Tutorial: How to create pages with Dolphin Page Builder

Andrew Boon posted 10th of January 2011 in Dolphin.pro News. 9 comments.

Dolphin is all about Builders. Once you master builders you can create pretty much any kind of community site and realize craziest of your ideas. This time gameutopia comes up with a very detailed tutorial on how to make use of Page Builder. Lots of screenshots and step-by-step instructions. Must read for all rookie Dolphin admins.

How to create pages with Dolphin Page Builder


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Some people were just asking about the page builder recently. So I thought why not write something with visuals.
Nice job on the tutorial.... it should help a lot of people.
I know this thread is old, but I am trying to watch a few vids that require a platinum membership. How can I attain that status? I see no way to upgrade.
Thank you Thank you Thank you my friend!!!
Blessings & may God keep you & yours under the shadow of is love ALWAYS!!!
Is there a tutorial to create a page with php?
you dont necessarily need to create a page with php, these pages are dynamic and written to the database. you need to look at the php block from deano, this will serve your purposes.
Great tutorial, for my opinion it´s very important to show dolphin products in a simple way., there will be a lot of people very happy about it.
Best regards
I really loved this tutorial. I wish there were others like it. I can easily do whatever when I see it done but I am below average in know how when its in written form. Thank you!
Is there a way to Delete created page?
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