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We've been working for web designing and hosting since 2001.We named it Master Theme in 2007. We've reached more than 1000 client profiles for 6 years. We made the best templates on Earth for Boonex's community software called Dolphin 6.0.* , 6.1.* and 7.0 . You will see the excellent works we've done,if you read the comments about us and our products on To give our clients better service we updated our web site. We advanced new products and we dedicated to you for suitable prices. Our clients who worked with us weren't wrong,you should't be wrong neither.

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Sir, please update this template to the latest version, please, please. Thank you Sir
PLEASE dont abandon us and make this work for 7.4.2. :/
Are you going yo update it to work with 7.3.3 ?
Hi, I purchased the hypernova template but have not gotten it or been able to download it. Just get error message when trying to download it
Hi I purchased a template on 9/6/2015 and I haven't received it or heard back from anyone since 9/20/2015 Is there a way I can get a refund? I have been sending endless emails but not getting any replies.
A few glitches at first but with help from MASTERTHEMECOM everything worked out great.. If you want a darker theme and responsive.. Then this template is for you.. Masterthemecom goes out of there way to make sure your satisfied.. Thank you Masterthemecom
I love these guys...they were patient with me...we sent 13 or more emails back, and forth. They didn't complain. This mod looks site stands out...thank you... My site is you can check it out.
im a new member and a big dummy, bud this theme works great and i have no problemo to install. this is my new site with hypernova. Many thanks and now i will install your splash page. Greats from Switzerland, Bruno.
is perfect, super design and very good service. you are the best
Just bought this mod and installed it. Mastertheme told me how to add the Facebook Connect badge. The mod works great and the service was excellent.
Installed easy enough, like the ability to be able to change fonts, colors etc as it makes for personal touch. Works great with all mods so far and the support for fixing issues is first class. Only wish it could save different changes as templates for uses to choose from, this would make this mod unbeatable all round. All mods should be made compatible with this mod no exceptions.
Recommended safe purchase, no risks involved. Cheers
Left messages for darkshine 2 Red months ago still waiting for answers ...
We just installed Hypernova on the production site. Out of the box we got a site that passes, on every page we tried, Google's mobile readiness analysis. That was the primary goal.

Next we will use the very comprehensive tools to make the site look and work as we want it to do - I have no doubt that this objective will also be attained.

Very good product - recommended!
The theme is great, easy to use. The big thing here is the support. MasterTheme are just amazing. They will do everything they can to work with you and fix any problems you might be having. I highly recommend this.
Great theme, and I could only wish that every product I have purchased was supported as well as this theme has been supported. Thank you!
I'm very impressed with Mastertheme's work. After buying there Hypernova Theme that I was so impressed with I also bought this Master Splash Page and I've had a week now to mess with it. It's just what my site needed. And there support is also great. I understand they will have an upgrade to be out any day. I can't wait to see it...
A+ Modules as well as A+ service!
Simple, can change background, It works well under the dolphin 7.15
I like it.
your service is good, have answered my questions quickly,.
thank you.
I give this Hypernova a "BIG" thumb up. I had no idea that any theme could be this flexible. With no CSS knowledge at all I can now easily change almost anything on my site. Separate backgrounds for most any page or header, fonts, font sizes, colors, menus.... This theme is absolutely amazing. The more I mess with it the more I love it. The guys at Master Theme really out did themselves on this one.
Great work guys.... And Thanks for the great support.
You can't see to much unless see more you join but to get an idea of what you can now do without any CSS knowledge what so ever check out this site, http:\\
This is a fantastic theme. I like it so much it is now the default on my website
MasterTheme put everything you could need in a template into Hypernova. It is by far the best theme for dolphin. Give it a try - you won't regret your purchase.
Bought this just a few minutes ago and installed it per the instructions. My site immediately had 10 new registrations of spammers. I deleted all the files and restored the changed index.php file and the spam registrations stopped. I am going to ask for a refund of this mod.
We contacted with this client and his payment refunded, he realized that his spam problem had no connection with our template, he will delete his rootless comment as agreed.
This is a great mod. The seller was very helpful when we had questions. Looks great on the site as well. Thanks again.
Ok the more and more I mess with this Template , the more I love it takes some use getting use to it and all the controls but these guy's have made a gem of a template here that you can alter when you think you might need to. There are a few thing's I need to learn from them about it but for the most part it's a solid template ....I'm 2 for 2 with their Templates so I give them a 10 :-)
Awesome template and great service by MasterTheme!Thank You
First Class Product and best is even long time after Purchase they check for every little issue between white fonts and backgrounds of your Modules.
Hypernova -- This was the best investment I have ever made! This theme works flawlessly on any device. Easy installation, and the customization features are endless. Thank You!!
Well i have now been waiting since the 14.04.2014 for the update to be working as it was brought to my black magic 3 theme that's over 4 weeks and constant asking for you to do it.
We have had reasons / excuses after another and still not working despite giving you full access to our server control panel and dolphin admin user. So i have posted it here until something is done about it

Rating from when i brought it 9/10 but after service its 2/10
I just bought it it's awesome , but I don't know how to put the theme if you can do it please, thank you so much and great work!
This is a great template and great service by MasterTheme. Would highly recommend :)
Great template, great support. I would highly recommend.
I just got this Darkshine 2 mod up and running and myself and members love it. And thank you to for the very good support. Five stars from me... Highly recommended!!
This is an awesome addition to any site.

My feedback:-
Concept: *****
Core Improvment *****
Easy to use: ***** (simple and fun)
Installation: ***** (simple)
Does what it says: ***** Exceeds expectations
Presales Advice:: *****
Seller Pre sales Response: *****
Seller Presales Response time: *****
The vendor set up a demo site with admin access for me to use and try it out prior to purchase.
Aftersales Support : ***** Exceeds expectations
Seller Aftesales Response: ***** Exceeds expectations
Seller see more Aftersales Response time: ***** Exceeds expectations
Will I continue to use this product? Yes
Would I recommend this product to others? Yes 100%+
Would I purchase from this seller again? Yes 100%+
Customer Care: ***** Exceeds expectations

Perfect and swift service, great design and very eager to help with customizations!
Thank you very much! I will definately recommend you to other users looking for products you sell :-D.

Kind regards
Wow my site looks amazing. Wonderful work. Please everyone take a look at it at I cant thank you enough for a great site. My membership is going threw the roof!
Great after sales service in a timely manner
Thank you
I cannot say enough good things about MasterThemecom!! Not only did I get their hypernova theme, but I also got this splash page and whatever I needed done they did. They communicated with me every step of the way and were very patient with me throughout the process. If you have ever been new to anything this is very helpful!!! They go far and beyond to make sure you are happy with your product and I have no doubts if ever needed they would help. I only wish they branched out and made more products!!!! see more Hypernova your splash page....hint hint!!!
You could not ask for a better service and this is worth EVERY penny. They fielded every problem I had and even found a few to make my site work more effectively. I would purchase any mod from these guys as they are amazing.

The mod itself is absolutely amazing. For those who don't want to spend a lot of time customizing in CSS this is your answer!!!!! It covers almost EVERY change you would want to make AND if there is something you need help to change they will help you!!!!! I could not see more ask for anything more from this product and I have all the confidence I will come back to this seller!!!
MasterTheme always, always, always goes above and beyond in every way- design and service as well!
I knew they were planning a Responsive Design....and I've come to expect with every design- more freedom to more easily customize a look of my own for my site.
BUT- I had no idea they would do all that they have here with Hypernova!
Currently- No other designs offer more easy CSS customization from the admin panel than Hypernova...
Currently- No other designs make it possible to easily set different see more headers and backgrounds for different pages on your Dolphin site. (I paid for a custom module that does something similar to, it comes standard)
Currently- Few Designs on the market are RESPONSIVE.
Currently- No other design offers more bang for your buck.....$59? Seriously? WOW!
At $59 this design certainly "rocks the boat" and sets the bar- you gotta luv that! I sure as hell do!
If you're wanting to save time and would like to avoid messing with all the CSS files you may be used to messing with, or if you're a New Dolphin Webmaster- This design is definitely for you!
If you haven't done business with MasterTheme yet, and you're in the market for a new design- Hit these guys up worry-free and prepared for a good buying experience EVERY TIME- MasterTheme WILL take good care of you!
Thanks MasterTheme !
Very Good Theme.. I Use The Updated Version From Their Website Which Is Pretty Much The Same With A Few Slight Differences. The Guys Are Extremely Helpful With Installing It And It Wasn't Such A Hard Installation Process Either. These Guys Really Earn The Name Theme Masters And Have Created A Truly Masterpiece Of A Theme With This One That Fit Very Well With The Flow Of My Website Which Uses This Theme.
Hello, i installed it but now my site in broken, can oyu fix it?
I want to share that MasterThemecom is an outstanding business to deal with. They modified a color for me to my specifications, and looks great. Had a few minor problems initially, but wrote to the brothers and they had it fixed in less than 24 hours. Great service and I cannot say enough about them. I WILL be using their services once again for another of my sites. Thank you so very much for your outstanding service and support
Excellent work, I had an old version of Dolphin and it worked AMAZING, I have a black colored theme which needed a black theme for the flash apps, It all works amazing.. I bought this a few years ago, Now that I am using the New 7.1 Dolphin, was FAST to update and email me :)
I want to thank the team MasterThemecom by magnificent work, I bought the product Phenomenon (CS) 11 Colours - Dolphin 7 Template, and requested the installation. The whole negotiation went as promised, I received my product and also the installation. Of all the talks I've ever done, for sure this was the most rapid and efficient, the product is exactly what I promised and I am very satisfied and recommend for all website owners, this honest and very professional negotiator, I just I have to thank see more for the product and the support with a prompt reply very efficient. all team MasterThemecom, thank you. I leave here the address of my site for anyone who wants to see this product and put myself at the disposal for any questions.
Antonio K.
This vendor is very helpful, answered questions and solved problems till everything was taken care of. The template is great, very customizable out of the box, but you can easily add your own design boxes as well. I couldn't be more happy with the way this transaction turned out. I would buy from this person again, hope he makes some more great looking affordable templates! Thank You MasterTheme :)
It was great to loved it, any updating of new colors please let me know, all the programmers I bought something here in the market of dolphin modules, honestly you guys were the most professional and caring, fulfilled what you promised, congratulations and very thank you.
Happy to be the first 5 star review for this. I have a lot to learn with placement of design boxes without using columns but this template is fantastic and very clean. This is not something you find just slopped together. I really appreciate the work you put into this and thanks for all the help addressing my custom needs.
I would buy at MasterThemecom no template!!

I bought a template for $ 150 and got another Tamplate as update !

But it does not work as it should.

Some fonts and links can not be read !!

The Designbox missing completely!!!

If I object to what to say of the "Master Theme" it all works!!

For $ 150 that's really a crappy service!
No more Master Theme
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