Dolphin 7.1 Spring Cleaning

Andrew Boon posted 24th of September 2012 in News. 28 comments.

Majority of the modern-day earthlings deal with some kind of software all the time. Many have learnt that when software is updated it maybe good news and it may be bad news. Almost universal clue is the size. Whenever software is bloated with junk code, shoddy methods and superfluous data the size goes up. Whenever the software is optimised, cleaned up and streamlined the size goes down. Dolphin 7.1 is the "lean and clean" update. In many ways.


During the entire process of Dolphin 7.1 Osho development and especially during the last couple of weeks we focused on "de-cluttering". Some parts that required a good clean-up for a long time were just too... tedious to do, and were postponed for years. In 7.1 we decided to man-up and dig into all of them. Here's what we've done...


E-mail Notifications Templates

We went through all (used to be 81, now 69) of them. Checked every template, fixed texts, functionality and tested it with "live" data. Now, not only they look better and work right, but they also rock a common header and footer, which you can quickly edit to re-format all your templates in one go. 




As you may see we kept the message language to a minimum. No more "We're glad to inform you that..." blurb. Short messages will engage your users much more effectively.


Language Keys

In a bid to save a LOT of time to anyone who plans to customise their language files, or make translations, we removed 700 unused language strings. That's about 15% fat loss! 


CSS Files

Dolphin 7.1 is using a massively improved CSS styling, utilising common styles a lot more and using an improved CSS classes structure. Now, when development is concluding, we've been able to remove 66 unused CSS files!



Dolphin 7.1 is using font-based icons and CSS-based layout elements instead of "old-school" pictures. Thanks to these improvements over 200 images were deleted from Dolphin 7.1.


Admin Settings

Some of you know how it takes a Dolphin-Master degree to navigate numerous admin settings and options, let alone quickly finding something specific. In our admin makeover, we went through all the settings, moved some options to their related sections (or tools, or modules), where they should have been in the first place (like, say, Anti-Spam, Cache, IP blacklist, Mass-Mailer, etc.). Some were merged, some re-organised and some were ditched for good (really, don't even worry about this). Additionally, we proofed the settings language, trying to make options names and descriptions more laconic yet meaningful. As a result, Admin Settings became much more "digestible" - compact and well-structured. In a glance... 





Along with all the cleaning we maintained much stricter coding requirements while working on Dolphin 7.1. Every time we'd encounter problem areas, we went on and worked on them. A few more tidying bits are planned, but generally we're confident that Dolphin 7.1 is going to be the long-awaited CLEAN version update that we're already very proud of.


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Well this is good I guess. I meant to ask - on another thread you said something like "the first beta" would soon be released. Does that mean that what happens next is a beta? Also, did you ever get to the "null" issue for searching - where you can't search with two fields because one of them will always select the default. This has been promised for years for 7.1.
The exact wording from your last post was that you are "getting ready for the first Dolphin 7.1 beta" - could you clarify this.
Andrew Boon
By "definition" the first Beta may well be the last one, but by experience, it would probably take one or two more betas before the final release.

More importantly, however, and this is why I am touting this "first beta" thing so much, is that there will be an upgrade script from 7.0 to 7.1beta1, and if there're more betas - the will be interim upgrade packs. So, one can potentially start using 7.1 from the first beta, in case they agree to put up with frequent updates and see more potential beta-stage issues.
Does this mean you guys have the power to update the website of users even after the beta stage?

When will the beta be released?
The modification you mention affects the profile fields structure.
Actually Dolphin 7.1 is not feature update, the main goal is to clean the existing features.
So we didn't implement any modifications which can affect on the structure of core code.
Well that is a major bummer - it was promised more than a year ago for this release, and not having it makes the search all but useless. It worked great in Dolphin 6.1.
GREAT NEWS! Can't wait for the release!
so nice, guys! keep up the good work!
Well it takes a lot of hard work to get anything going. Yes we love to complain and always want more. I have been watching you folks since a long time, and I must thank your team for all the hard work they have put in.

Dolphin has a great future, keep it up guys. Cheers
More good news Andrew.
I have a question for you regarding the cleaning up of code and upgrading from 7.0.9 to 7.1
With an upgrade, will much of the un-used code remain, or will it be removed in the upgrade process?
I have a few sites waiting to build for 7.1, will the code be different on them if I install clean 7.1, or if I upgrade from 7.0.9?

thanks - looking forward to the release! (cant come soon enough!)
It will be an option to deleted unused files manually, we will try to prepare some script for this purpose.
I am so ready for D7.1. Perfect timing too because of setting up a brand new site here in the USA. I have played with the demo a lot today and really like it. I would really like to be on the Beta Team. (Hint)
Sounds terrific. So hurry up already!
My concern is about modules. Has the code base changed in 7.1 to the point where it will likely break mods written for 7.0.9? I am just starting with Dolphin and it seems I am coming in at a transitional phase and I am worry about purchasing modules and finding out that I have wasted my money; which is actually my members money.
Your concerns are true, and the impact on our business is quite high on such things. I wanna start developing templates and modules and have to wait till after the beta releases, so as to start and be sure my modules will be usable.
I really hope that the search function is addressed i have found that unless you type exact phrases in the search for the results you want they are not displayed this is a big problem for the project i am working. The search function ability is a must if boonex want to keep up with the competing market.
Or even better, replacing it with a nice Live Search script. That would require some Ajax but i think it would "catch up" with the today's social media model in general.
Dashboard looking good.
whens the release date? im ready! :D
my music/radio site recently got hacked so i took it down and put up a basic player until the release of 7.1 cant wait to do a clean install and reopen for our listeners and djs
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