Post your biggest Dolphin 7 bugs/suggestions

mastermindsro posted 22nd of December 2009 in Community Voice. 19 comments.

Ok, I may brake the rules here a bit.. but I don't care!!! I just want Boonex to hear us ALL and ALL of our BIGGEST problems. We don't need rules to cover problems, we need rules that will help solve problems..

I know that the blog posts are sweater than forum posts.. forum topics often fade unnoticed into the darker face of this world - the 2nd page..

So Everybody is invited to write here:

- Tell us all and especially to Boonex team, what are the biggest errors of Dolphin 7 that are still unfixed..

- Tell us what BIG/IMPORTANT features are missing in Dolphin 7 so far..

- Tell us what you think it should be changed to the actual Dolphin 7..

- Any other BIG/IMPORTANT suggestions..

Please post only BIG/IMPORTANT bugs, missing features and anything that Dolphin MUST have.. We don't need useless things.. just REAL problems..

The most important ones will be converted into tickets.. and I hope Boonex will not hate me for this :) Is just that I see so many important issues that are still not fixed.. all the tickets will be tracked and hopefully we will have things fixed once and for all..

So shoot the BIGGEST problems or suggestions..

P.S. Go to TRAC and make sure that your problem was not fixed or has already a ticket set for future milestones..

Any pundit/moderator that sees some "valid"/IMPORTANT problems please post them to the track.. and write the link to the ticket in a reply to users post..

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I've posted a ticket for the page builder, I've seen many times those problems reported but never got fixed.. (lacking delete button for pages, activate/deactivate page button, reset page to default button, inaccurate slider for columns and page width)

All you have to do is go look at all the tickets that got shoveled into the 7.1 bin. This is the repository for unfixed bugs. (Boonex calls them enhancements)
The version is almost ready !
We can not add anything which may broke existing functionality, or cause potential problems, or even 1-2 more RCs.

The good place for these enhancements is Dolphin 7.1 - then we will be able to do such thing right and test carefully! form the very beginning Alpa -> Beta -> RC -> Final ! ... BUT NOT NOW !
you are correct, you chose to break the rules. the place for this type of post is absolutely in the forums. however considering the circumstances of the disconcerted modus operandi of the RC forums, i can understand why you have chosen to post such a blog post.

i would like to see such areas that are designated for bug reports having a better strucutre, from early on i asked that the forums be setup with some structure, and that of course was ignored.

with anything of this see more magnitude, you have to have some structure, without structure, without a solid foundation, the empire will collapse, and that is just what we have seen with the forum posts for the RC's.

- Bad words filter that will allow to filter email addresses in any content is missing since years !
- Restriction by sexual orientation is missing too (men can see only women profiles, gays can see only gays, etc...)
- Some Admin contents (admin news, promo block...) absolutely need to be multilanguage !
- Every block need to contain a language key where to add info/instruction about the content of the block.
join - people - search - Options
possibility of added admin (ajax) - country, (region - state),département, city

Profile - how much

customize - highest - level of photo profil

add block option
--> functional payment modules
--> update membership levels on payment processing
--> cron job management settings from admin
--> better set of default icons across the site

well thats just my thoughts

1. The inability to have an empty value in a profile field made from a predefined values table. This causes problems in the join form since you can no longer make this field mandatory without having the wrong value selected; and it makes it impossible to construct a search with more than one field, since one of them will have the wrong value (whatever was at the top of the predefined list). This is an important issue that we have not been able to get Boonex to take seriously.

2. The inability see more to have checkbox fields in more than one row- again in both the join form and in searches, essentially rendering this kind of control worthless.

3. The profile photos do not size properly. Small images get blown up and are completely fuzzy and really look terrible.

These are serious issues that worked fine in D6 and I don't understand why Boonex has gone backwards on this. Please include these in the next version if at all possible - the code should already be written so it can't be that hard.
yes the picture profiles really too small
Articles by members a must
Poll removing form administration
Thumnail or image in Files.

That are the things I missing into this version.

Pre-Defined Dependent Value.

E-Mail Inbox Folders

You said Alex that you can't add things that will make Dolphin go backwards, but alot of these things are doing just that, sending it backwards from what so many of us already have in D6. Beyond that, many of these things are not options, rather they're basic functionality that the software should have. Instead of Boonex picking up the ball and taking care of these things it feels as if we're being told to spend our money & hours find see more the solutions to them.
AJAX country => region => department => city search
I have installed Dolphin 7 it keeps on going on and off and everytime it goes off this is the error it throws either in admin or frontend

Database connect failed

Fatal error: Call to a member function getParam() on a non-object in /************************/public_html/v2/inc/ on line 83

Please assist
I have downloaded Dolphin 7 Final for new install and there are several files and folders missing
Hi have a 2 question HoW do i remove itemS from the JOIN Block can't find out how please help!
Bigest bug we have is
As you know lot of farners using dolphin and almost (( arabic + fari + hebrow )) are the main users
And all this lang are (RTL) and most websites they use 2 lang same (( arabi + english )) and they ned
(( RTL )) + (( TRL)) for writing and them
That is the bigest think have to be fix and give the admins to able chose the writing way

is there a fix for a anything slider, when i add the code it- makes the login pop up embed inside the main page above the header- is there a fix, when i remove the code the login window pops up.. any suggestions
i have a problem post in video wall!! Can someone help me it brings the Error: Connection Error. Click Ok to reconnect. I press reconnect and the error log continues to be. Can someone help how to fix it please!
Thanks in advanced!
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