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Zarcon posted 15th of March 2012 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

There has been, what seems, a little heat around the moderation here at Unity. I wanted to take a moment and explain to everyone who we are, what we do, and why we do it.. I hope this will give everyone a clearer understanding on our positions here at BoonEx.


Who are the moderators?

- You can find a list of all moderators by clicking HERE (some more active than others)

- In addition to the moderators group, BoonEx has assigned three 'SuperModerators'. Myself (Zarcon), Nathan Paton, and jtadeo

- We are not.. I repeat ARE NOT employees of BoonEx nor do we have any type of affiliation except for the fact that we are members here.... just like you. we can not make Dolphin 8 come out any earlier than you :)

- We do not.. I repeat DO NOT get any type of compensation (salary, commission, etc.) for performing the role of Moderator here at BoonEx.


What do we do?

- Moderators are here to help ensure that the environment here at BoonEx is a friendly one, fair one, and respectable one.

- We monitor all areas of BoonEx to make sure that all RULES are being followed at all times.

- We are the ones that get and/or handle all the complaints, reports, disputes, suspensions, market controls, forum moderation, and other requests from BoonEx all members.

- It should be known that before we act on profile suspension or moderation of a market product, 99.99% of the time you can bet that more than 1 moderator is involved. We often contact each other via IM, Unity PM, and/or the 'Moderators Talk' section in the forum to discuss issue we see here at Unity and the actions that should be taken.

- BoonEx has given us the authority to make our own judgment calls and what actions need to be taken. Does that mean that what we say goes? Absolutely not. Andrew Boon has the final 'say so' and can reverse any actions taken by a Moderator.

- As a Moderator, we do not take into consideration how long a persons been a member, how much they have spent, and/or if they are friends of the moderator. In the case where it has been determined that a moderator's involvement is a 'conflict of interest', another moderator will be assigned. Does that mean a moderator can take action against another moderator? Absolutely!


Why do we do it?

- Honestly.. I'm not sure :)        (just kidding Andrew)

- All of the moderators here are senior members of BoonEx. We have seen just about everything you can imagine here at Unity. We have experience in being ripped off (yes we have to buy modules too), no support for products purchased, threatened, flamed, and at times completely fed up with everything.

- We try our best to make sure that everyone is treated fairly, regardless of the situation.

- I can guarantee that we will not be able to please everyone. Although we may try, in the end, its whats best for the BoonEx community that matters.


Q & A:

What would make you suspend a member? There are many reason why a member can get suspended. A member can be suspended for things like fraud, theft, discrimination, personal attacks.. just to name a few.

If you suspend a member, how long do you suspend them for? This would be based on 'what' the member did. We have the right to suspend someone from 24 hours to permanently.

Can/Would you take action on another moderator? Absolutely. Moderators are not exempt from the rules. In the end, they are members too and if they break the rules, they can get the same punishment.

Does Andrew Boon always know and agree when actions are taken? Under most circumstances, we do not contact Andrew unless we see fit. BoonEx has given us the authority to make or own decisions for that reason. Of course, he can always comment in the Moderators Talk section of the forums.

If I have a complaint against another member, who can I contact? I would advise contacting a moderator via PM here at Unity. Please note that some moderators are more active here than others. I know all 3 SuperModerators are pretty active and should respond.

What justifies a dispute? Depends on if it's a dispute on a market item or a dispute against another member. For market items I would say that we receive the most complaints about 'support'. If you have purchased a product, tried to install it, receive errors, emailed the developer, and have not received anything back within a 5-7 day period, you qualify for a dispute. If you have been threatened or discriminated by another member, you qualify for a dispute. The best thing is to make sure you read the rules, notes, and forum topics on these types of issues.

If I make a complaint about another member, will you please suspend them? No, not right off the bat. Your complaint will be reviewed by moderators and depending on 'what' the complaint is for, will depend on if the other member is suspended. Be careful though, posting false complaints will get YOU suspended.


If you have any addition questions that you would like a Moderator to answer, please feel free to post them here..


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Nathan Paton
[Fix for "see more" stealing the entire comment]

The Age of the Moderators is fast approaching. Soon the notes area will be filled with our rules, experiences, and personal tales of cats acting like dogs.

Oh, and this is a good note.

Edit: Yes, I can't stress enough that we are not employees. We have access to some special areas and can kick down doors and take names, but that's it. We also write the documentation every now and then. But don't ask us about launch dates and see more the like, and don't ask about matters which BoonEx needs to handle.
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