The Big Documentation Overhaul

Andrew Boon posted 7th of March 2013 in Boonex News. 13 comments.

Something epic is happening - we are "reconditioning" the entire Boonex Help area and all the Documentation resources. Our goal is to go through every document, update it, streamline it, sort them all out and put them in order. BoonEx documentation is going to be great.

You may notice that BoonEx top site menu now features "HELP" link instead of the "START" link and the new HELP homepage now lists all the relevant support and documentation resources. It's a one-stop place for finding help.


What Has Been Already Done

- We re-compiled all our FAQ pages and united them into one big FAQ page with appropriate sections.

Beginners Guide is no joke anymore. Now it's an actual guide with basic introductory information. 

- Getting Started section now boasts a few new documents, explaining Mobile Apps, Licenses, Motives, etc.

- Installing Dolphin document is reworked into a not-so-intimidating, yet not-so-simple-stupid manual.

- Troubleshooter has been updated.

- There are many other small changes, improvements and fixes that should make documentation easier to read.


What Needs To Be Done

- Dolphin FAQ For End-Users needs to be amended and updated. This document is for public use by any Dolphin web-master. We create it together as a knowledge-base for supporting members of Dolphin community sites. 

- Administration Guide needs to be updated for Dolphin 7.1 renewed admin panel and settings. 

- Community Tutorials require fresh screenshots and updated instructions for Dolphin 7.1.


All these pages are based on Trac Wiki. Advanced and Premium Members can contribute and we seriously need your helping hand! If you take a look at any of our support documents and think that there's something you could do to improve them - please login to Trac and type your gems in. Thank you! 


Any ideas or suggestions on what else we could do to improve Boonex documentation are most welcome.

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Andrew Boon
The biggest news of the year... so far. ;-)
great news thanks :) this will help much new users..
As someone who has tried and failed to get Dolphin running smoothly, several times, I'm glad to hear this. A lot of the old docs were written as if you already knew a lot about running it previously, so I'd find myself having to spend a lot of time trying to figure not not only the answer but all of the stuff I neede to know first before getting and understanding the answer. BRAVO!
Very much needed thing, Well done
The current documentation is a mind field, it would be nice to see a searchable knowledge base
It is already searchable -
Very Cool, Much Thanks :)
Thanks, this will go far in improving the Dolphin knowledge base.
dolphin needs a special module for the end user, explaining the functionality of all modules in detail, how these should be compiled or decompiled automatically when you install or uninstall a module, and should be mandatory for all modules in the market. All our work here on our sites is done for the end user. Users often do not understand how to use certain modules, this help would be useful to have two sections one for users and one for administrators. I think first of all, this module would be see more the most important step you can do. would be good to be included in search Sorry English using Google Translate
I can correct your text and also translate it into 2 languages as I speak English, German and Spanish fluently.

Of course only if I get paid ; )
The Help section have the potential of saving us all 1000s of hours of time. But how do we contribute to it?
It would be great if we could notify one person in the Dolphin team about a post that held a solution. This solution would then be added to the Help section by that person and not until the forum has been scanned for solutions and we've filled the Help section it would become the natural point to start looking.
Epic. Great.
'Advanced and Premium Members can contribute and we seriously need your helping hand!'

Big words. Not so much Help yet.
You need to make it 10 tens easier to contribute.
You need to compile together How-to's that are current or showing for which versions they are good for.
You need to make it much easier and logical to search and find.
We're wasting our lifes and interest in searching through old posts to then find that the solution is no longer valid on the version you're on.
Not see more until we start seeing bombardments of references to the HELP section when there is a new topic you'll know that we truly have something worth called "Good".
When you have close to none repetitive question you have something "Great".
When you have something "Great" you will get more people staying and pumping in new blood and cash in Dolphin.
Time to step up!
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