Vote - Zarcon Promotion to Moderator

Zarcon posted 31st of December 2009 in Community Voice. 18 comments.

Hello to all my fellow Unity Members,

With the new "Unity" in place, we can now request votes from members to be considered for Promotion changes in status. Some of you may recall a post previously by DosDawg ( recommending a nomination for Pundit. I was very flattered to see all of your responses to this post, but with the new changes in membership levels in "planning" at the time, they were not able to make these changes.

Now that Unity has been redesigned, I have decided to follow the recommendations provided to request a promotion to Moderator status.

Please take a moment to read some of my qualifications below and cast your votes:

Member since - October 10, 2007

I have skills in Dolphin Installs & Configurations, MSSQL, MySQL, HTML, PHP (No expert..yet), some java, XML decoding,  Web Design, and some CSS.

I have never, nor will I ever, claim to know everything there is to know about Dolphin. But I can say that I have enough knowledge to help support this community with great results. There have been many members who have contacted me requesting help when no other will or can. I support the Unity members at no charge and volunteer my time here helping others by choice. I do have a line that I draw when it comes to giving support though. Do not expect me to install and configure your Dolphin for you. My goal is to help you "Learn" Dolphin for yourself.

I would like to request your comments and votes, whether good or bad, for Moderator status.

Sincere Regards,
Chris  (Zarcon)

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And I get to be the first. Hmmm... Now I'm gonna have to think real hard about this, after all, my vote is supposed to be important. At least that's what the ballot says.

Or wait, it doesn't say that. I think I learned it in Kindergarten or was it out behind the bleachers with Sallie? Geesh, now I'm thinkin' about the bleachers and Sallie. What was I doin' here again?

Oh yeah. I'm gonna go a bit futher here than just votin' yes. Matter of fact, Chris is such a great help on the Unity see more Forums I'm makin' him my running mate and vice-moderator nominee.

Yes, MyDatery & Zargon for Moderator & Vice-Moderator. Gots a nice ring, doesn't it.

All Hail MD & Zargon. All Hail MD & Zargon!! All Hail MD & Zargon!!!!

And I give my vote for Zarcon too!
Say it with me MD.... Z - A - R - C - O - N there is no G in that at all... LOL. And tell Killerhaii that too :)
Chris, I already voted for you and as I think you know even sent a note to Boonex. I think you don't know the psychology of those guys - once you ask for something, it will never happen, no matter how logical it is. Don't you understand that yet? Even if there is a virtual consensus among their member base - see things like a bug forum, or bugs everyone complains about - they will just dig their heals in. Maybe you could use the Huckleberry Finn "white washing the fence" technique. see more "Please Boonex, I don't want to be a moderator - don't do it". That might work - I'm not sure. In any event, be careful what you wish for - you could lose that nice day job of yours.
Chris, You have my vote.

You have helped us alot to get issues resolved with my D7 site. Thanks!

Zarcon for Moderator!
lol at md, really close to thread hijacking there, but funny as all get out.

Chris, you have my vote, but caltrade my have something there. dont know for sure, as this is all wishy washy at times.

I vote yes for chris as a moderator simply because he's a good all round sort a guy, although chris i have to say being good with Dolphin and PHP wont help you one jot dealing with this motly crew, You need a big whip and a chair to keep this lot behaving, and then you still need somewhere to hide.... Good luck with your nomination.


I agree with Tyke, you need a big whip...

You got my vote! all the best mate.

Well Chris (Zarcon :-) ) If people are to long behind the screen they not see everything right sometimes. grinnn.
But for me yes you are good and always correct in your writings.

But every body has to ask to hisself, are' I'am a moderator? If you say to yourself 100% yes, then you have my vote.

are I'am awake. dont think so grinnnn
Zarcoonex gets my vote for sure!!!!
Voting is good for health...
I vote Zarcon too.
anyone who'd want to vote me for the president status?
because, Voting is good for health...
I will vote for you for sure Chris. You are helping people aroun here that is for shure. Also i want to vote for: Prolaznik, Mydatery, DosDawg, deano92964, okweb and mauricecano since thay all do help aroun here very much.

So, vote for:

My Vote for Zarcon.! I want to vote for DosDawg, Okweb, deano92964, mauricecano , Prolaznik, Mydatery too you are all great.
A new Vote coming from Macedonia!!! Thanks to Zarcon I managed to solve an issue I spent hours looking for a solution to it. Great support!

Best regards,
Again, most reliable one to talk to!!!
Thanks to all of you for your kind remarks. My nomination to Moderator was accepted. :)

I am very pleased to support you Zarcon and you have my are very helpful and an asset to this community and you help without getting nasty or annoyed with us less knowledgeable Dolphin users!
here is my vote as well.
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