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Andrew Boon posted 22nd of July 2012 in News. 59 comments.

One of the last in line of the Dolphin 7.1 updates is the Sites module. Just as all other modules it has received the new design, layout, cleaned-up blocks and page elements...



Individual website page also got the new block with social sharing/voting buttons...



Besides our own improvements, the new integration of site thumbnails from ShrinkTheWeb was included. You may remember the contest they ran some time ago - collaboration with STW team and misterpopper resulted in a much better integration as well as the new admin settings page:


So it is now a lot more easy and convenient to make use of STW's service - just get the key and off you go.


"Sites" module is rarely used as a forefront part of a Dolphin-based community, but it is still very important - more and more people now have some sort of website of their own or represent certain web-entities. Professional communities often reply on Sites heavily as members want to feature their sites without littering forums, blogs or comments.

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Will the Sites module function properly without 'shrink the web' being activated?

I removed the Sites module on D7.x due to the need to employ an outside server, a security risk I do not need. Even if it wasn't a security risk, I would not use it, I do not like the idea of using up my bandwidth for something that could be done within Dolphin itself.
Not bad, but i am not that interested in the 'shrink the web' part as long it works without it (thumbnails are not needed for me) .
Andrew Boon
You can certainly use it without STW - they're only for automated thumbnails. Members can just upload their own screenshots/images and you don't' have to activate STW.
Good morning, congratulations, Mr. Andrew wonderful job.
I would like to make a serious consideration.
an interesting feature is to highlight if the site offers promotions to users of the site.
If this new integration from STW behaves like the "temporary fix" that was posted in the forums, expect a lot of complaints. I certainly hope that when using the free version of STW, clicking on a site thumb does not lead to an intermediate page on stw's site, because that's how their 'temporary fix' worked.

So, does it?
Andrew Boon
This is what we've got so far. Once can just not use STW or go for another integration. Direct image uploads are still there. We're looking forward to polishing specific issues during beta testing run and specific suggestions would be highly appreciated.

[had to remove your own reply to your comment, just though I had a better one]
The folks responding in this thread must be blind. I guess I'm the only one that sees a problem with clicking on a thumbnail that is supposed to link to a site, but instead being redirected to an incredibly ugly white and yellow page on

Let's just call this for what it is. The shrinktheweb guy wants to make sure that every single person that clicks a thumbnail on a dolphin site, knows that stw made that thumbnail by redirecting them to stw, before the link that the thumbnail see more is representing. Andrew, if you actually believe this is a good idea, you need to get some outside opinions. Sure, stw is providing a free service.... good for them. STW should have some sort of attribution. HOWEVER... my site visitors being unexpectedly redirected to a page on stw every-single-time-they-click-a-thumbnail, is simply over the top. It's stw's tactic to get a captive audience to upgrade to the paid service.

A simple, watermark on the provided thumbnail, or attribution link on every page that a free thumbnail is used, would be acceptable attribution for just about everyone in the internet world, and it should be here as well.
If houston is correct in that the webshots are linked to a STW page and not to the actual site it is a thumbnail for then it's a clear shortcoming and will have your users fooled and irritated.
Then the current empty pics are replaced with pics that are linked "wrong". Improvement but a dissapointment and not good.
There will be new threads on "How to solve the problem with..."
Yes, there is link to STW site when free account is used. But there are some options:
- you can disable STW and use manual upload
- you can get paid account from STW it is about $5 per month
- when user is redirected to STW website, there is an option to skip preview in the future, then, upon click, user is redirected to the site immediately, without seeing yellow STW website
Who are you trying to convince that this is a good idea..... me... or yourself?
How much of that $5/month goes to Boonex for the referral?
That's unfortunate. For the hundreds of thousands of clicks stw will get from Dolphin based websites, I would have thought you guys would have got something out of it. However, I'm glad to hear Boonex has no incentive to keep this as-is. None of these people here will like this, once they actually figure out what I'm talking about, or their members see it in action and complain. By then, it'll be too late to change anything.
Why is STW used when dolphin can obviously handle this itself. It makes thumbnails for groups and events...why not sites?
do you really know what you are talking about?
The idea is not as far fetched as it sounds. It is possible to generate an in-browser screen capture using javascript and a flash helper app.
dont know what the problem is, stw just works fine for me. and it is a free service!
In case it doesn't work well on some sites, there should be an easy way to "turn off" stw integration on the sites module. This way, if/when it isn't working, it doesn't look broken.
have a closer look at the screenshot. you can see the option "ShrinkTheWeb Account Type" and there is "No Automated Screenshots" selected. So you can definately turn of the STW integration if you want to!
So where's the option where I can turn off that ridiculous redirect to the big ugly yellow marketing page on stw, masquerading as some sort of 'security' page?
I don't want to be able to just turn off the automated screenshots. I want the option to have people be able to just list their sites as direct links without involving stw at all. As in zero stw integration.
this will disable the stw integration completely ...
Exactly! I want the option to disable the stw integration entirely if it 1. doesn't work as intended (as has been the case for most of the past year) or 2. doesn't work to my liking.

While the concept of stw is fabulous, if it doesn't work for my site, I want to disable it and simply have the sites module work as it is described: a place on my site for links to other sites. At the core of the issue is just this - the module is supposed to work for the dolphin site, if the stw integration interferes see more with this it should have a 'turn off' switch.

No matter how neat-o the concept of the stw integration is, the most important thing is the functionality of the dolphin install.
as i told you, if you set it to "No Automated Screenshots" the whole stw integration is disabled ;)
Since you are the one that wrote this module, and got paid by stw to do it, it comes as no surprise that you find nothing wrong with the concept.
will require that the module site is truly integrated with dolphin and instead of clicking on the link or another site to go to the website, it is better to have the remains of dolphin in any site visit, it is more practice, how this example :
yes yes yes yes, and details so .
Could someone please email me a link to a good example of how the sites module has or can be used? Is it like a links page?

I cannot fully understand why you would want to send traffic away from your site. Unless of course you wanted to showcase your work if you were a web designer.
I think that the module sites
can be used to make good money with affiliate.
each site to make money is to live.
perfectly, because if that is the module current site where it is only outgoing links, is better to remove the module site and write an article or on any other site,

because having a module site, what the traffic remains on the site may have several kinds of margins for advertising, ease of site changed rapidly, returning to the home page of any site browsing, BoonEx is made why is that the video module does not allow us to have the videos on sites without taking it but also put the videos on see more the site without going through youtube or any other,
I've really looked forward to this fix.
One thing that you don't mention is if there is going to be any improvement and having the Description capturing work better than it does today.
>.< am soo exicted to see dolphin 7.1.
Glad I was just testing 7.1 and noticed STW page when click on thumbnail.

Anyone using third part modile for Sites please share your experience.
I swear, yup I do, some who post have taken classes in whinnying. (g)

If you don't like the "mod" and want just user created link data, rewrite it. That's why the code is unencrypted - opensrc with limitations for the totally free version.

Many people use STW and some will find the mod a great addition.

(Andrew.. seeing you get paid so handsomely for integrating third party concepts.. you can share your next check with me ... I said what I said so I must be getting kickbacks see more -- )

My hope: whinnying. isn't contagious
RE: "I swear, yup I do, some who post have taken classes in whinnying"

Do they really have classes that teach you how to make horse sounds?
Actually, I think it's more like a disease... kinda like the folks who know it all, refuse to read the docs then come to a Developer and whinny like a dieing stallion.
When I play with Dolphin, if I can't fix what I don't like, then - that's my problem. $$$$ take that to your local bank and ask them what it's worth. $ 00.0000

I'll try not to hit below the belt next time.. I see it woke up the dead. (g) Impediment or part parrot? LMAO
Things that people don't like are one thing. Poorly designed things are something entirely different. I suppose not everyone has the cognitive powers to realize and understand the difference.
Remember - beauty is in the eye of the beholder (g) What appears poorly designed to one may be a Rembrandt to another, yet, fires from hell to someone else. Another cliche if I may, "you just can't please every one" it's impossible. So you do your best to walk a middle road.

Speaking of Cognitive ... brings back a lot of memories -- Friends at MIT. Sailing in Boston Harbor with Pete Schiller, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences ( if your into the cognitive sciences- see more you'll know the name ). Camping in Maine with Stephan Chorover, Professor of Psycholog. Partying with my then girlfriends friends from Radcliffe ( Bonnie Rait, Debbie Feidler - a few names you may know ) ... I could go on, but to an intellectual like yourself, my feeble experiences , well they'd probably bore you to death. ( BANG!) ( evil grin )
Bored isn't the right word. The feeling I experience when encountering a name dropper, is nausea.
There ya go Andrew... now you know how to pay back that Houston wino who can see what others don't ( it's called delusional - re-inebriation after smelling his own breath while gazing in a mirror, seeking the fairest of the all ) (big Tejas grin )

Eagle II sends.
How tall are you? I'm thinking you have Napoleon Syndrome
Taller than an ant -- that's all you'll get! (g)

Eagle II sends

ps: sorry if the words I use are to complex or exceed the length you're used to.
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You're in a neck and neck tie with that detective fellow for being the most annoying person here..
I hope I win. (g)

Eagle II sends.
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Joe Oliver (Eagle II)
Houston Texas and not hard to find
You got the first part mixed up, Batman didn't have any parents that lived. Not the other way around.

The second part about you finding the keys to the asylum explains a LOT.
Looks nice...however, I would advise turning off the STW module as well. I don't want people being distracted or pulled away from my site. That's the whole purpose of my building a social networking site so they don't need to go anywhere else.
add target="_blank" - so when it creates a STW link - rather than leave ones site it will pop up in a new win. Would that work for you jmonroe?
No. I have no intentions of using the STW feature. Thanks anyway.
Nice, very nice indeed.

Hello staff of BoonEx
I suggest you can create sub categories in the directory of sites.
the advantage is to have fewer entries and more logical order
ugh - Does Boonex staff read the forums here? That is why I stopped participating, and why many others did as well. Some of us do need sites, but Shrinktheweb was a disaster. The option to "just not use it" is ridiculous - you end up with a huge blank area. A mod was done to remove that entirely, but now it looks like that will have to be redone. Why didn't you look at Thumbshots - a quick and reliable service, without a ton of bs.
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