andrew, i am glad to see this and this is a huge step. i do have another request that i have seen many having to deal with lately. Modules that are encrypted which in essence limit or hinder the ability of the site owner to further develop because of the modules encryption. I understand licensing and encryption to some degree, but when you release a module to the public, it should only require licensing, and with todays technology, you can license and restrict based on domain | IP | and even a directory. see more so to encrypt the entire module as a means of protecting ones work, is a bit extreme, and this needs to be dealt with.

this is a detriment on levels:
only the mod developer can provide updates and updates
only the mod developer can provide customization
you are at the mercy of the availability of the mod developer

licensing is fully understood Andrew, and i believe that full encryption of a module should not be allowed.
encrypting can also hide sloppy code.... not that anyone on here would use it for that purpose lol.
I agree with you - full encryption of a module Should Not Be Allowed.
I refuse to buy any mod that contains encrypted code. Besides the fact your mercy of the availability of the mod developer, You don't have a choice in terms of the cost to have something done . You could be forced to pay hefty ransom for something that you may be capable of doing yourself or hiring someone else to do it for you for little or nothing.

Buying encrypted mods is very risky to say the least. You don't know if it has a back door or malicious data stealing spyware, or any other see more security risks.
This is very true. Unfortunately, many of these module writers are taking a page from Boonex themselves, since there are a few lines of the Core Dolphin code that are (although not encrypted) obfuscated by Base64 encoding. (Lines 137-139 of As a programmer, I understand the need for protecting ones code, but I too am against obfuscating "open-source" code to simply protect the Boonex footers from being removed. This is especially worrisome since the overhead hit that occurs see more whenever this code is run requires quite a few variables to be Base64 decoded as well as several virtual functions to be created, and executed. Since is loaded for every page, all of this obfuscation is slowing down every dolphin page that loads!
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