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Andrew Boon posted 3rd of September 2012 in News. 18 comments.

And, finally, the last one of the big modules to be updated in 7.1 has been re-worked - check out the refreshed Ads module...



New look, integration with the new Maps and social sharing buttons turned Ads into a much more usable module that would work great as a "classifieds" part of some niche community. 



With this one done, we only need to finish the "secret feature" (should be fun) we mentioned and a bunch of minor improvements (we'll posting about these later in the week) before Beta release. Feeling giddy already!  ;-).

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i am first this time...ha ha ha .. take that..
I hope the ad's will not be visible after a certain time set by admin . this way after x time frame they come off the site without the admin having to remove it ..Cuz events will still be posted well after the event has past... nice work. :O)
I'm excited too :) This is gonna be awesome!
I can't wait to get me hands on this masterpiece (D7.1). :)
Is there a country filter for ads?
Andrew, is country filter possible on ads? For international sites it would make all the difference for this module
I did notice the second image had custom values with "Country", "City", "Price", and "Year".

It would be nice to see how these categories are created from an admin perspective and the selection interface from a user interface.
I can say that I am not easily impressed, how ever i have been keeping taps on ( Osho ) and this is an excellent upgrade! I wonder what's the surprise? Great job!!!

Gutted that my next site will not need all of these awsome bells and whistles... I will have to strip most of it out, but the improved seo, speed and some other features will be an awsome boost..... Great job so far guys : )
BTW, I HATE the new "OUTLINE" formatting! Yuck. You should see my outline of an ad I posted, it takes up half the index page and is in one tiny column..
Andrew Boon
C'mon mate! You're spoiling it! :D It's only half-done, so don't look too much into it yet.
sorry, very anxious here.. :) it was a huge description in the ad anyway
Is it me or are all the media "embed" and "URL" boxes in the usual "Main Info" box gone for our suprise? I wonder if there will be a new way to share our "media?"
Our usual URL and embed links are gone from sounds and videos. hmm
does ads no longer work in 7.0.9, I just did the upgrades and ads crashed my site so I had to uninstall ads. Tried to reinstall but now says not compatible. Where can I get the new version which is??
А уж как я жду выхода 7.1 не представляете.
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