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Andrew Boon posted 13th of October 2010 in Boonex News. 16 comments.

We have noticed that too often vendors in Unity Market use deceptive tactics to make their posts "stand out". It is time to get a bit more strict with the situation as it seems be be getting out of hand, so:


1. Relevant tags only. Use of irrelevant tags would be considered as SPAM and may incur deletion of the product and suspension of vendor account. So, if it is a "template", don't use tags like "plugin", "language", "modification", etc.


2. NO ALL-CAPS! Sorry for shouting. ALL-CAPS used extensively will be considered as SPAM.


3. No copyright violations. Seems obvious, but I have to remind you again. It is strictly prohibited to sell products that you don't have right to sell.

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hello andrew,
does nr.2 mean, writing all in big letters?
if yes....can it be used as titles or do you mean absolutly no words with all BIG LETTERS?
Andrew Boon
I mean that you only use ALL CAPS when you need to emphasise something of particular importance. You generally only need this for a couple of words in the post.
The market is a mess because of this and It drives me nuts.... Thank you Andrew.
I think Andew does indeed mean with all big letters in words, It is just not necessary. Proper punctuation with capitalisation where necessary should be fine.
Thanks Andrew i dont post often but i must say that its very disappointing to see someone reselling a mod that they didnt create and note even have enough audacity to give the vendor credit. A really good friend of mine on here had created really nice template and one of the vendors took it and advertised it as his own...didnt ask for permission to so and didnt bother giving him credit for the work. I'm so glad you guys have cracked down on this.
Hi Andrew!

the Market still need a lot stuff to be fix and organized

when you go to templates you see a lot of mod there and not templates the same or modification when you go there you see mods and templates

all the category need to be fix so when member click templates you only see templates

because right now the market is bad
Hi everyone, just talking out loud ;-)
if you have to pay is not Free as some people post, also there is a difference between trial and Free, if you have to pay it for more functions it should say trial not free.
thanks for all the great work everyone
RE: Relevant tags only

If you guys would take the time to do a proper market, you wouldn't have to worry so much about tags. The market would be better if everything were in categories. Suspending an account for using tags that you don't think are appropriate, is a little overboard.... don't you think?

If you had just made a market with categories, you probably wouldn't be having this problem.
i liked the way it was on expertzzz.

i think it is not so easy for costumers to find the things they are looking for.
also some of the market page pagination don´t work correct...so if you look in staff picks,
items are returning on the next site and you are unable to see all.

i also saw this issue on the blogs modul here.
And I think banning members offering a module for free when in fact there is a hidden route to some sort of payment should be included on the list.
I really don't know what happened between the transition from Expertzzz to Here, but things in the market are beginning to smell like hot garbage juice. In 2 years at Expertzzz, I had 1 issue ....1 (ONE) and that was with a client and it was totally my fault. Other than that, Expertzzz was pretty dogon awesome. I really liked the feature where you could actually tell how many times a mod was downloaded in addition to the rating system.

Don't get me wrong Dolphin software has gotten better by see more leaps and bounds, but the marketplace is so much of a headache that I'm calling it quits. Part of it has to do with the new wave of Boonex Customers who have huge dreams of running their own social networks, but are TOTALLY clueless about ANYTHING technical. You have people out buying mods on a "trial" basis, keeping the mods, then wanting to request a refund without even asking for support.... as if the seller can actually put their code "back in the bottle" after it's been exposed. I know several developers that this has happened to. This is Ridiculous. From the Posts by Sellers to the purchases by buyers who are just looking to "get over", people are starting to really abuse the system up and down.
i would have to agree with HL. if the market were setup properly from the onset, there wouldnt be any issues going on like this. i for one begged this from the beginning, and essentially was ignored. as for those who express they liked expertzzz better, there were some features of the functionality of the site that were more applicable, but the mod authors as well as the visitors did leave something to be desired. at least i can say that there are some attempts at keeping this place clean.

i see more think the market should be overhauled, and more conducive to an acutal purchasing environment, categorically placed modules, and then if there are abuse of tags priveleges, then address that with the mod author directly. i know for a fact this has come from boonex staff members as well, and it was pointed out by me, and again ignored.

but the old addage presented by andrew that the boonex rules dont apply to the boonex staff, as i was informed some time ago, would indicate the distaste for the way things are going on the market now.

Now it would be nice to get rid of the frauds like "derartmedia" I just got into dolphin and already got screwed out of $69 from this guy
He has been absolutely no help and sold me a license on a template that doesnt work with my version. Then he took a week to update it and it still doesnt work. Frauds like this simply leave a bad taste in everyones mouth.
I have to agree with both HoustonLively and Dosdawg....
You guys can not go saying you should of done this and that and Im out, you should know yourself how HARD it is to setup a business model that works 100% from the get go, instead why dont you tell them HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE IT and what features you want, then maybe they could change the network, just from what your told them? It's that easy Cheers
@ue30 if you don't know what "ALL CAPS" means then you probably shouldn't be selling software in the first place!

"hello andrew,
does nr.2 mean, writing all in big letters?
if yes....can it be used as titles or do you mean absolutly no words with all BIG LETTERS?"

LOL@ "all in big letters"
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