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A More Timely & Consistent Responseneotekcorp started 7 Apr 2017 · AlexT replied 10 Apr 2017I've been part of the dolphin community for better than 7 years. Overall it is hands down the most impactful, complete platfo...
Android App Vashan started 28 Dec 2016 · AlexT replied 20 Mar 2017Hi my members are asking me for a mobile app that they use to could chat, talk, text, snap, and live voice and video chat on....
Boonex Chat+ Vs Rocket-Chat ? Morocco started 3 Feb 2017 · AlexT replied 19 Feb 2017Greetings -
Trying to implement onchange function in Dropdownvinoditflex started 9 Feb 2017 · AlexT replied 11 Feb 2017
Auto-Friend tied to membership levelsneotekcorp started 3 Feb 2017 · AlexT replied 4 Feb 2017Here's one for the experts.   Is there a way to auto-friend members linked to membership level.  
Member Actions Not Good At ALLad96211 started 8 Dec 2016 · AlexT replied 17 Dec 20161- i'm looking to edit this actions, and this action are slandere...
Can I Delete Boonex Files? all of it ??ad96211 started 8 Dec 2016 · ad96211 replied 9 Dec 2016boonex words like a virus in this software, hahahah i dont know why they dont deliver a clean software without ...
strange thingsyzisano started 15 Nov 2016 · yzisano replied 15 Nov 2016Hi,  Attached in capture why there is a go button? Attached in capture1 why there is apply check box?
Regarding chat improvementsureandhraindia started 15 Oct 2016 · AlexT replied 16 Oct 2016The existing chat is looking not responsive. It is not looking mobile friendly. The existing simple messenger look is ...
Progressive Web Appsyzisano started 11 Sep 2016 · yzisano replied 11 Sep 2016Hi, Wasn't it be wonderful if our users get notification such as msg's, chat etc .on mobile without  downloadin...
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