READ ME FIRST - Disputes: Try No. 2created by Nathan Paton 21st of November 2013 · last reply by Nathan Paton 21st of November 2013It's that time again when disputes become an absolute mess of a system, and I need to collect myself, take a deep breath, and...
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How to submit a Copyright Infringement complaint?created by AlexT 3rd of June 2013 · last reply by AlexT 3rd of June 2013First, try to resolve the problem by direct contact with vendor/client in polite manner,
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Guideline: What constitutes a Disputecreated by Zarcon 14th of July 2011 · last reply by Nathan Paton 15th of July 2011As per the request of Andrew, I would like to initiate the discussion on 'What constitutes a dispute. Here are a few guidelin...
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Disputes sections rules.created by BoonEx 29th of March 2010 · last reply by BoonEx 29th of March 2010Important! Think twice before opening thread or post in this section. Please post here if you are su...
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Please Read: Posting Disputescreated by Zarcon 15th of September 2010 · last reply by Nathan Paton 25th of February 2012All, Before you post a dispute regarding a person and/or product, you need to read the Rules first
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Posting Disputes - Final Noticecreated by Zarcon 3rd of December 2010 · last reply by DosDawg 6th of December 2010After reading a recent dispute, it has come to my conclusion that obviously the rules set by BoonEx are NOT being followed. I...
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Paypal case for no reason explained.created by boonexpert 24th of January 2015 · last reply by boonexpert 24th of January 2015This forum thread for the user demonasvs1 so he can explain his matter for openin...
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I need my money backcreated by meetgerry 25th of November 2014 · last reply by annabel 20th of December 2014May I know who the hell do I contact here on this useless Boonex? I write a ticket and its goes on for months and nobo...
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