Dolphin 8 Uploaders and Forms

Andrew Boon posted 13th of September 2011 in News. 28 comments.

Perhaps the biggest change in Dolphin 8 is our approach to coding and designing it. The best word to describe the process is "carving". We are approaching it with very critical view and a no-compromise goal to make it work perfectly for the end users. Surely enough, this strategy takes more time in the beginning, but once bits and parts start to stack up, it's a joy. 

Well, today we're showing one of the very important building blocks that will be used in many modules and is detrimental to just about every part of the script operation - speed, scalability, ease-of-use, you name it. 


File Uploaders

As you will see in today's posts from AlexT (Dolphin 8 Uploaders and Dolphin 8 Storage Objects) new uploaders are technically a lot more flexible and advanced compared to what you see in D7, but I'll leave the technicals to those who actually can explain them... In this note, I invite you to look at what they're going to look like and how they are going to work in the front-end. So, let's look at the UI and deliberate about it's usefulness and seamlessness...

In the video below you'd be able to see how multiple (no Flash!) uploader and simple uploaders work separately, how they respond to interm interruptions and how attachments are displayed. Depending on circumstances one or another uploader wwill be used. 


At this stage you get to see only a glimpse of what is to become "Dolphin Forms", but there're already some interesting improvements that a keen eye may register.  



Dolphin 8 Uploaders and Dolphin 8 Storage Objects notes from AlexT may also be worth checking out if you actually can tell the difference between, say, program code and cyrillic texts.

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stunning, as, indeed, all you did on Dolphin. Keep up the great work!
Cant say nothing just great .. Keep it up
it looks a very good system - Congratulations - I hope the rest will be as good - animated gif this is possible?
Thats super cool, is it same on Wall updates too?
with Google - in French - Plussed by - and translated by - Perplexes par - perplexed by !!!
well this make sense but when is going to come out,what will happen to us what already have a site,does it mean we re going to upgrade 8 version of or what,i dont get it,can someone here explain,because we cant afford to have 2sites nor destroy previous one
and is this D8 going to be for sale or what
This is amazing to watch. Can I tell you a secret? I can't wait for D8 to come; I actually think about it at least twice a day. Where's Dolphin 8??? :-)
Nathan Paton
I'll get started on the demo site...
i agreed @ what santong is saying,when this eventually come out,what will happening to existing site ,what will happen to modules we spent money on,will there be a trash or what,this question keep biting my tongue,let andrew come to explain this very to us who does
Hi Andrew,
The new upload system looks good but i would like to point out the importance of tags and categories. In D7, albums are not associated to tags or categories whereas photos are associated to tags and categories. It will make more sense if we can associate albums to tags and categories and further there should be an option to apply the same tags to all the photos under that album. Right now, we have to add category and tags individually to each photo. So if we are uploading 10 albums/day see more with each containing 30 pics, we have to add tags and categories to 300 pics/day which makes no sense at all.

Secondly, when someone wants to search photos under a certain category e.g. "Birthday Pics", it makes more sense to show them albums like "Brad Pitt Birthday Pics", "Obama birthday pics" etc instead of showing them individual photos which makes no sense.

Tags are the most important thing from SEO perspective and just uploading photos without adding tags is a useless thing if your site is new and your want Google and other search engines to index your site pages. So adding tags should be as easy as possible.

Currently we are hacking the BxPhotosUploader file to achieve the above effect :)

Andrew Boon
At this stage we'r sonly building the main system components. Tags/categories are on the way too and we believe that we have a very flexible and cool solution for them to work across the many modules.
MMM Hmmm! Oh Yeah!
Can't Wait!
hello guys, i have Dolphin 7.0.6
how to install this new uploaders to my site?

Best Regards,
This early preview of Dolphin 8 - this is not even alpa version, as soon as we officially release Dolphin 8 - you will be able to upgrade from Dolphin 7 to Dolphin 8.
ah ok, thank you for reply :)
It is very interesting but, is there going to be an option to where you can upload the photo album? Can that be included too so I don't have to see the music notes.
Is there a change with orca forum? Please say yes
i like this;...thanks,;...;may be it's possible too with animated gif?

great great great !!!
I liked the new feature, but I watched the video without any sound, so I dont know if anyone was explaining anything. But if we choose to upload a mp3 file and a photo, and something else, would the uploader automatically sort out and put the files in the correct areas?
Looking at this with the critical eye of an application designer/developer with nearly two decades of experience:

- why does the Contact Us form allow attachments? Not sure why this would be necessary unless it's optional.

- the distinction between the two buttons used to upload files is unclear. Ideally there would be one button users click to upload files. After clicking the button, they would then be able to select if they want to upload one or more files, one at a time or as a group.

- see more why are only graphic & audio files uploadable? What about other common & useful formats like .pdf, .doc, .txt, etc.?

- why are file descriptions required fields? Ideally very few fields should be required, with administrators having the ability to make any optional field required.

This is just sample unreal contact form. New uploaders can be places anywhere in photos, videos, files and other modules. Extensions, file size, buttons, fields, etc can be configures for each case individually. Have a look at tech docs for the information on how it can be configured.
Hi everyone
I loved it and I am happy to see something from D8. Well done Boonex team! Way to go! Yeahh
I want to deeply ask your attention for the DESCRIPTION Feature, before it release as a mandatory thing. It MUST NOT BE THIS WAY! Please!!
I strongly recommend that after user has click to upload, it just upload and finish. And have Descriptions/Tags as an OPTIONAL feature, in a SEPARATED PAGE.
Still, if you want Description/Tags to be placed before the Submission, so you should see more hide first the Uploaders or Just open a new page for Description/Tags.
I am sure that a lot of end-users (my, yours, our clients) will take a while to figure out that they need to drill-down to see that. Maybe they will just think the system is bugged.

Keep the good work guys! Go Go
D8 is really looking like something great! I like it a lot.
I agree with views of "Megarick" as if there are 100s of pictures in an album then it would become a nightmare to write all the description for each and every picture within the album. Therefore, I would like to suggest that there should be an option for the duplicate description and or a common description for all the pictures within that album, which could be copied from one picture to all the pictures within the album (Optional) by clicking a check / Tick box ...

Lets say we are uploading see more an album of birthday party then just write describe for the atmosphere and participants of the party and the rest of the pictures (off courser from the same party and within the same album) would follow the same description. However, for further details and or explanation could be added as a TAG to individual picture(s) of the album in question...
I hope Mr. Boon I am making some sense to you....

By the way it was just an idea and many thanks for bringing such a nice and much needed upgrade.


Mahendra Singh (Magnus)
Looks great but means nothing 2 me. I still can't upload a freaking video to my site even after 4 upgrades, 7 hosts and lots of time and money for fixes. If Dolphin 8 will also include any easier interface to upload videos then I will be impressed.
Case in point, you should have been able to upload this slick video on your DOLPHIN powered site and post it easily in this forum, but just like I have been experiencing with my Dolphin site, I still have to post videos on YouTube in order to work in this forum. That sucks.
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