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CALTRADE posted 25th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 24 comments.

I didn't even know there was an unauthorized election for Unity Moderator but I might as well throw my hat into the ring.  VOTE FOR ME!  Why?  because I am totally LAZY!  That's right, as your moderator, I would do hardly anything at all - I probably won't ever read most of the posts.

When a really nasty post comes to my attention - one that contains a personal attack or foul language, I will simply delete it - when I get around to it.  If a thread gets long and boorish I'll close it but leave it there (if the forum  even has this tool?  - I don't know).   Let me give you an example of how I would moderate this hypothetical post - and you should ask the other moderator candidates how they would handle this also as it is a good test:



I tried to install Dolphin last night and the bloody thing doesn't work!   Who are the idiots who made this software?  You all must be morons for using this crap!  Go to bloody hell all of you!


Now what would you do with this post?  Reasonable people can disagree, but I would just leave it there.  Not because I like the message, but because I will probably be too lazy to get around to deleting it.  Eventually I would get around to deleting it - if it had no other useful information, but by then members would have had a chance to read it and weigh in first.

That post, by the way, is an approximation of a real post that appeared on the forums not too long ago.  The poster later came back and apologized admitting that he drunk (PUI - posting while intoxicated - never a good idea).   A more diligent moderator would have deleted the thread, along with some of the insightful responses, and banned this member.  A lazy moderator, on the other hand would likely just let it slide - and by the time he got around to doing anything the situation would have likely resolved itself.

In your heart-of-hearts you know it is true.  If Boonex needs a moderator now, then it should be a LAZY moderator.  That is why you should vote for me!


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You totally get my vote, Bro! - But tell me "Just How Lazy Are You?" - We might consider someone who can't remember a darn thing also.

Oh Juker - good point - I forgot that I also have a really terrible memory! I'm only 55 but am already getting forgetful- another reason to vote for me!
I remember that post or something similar and many like that. That is usually the result of spending hours trying to get something working. Frustration.

To become a moderator, you must first be a Pundit.

See the following:

Take note of this "Step-by-step rule: you can only upgrade to Expert if you're a Contributor, to Pundit if you're an Expert and to Moderator if you're a Pundit. Hence, every Pundit is a Member, Contributor and Expert. see more Contributor status fees are not required once you upgrade to higher levels."

Rob, I understand what you're trying to say and point taken.
Awww James, you are not trying to defeat your only opponent on a technicality are you? You are the one who asked for votes and threw down this election challenge. Besides, last time I looked you are way ahead anyway with 24 votes, while I only have 5 - you might defeat me fair and square. Don't try to kill this campaign before it starts though. I am running on the LAZY platform - if you are in favor of a light hand in moderation, then vote for me!
he he heee...

Unity is there to provide a valuable resource for Boonex product users. The test for any post should be: does this add any value to them, does it help them in their Boonex product experience?

The value of this particular post is close to zilch. On the other hand, I will grudgingly admit that the guy (because it was a guy from the UK who posted it) was entitled to say his beef (as long as it was not laced with profanity).

We should have a CATTLE AND BEEF (or something like that) area in see more the forum where posts like this (useless, unhelpful posts with unsubstantiated allegations) get deposited. They should not be left anywhere else in the forum because they dilute the experience of other Unity users.
Excellent. I think that is a great idea. I have that in my own forums. There you can talk about anything and everything.
There really should also be a "newbie" forum - where people who want to ask dumb beginner questions can do so without being attacked - and people who want to help them can help in one place. There should also be groups on functional areas- DATING, COMMUNITY, BUSINESS, ADULT, etc. Lots of improvements to be made here - even by a lazy moderator.
Rob, you need to set your sights a little higher. The attitude reflected in your post is better suited to government office.
Andrew Boon
He he ... today's so much better than yesterday. :)
i really didnt find any humor in this post. rob this is a serious matter that requires attention, and for you to poke fun, and make light of this, is absolutely incorrigible.

You got my vote... even if you are maybe a bit liar as a really lazy person will never find enough power to write a so long humoristic post :-))
caltrade imagine that a new member that registers on your site allows this kind of message on the first page in the shoutbox
You are going to do what?
Il plaisante, c'est juste pour rigoler ;-))

(He is joking...)
ah ok :)
j'ai rien compris alors avec le traducteur

Merci MichelSwiss
what about several mods for different areas of boonex environment?

and yes by the way i like the idea on focusing on the forum as well, or finding a way to make it distinct between the two; blog and forum, since both are usefull.

im glad also to see how things go here, im sure this will help me to anticipate any kind of crisis in my site.
LOL, i thought you were running for conservative party candidate then. "Nice one"
Thanks Mrpowless - I'm flattered!
Rob, I'd vote for you, but so far I've been too lazy to click the thumbs up button. I hope you understand.
OK Rob, I just had an adrenaline rush, and voted for you.

I think you'll make a damn fine moderator.
With all the whining about censorship that you do, you now want to be the one to censor.

I am definitely against this, I personally think you lack the ability to seperate your personal feelings and view things objectively, which is a vital requirement of a moderator.

I personally think you would be a very poor moderator and I'm voting against you.
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