MoxieManager for Dolphin 7.2 and Dolphin 7.1.6. License is on us!

Andrew Boon posted 3rd of June 2015 in News. 8 comments.

We have acquired an Enterprise license for MoxieManager media-manager and integrated it into Dolphin Pro 7.2. Instructions 7.1.6 also available. All Dolphin users can get MoxieManager for free, under the terms of our license, for use within Dolphin platform.


MoxieManager is an awesome file-management plugin, supporting local uploads as well as Azure, GoogleDrive, AmazonS3 or DropBox. On top of that MoxieManager offers built-in image editor for quick cropping, color adjustment and filters. 


In Dolphin we've integrated MoxieManager directly into TinyMCE text editor, so it will work across all site modules that use TinyMCE. Now, you can upload media to your blogs, forums, articles or any other "rich" text areas. 


MoxieManager is skinnable, so the look can be changed. Default integration looks like this:



As you can see MoxieManager supports multiple-file uploads, previews, folders, favourites and filtering. For large collections a "list" view comes useful:



And the built-in editor is simple and handy...



So, MoxieManager will come pre-packed with Dolphin Pro 7.2. If you're keen to start using it right now, you can integrate it into 7.1.x. Just follow instructions in Alex's forum post...


Download Moxie Manager and integrate it into Dolphin Pro 7.1.x


Yeah! The party is on! This addition makes Dolphin so much more powerful. Thank you, BoonEx community, and especially HL (you know who you are) for continued nagging that made this addition possible. We're very excited and happy to be able to provide this fantastic plugin to all Dolphin web-masters.

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And award goes to Houstonlively :p Good news about uploading media files directly into any post(forum,blogs etc)..That was much needed.
One thing.. will it be responsive on mobiles like the way it is on desktop version?
I just want to give a huge thank you for this addition. MoxieManager is not free; as stated, so this is generous of Andrew and Boonex for giving us this great addition to Dolphin.
Thank you Andrew/Boonex for this great add-on to Dolphin.
It's a great first step, but are there any plans to replace the current photo upload (profile photo's, groups, events, etc.) with MoxieManager (Stand-alone) Having 1 locations from where you can manage all your photo's would be great!
Andrew Boon
There is a plan to update the current photo upload, but not replace it with Moxie completely. The reason being that media-modules are generally "final" destinations for uploaded media. Moxie is for files that you use often and want to carry around the site and upload to different places. If we do that for, say, Photos - we'd end up with rather confusing two sets of stored photos, with different folders/categories. User just uploads a bunch of photos from an event, shares them and that's see more it. Also an extra layer in the media upload interface is an issue for less savvy users. So, it's more of a UX question. For now, we looking into improving existing uploaders, streamlining upload interface and not connecting Moxie to them.
Dammit..... now what am I going to gripe about... I'll think of something.
I love it and a big thanks to Houstonlively also :-)
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