The Awesome New Images Transcoder In Dolphin 8 (VIDEO)

Andrew Boon posted 20th of September 2011 in News. 14 comments.

We had quote a few troubles with images both at and in Dolphin. The catch with images is that you just can't plan everything in advance and determine a hard-rule for the sizes and effects you may need to use. For example, when we decided to use larger profile photos here at BoonEx a few years ago, we had to ask everyone to re-upload their photos or live with smallish (or blurry) thumbs. Another example is when we changed default sizes for profile thumbnails in Dolphin we had to ask everyone to reconvert their databases. Now, with more and more high-resolution displays coming out and with imagination of web-masters going berserk we just have to have a universal solution.

The new Images Transcoder is our hero. It allows you to keep originals safely and serve images with whatever filters you want, transcoding them on "first-call". Thus, you can play with effects, add watermarks or layers, resize, crop, etc. (for now we only enabled "greyscale" and "resize", but will add more gradually). You can store your "versions" on a cost-effective remote storage, since you won't need a 100% failover and redundancy - if they ever get lost, you'll have them generated again, no drama.

To show it in action we've integrated it into our demo "contact form" with images uploader. Naturally, it is to be used elsewhere and in great many places. So, watch the demo and shoot some crazy ideas here… like "adding some snowflakes on all photos on Christmas day".

1. Don't forget that Dolphin 7 is still alive and kicking and there's no need to worry about it. Instead, use it now and thus get ready for Dolphin 8.

2. If you're a developer, read the Dolphin 8: Images Transcoder note from AlexT and familiarazie yourself with how you will be able to use it in your modules for Dolphin 8.

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When will D8 be available? Can't really wait any longer:-)
please follow facebook uploads[directly in the wall]
thats enough :)
Very smooth looking! Anxious to get hands a beta soon!
Grayscale? Why not add something that's a little more useful, like X & Y flip, and rotate?
Andrew Boon
It's the "engine" only for now. We'll be adding filters as soon as they're required.
Andrew Boon
This isn't an "extra" functionality. It's a proper approach to images manipulation and we believe that it's not an overkill, but a core necessity.
I think D8 is looking so promising. I'm so excited for it's release. Can we get a new forum with that? One where questions get answered for us noobs?
I think this will be very flexible... Great idea!
Are you guys going for a decent fast image uploader or you trying to create some online image editor. Because if I wanted to grey scale something I would do it before I uploaded it. What about sepia, negative, rgb, etc. All I think people want is a simple fast uploader that actually works. I know you want to impress, but grey scale come on. Focus on a few other things would be nice. Like seo for starters. Making things user friendly instead of un-freindly would be a plus too. I swear if I see d8 see more with 10,000+ files this time around and more bugs than I care to deal with I am about ready to move along to a script that actually works. I think most of us just want something that works that we do not have to fight. People are getting tired of paying for all these fixes and other stuff to make things work. Will that day come that Dolphin works out of the box with little or no issue...time will tell, and I hope so. However, I am not counting on it. Forget about all that fancy stuff and make things work first, then add that other hot dog stuff.
Andrew Boon
Greyscale filter ismthere as proof of concept. You'd be using it the system for rescaling, watermarks, rotation and optimized storage. This is one of the basic core components, don't be distracted by eayscale filter per se. Transcoder compliments Uploader to make media uploads and display work as they should.
Nathan Paton
It's too early to release a demo. I can say with confidence that everything Andrew and I have shown people are the only parts that are working (to various degrees).

I create a new demo site every week. It's still very broken and unsuitable for the public beyond these controlled demos. It's understandable, a lot of things have been rewritten or removed entirely. For example, the language system has been updated to include a new way to manage languages.

There's nothing stopping anyone from downloading see more the latest code and attempting an install. You'll need to add some missing files to get through the installation, and a lot of other pages will simply not work, but you can still preview some features, like the new studio (mostly concept code for now, nothing functional).
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