There are a few questions: How can a abuse on the "refund" option will be avoided?
How would you know when and for what to suspend a product? I mean before, in the middle or after the admins and moderators have reached a conclusion on the dispute?

There should be more things and details discussed before such rules can be tossed away..
Nathan Paton
The person opening the dispute needs to provide evidence to support their claims. The other party is also encourage to provide evidence to support their own case. It's kind of like court, but less fun (and no giant bangy thingy).

If the dispute involves a certain product, that product will be hidden until the dispute is resolved. I agree that this should be done, and it provides incentive for developers to deal with disputes.
Believe me I support all my products for over 2 years, every day. The problem is when you get a client that only wants to download your product and then suddenly ask for a refund. If this kind of client will suspend one of my products for only one minute that means a loss to me and it also means the system is not at all good..

Suspension of a product should only intervene immediately only in obvious scam/false/corrupt files etc.
Nathan Paton
I of course will not hide a product unless the person shows evidence to support their claims. If the person just claims they have been ripped off or anything, and can't show any actual evidence, I will not take their dispute seriously.

I am aware of people who may want to abuse the system, and that's something we need to look out for. I'd like to have Andrew elaborate on this new policy, specifically how we'll settle things, and what should be done about products in certain situations.
If you emal me I will send you every bit of evidence I sent to Andrew Boon, it is evidence enough to convince anyone.

Jim Stewart
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