this correctly, but if I set up mods as mentioned above, would this not allow any other member to just sign up to that membership level? or is there a way to hide this membership level from general members and apply it once a moderator joins?
@AngelusUK that's a good question
what you could do is set a price for the moderator membership level at $ 1.000.00 im sure no one will join :)
Hi Pro,

I found a way round from a posting i stumbled upon (but can no longer find lol) - and it seems to phpMyAdmin go to the sys_acl_levels table then hit browse and go to edit the membership name you set there set purchasable to "no" and it hides the membership level from general members, but you can still apply the membership via admin...hope that helps :)
The best solution for the sitution.
I hope everybody knows how to work with phpMyAdmin. :)
Anton, as I work through the D7 code there are dozens upon dozens of places where the code has commented out "Moderator" issues. These either refer to a non-existent moderator function or if a user is logged in as a moderator. At some point this software had a planned moderator function. Does Booenex intend to bring this function back and if not, why has all this stray code been left in the software instead of cleaned up?
Some parts of the code related to moderators may be left from an old version. But also D7 has roles(admin, moderator, etc). This feature was not finished yet. It's hard to say when it would be finished and how it works.
Basicaly Dolphin 6 & 5 is Dolphin 7 and Dolphin 8 with a sorta a more modern template look but with all the same bugs that Dolphin 6 had & 5.

Seems to me this will never end unless BOONEX starts from the bottom and begins to recreate all over again from scratch.

This is quite entertaining to be honest.
one problem that needs to be addressed with this is that even as an admin, much less a 'moderator membership', just because you can do something doesn't mean you can. Prime example, ok you can edit and delete photos with your membership. How? the button does not show up based upon membership type but by the owner of the image. I brought this to the attention of an Agent and he wanted to charge me to 'fix' this... Im sorry but I will not pay for something that should so bluntly be a part of it anyway. see more If you are giving the person the ability to do something the button should show up allowing them to do it and if they cant do it the button shouldn't show up. I should not have to pay extra to fix such an oversight by the programmers part.

Also with the membership, you can just make it 'not active' and then no one would be able to buy it, but you can still assign it to people. this would fix the issue of someone trying to buy it.
I agree with todaler. And although 7 looks good. It still need a lot of work. I have mine all setup now and I am noticing a lot of things that just doesn't make any sense. Button locations, words, menu items. All kinds of things and we should not have to be paying these guys to fix it especially when we paid for it.
My moderators have complained that they don't see a clear way to moderate.. So a moderator page would've been awesome! I'm sorry to see that it isn't included in this one. As I created a dummy moderator, I found it to be true, there are things I gave moderators the ability to do that I just don't see a very clear way of doing. I agree with Todaler, the idea of paying an agent for something that should already be there doesn't appeal to me.

How do I give people the ability to moderate the chat see more room? I don't see that in the permissions list under the membership levels either. Yet there is a block for chat moderators that doesn't seem to do anything or go anywhere.
Moderators definitely needs improvement in the next update, this is important!
What about the moderator tab in the chat section. I set up membership as moderator full access but that person doesn't show up in the moderator tab in the chat room.
I would like to know how come when I edit a user post in the forum the edit box is blank.
What I mean is, if I edit a users post, the edit box does not contain their original post content and if I type something it replaces their post content completely.
How can I fix this?
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