I'm officially in love!newton27 started 12 Jun 2016 · TravelNotes replied 23 Mar 2020Just a post to let Andrew Boon, AlexT, and AntonLV that I get it!! I don't think I will be doing many D Pro sites....
disable_functionsArte online started 1 Sep 2016 · dolphin_jay replied 12 Apr 2018I can not install trident
hosting provider for trident websiteprince64717 started 1 Jan 2017 · adultdate replied 9 Jan 2017hi all, i am running trident 8 version with . now i am planning to move from tmdhosting to other...
Conversation in TridentDeanMonte started 3 Aug 2016 · AlexT replied 7 Jan 2017I am curious with the feature in Trident "Conversation." Is there any plans on providing "push notification" to the Conversat...
Trident is now UNA. Update 9b2 released.Andrew Boon started 29 Sep 2016 · AlexT replied 19 Nov 2016Some time ago we have started to tone down all the Trident-related talk, planning to merge it into DolphinPro gradually. We s...
How to add a new language in trident ?baloo started 1 Aug 2016 · baloo replied 4 Oct 2016 Should we create a new module
Suggestion Module improvement Polyglotbaloo started 11 Aug 2016 · baloo replied 2 Oct 2016When translating key on the fly, it is difficult t...
How will Trident be released?geek_girl started 27 Sep 2016 · Andrew Boon replied 29 Sep 2016As we move closer to an official release of Trident; I would like to know how it is going to be released.  Will it be subscri...
Chat +and Twilionewton27 started 26 Sep 2016 · newton27 replied 26 Sep 2016I see the twilio feature in Trident, I've set it up.. Now AlexT how is it used in Chat+?
edit login boxnewton27 started 18 Sep 2016 · newton27 replied 20 Sep 2016I need to edit this box in the photo. On the sign up page, we need only the FB connect or join link, and not to login,...
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