Dolphin U Alpha 9

Andrew Boon posted 9th of December 2014 in News. 26 comments.

We are getting a lot closer to the feature set that we plan for initial release of Dolphin U. This update (alpha 9) is a significant and very important leap forward. Most notably, Dolphin U now has a new Video Transcoder, which has already been used in the new "Timeline Videos" feature. So, you can upload videos to Timeline and they will convert on the server to watch via an HTML5 player. Works perfectly both on desktops and mobiles.


Another big addition is the new Invitations extension that is designed to run the site in Registration-By-Invitation-Only mode. Invitations can be requested and then requests can be attended by site Admins/Moderators. It is also possible to allow new members to send a pre-set number of invitations. 



Invitation-only mode is great for websites that are just launching and aren't ready to deal with high traffic, spam (especially from real humans) and any issues that may arise during initial setup. We believe that this is an essential component for Dolphin U - platform that's undergone such a dramatic overhaul. 


Recently released #hashtags have been added to comments and Timeline posts. Timeline posts also received location tags in this alpha. Timeline is now a part of site-search and its links have "nofollow" attribute for added spam-protection.


So, these and a number of smaller improvements made it into the latest build. We plan a few more Alphas, but not many. Stay tuned!


Links and Plugs

Plug 1: This is Alpha. Not feature-final. Not tested. Not to be used on production sites.

Plug 2: Automatic update will be pushed shortly.


Access details (download and demo)
GitHub Repo
Dolphin U Forum


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I'm trying to think of a good reason to keep two uploaders. Why not just ditch the 'simple' uploader?
Andrew Boon
Alex will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that multiple uploads of any kind still have to rely on either Flash or Java to work. So, in some circumstanced multiple uploader may not be functional, and Simple uploader is a backup.
Multiple uploader isn't using flash, but since this is new technology it may fail in some browsers, so alternative way of upload is needed.
I don't suppose client side image resizing could be an option? FB has done this for years.
Current uploader can't do this, but we will investigate this feature for future releases.
The problem is not inclusion of multiple uploaders, but the way they have been included.
Only a single uploader should be displayed to the user depending upon the browser they are using. Simple uploader should appear as fallback for older browsers.

Dolphin should be smart enough to handle this trivial task on its own and users should not be forced to make the decision.
Andrew Boon
I agree. At current (testing) stage we'd like to have them both "at hand", but eventually should make just one showing.
approx when will be the official release?

Thank you for the great job!
We plan to release Beta version this winter, which should be pretty stable.
Wow! Dolphin U (Dolphin 8...) will incorporate the core of the good old Trident... or will finally be Trident and not Dolphin anymore...
(Old) Trident:
Is it the same? Some explanations would be welcome?

Thanks Andrew!
Andrew Boon
Oh, well... look, just let us fix a couple of things first and we'll get to it. ;)
Nathan Paton
Does the invite feature use a code now, or does it still just require to reference the user ID of the referrer (e.g., 1)? I hope to be able to try this out later tonight.
Would be nice to have the Invitations extension in the pro. edition
Andrew Boon
Certainly. Like with many other things, U will serve as test ground, so we can see the best way of doing it in Pro.
nice...can we expect beta version in feb and complete release in march or april..

any chance adding username option and custom url for timeline page..
Any chance #hashtags will be implemented to Dpro?
Would be a very useable feature for those of us who have customised sites that may not convert to DU...
D.Pro has different approach with separate field for tags and location field entered manually.
No, it can't be implemented in D.Pro, it will require complete rewrite of tags engine.
RE:" Recently released #hashtags have been added to comments and Timeline posts. Timeline posts also received location tags in this alpha. Timeline is now a part of site-search and its links have "nofollow" attribute for added spam-protection."
This is great news!
Any update about #hashtag block ? I think without it, it will as useless as it is in Facebook. I havnt tested Alpha 9. Question: any modules post will be shown in timeline along with location tag? Will that be a part of search? Bit confusion. e.g In timeline will it show- Andrew posted a video or ad or blog - from Australia ..and will it be shown in search if that post is public ?
Hashtags and locations tags are integrated into search, so for example it is possible to see all content from Australia.

Hashtags, location tags and other have great potential and can be extended using various ways, we will gradually enhance it by adding more features into it.
So it will work the way I gave the idea for mobile app location tag search for modules . Yes it is indeed a good feature. But still do some work hashtag block. Thanks in advance :)
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