Dolphin 8 Preview - Account & Profile

Andrew Boon posted 16th of May 2012 in News. 29 comments.

Difference between developing software and creating a website is in the amount of "preparatory" work that has to be done before it is time to proceed to juicy, visible functionality that clients can actually play with. Website is much like an iceberg without underwater part, while software... you know - a proper iceberg. 


We've been working on Dolphin 8 for a good while and yet, it is only now that we can actually proceed to making things that Dolphin users may evaluate without dipping too far down into the code. Exciting time indeed!


Today we're showing the very core of user-part functionality - profiles, accounts, registration and authentication. Again, on surface it may look like not such a big deal, but as it comes to properly developed software this stage signifies that we're not too far from the magic day! 


Have a look at what've got to show:



NOTE: It is very very important to understand that we build Dolphin 8 based on Dolphin 7, and it will still take a while before it becomes available and viable as a production-ready platform. So, we recommend taking care of your current community-building needs using Dolphin 7. You licenses will carry over to Dolphin 8 and you can already start building your site.


Also, we have cool bit of news about D7 coming in a day or a few, and it's going to make it even more sensible to start now - with D7. Stay tuned!

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Nathan Paton
Ah, the Persons module in action. I'm liking the level of separation. Would prefer some top padding on the error messages when changing the password, though.
Andrew Boon
They're standard erro messages for all forms and padding looks OK to me in real-size. We'll keep an eye on it, though ;) .
Nathan Paton
I'll check the demo site in the morning. Need to fix it first. Having a cron auto-update the install doesn't always work so well.
KatjaSulina ?!?
Nathan Paton
No, and it's from a server running off the internal network. The old demo was so people would stop asking for one.
Nathan Paton
To be clear, this was back when there were more errors than actual features. People are welcomed to make their own demo site, but be prepared to investigate and fix error messages. Downloading the latest code can be done from Trac or using Subversion.

Edit: And if this doesn't make sense to anyone, don't attempt it. Please don't ask me for help, either. (This is a message to anyone reading).
Andrew Boon
As for separation - indeed it feels so handy to have all the bits acting independently and still play well together. We're going to see so many cool D8 modules when devs get the idea.
Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated. Thats so 2005
Please whatever you do get rid of the red x error message that shows the guts of the site if there is database connection error that error should never be seen by the public period end of story...
IMHO...Please a public message of some kind even a picture with a I'm sorry whatever anything but the guts of the site... Twitter used and over capacity image of a whale carried by birds... PLEASE...You guys have come so far and to me that is a glaring mistake...Thank you for your work... we are all excited see more to see the new versions and or revisions
Nathan Paton
You have database debugging enabled (it can be enabled/disabled from /inc/classes/BxDolDb.php).
looks good, keep it coming ...
I am excited about dolphin 8, it looks pretty cool.
Where is the dolphin 7 news?
Andrew Boon
Coming 2morrow, with any luck.
Hi Andrew,
"You licenses will carry over to Dolphin 8 and you can already start building your site."
Did you mean, that the current development phase is already so far, that we can start with our own test installations?

Nathan Paton
No, he means people should start using Dolphin 7. Licenses are not version-specific, so people can start now and switch to Dolphin 8 when the time comes - without having to purchase another license.
Andrew Boon
What Nathan said. D8 is not ready for any actual testing. Developers are welcome to familiarise themselves with code/structure changes, but it is more effective to keep track of Note by AlexT for Developers - he posts all new APIs and convention updates.
Hi Nathan and Andrew,
thanx for your answers... See.. i just can't wait for D8 :)
@Andrew, could you please give me a link to that post of AlexT?

Hi, here are all posts by AlexT ->
tomakali removes the "annoying" sense of regular captchas... i prefer NLP
Andrew Boon
While adding the good old annoyance of regular ads that is ;) .
but still, it doesnt look like 'ads' and it doesnot increase the sense of irritation even after 5 failed attempts
Andrew Boon
Well, one can by all means use it instead of reCaptcha if need be, but it certainly isn't a good default option, as Nathan noted.
100% true... Love to have options ;)
Nathan Paton
Flash-based captchas littered with advertisements? No thanks.
Nathan Paton
I have to make a correction - it's not Flash-based. Either way, this sounds like something which should be an extension, but not used as the default captcha.
The question is WHEN IS IT COMING OUT ?
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