Installation & Upgrades
exif etc not installedstevep1970 started 25 Jan 2016 · geek_girl replied 25 Jan 2016I get this message when I try to install on install/index.php
I can't get captcha to work.viraladmin started 2 Jan 2016 · viraladmin replied 2 Jan 2016I am at a complete loss but I can't get captcha to work. I am given a site key and a secret key by google. ...
Installation and templetsray888fl started 25 Dec 2015 · ray888fl replied 28 Dec 2015I want to use Dolphin instead of Dzoic Handshakes on my site Can anyone help with that? I want the site to ...
Do we have a module for "Login with Paypal"Dalvin started 15 Oct 2015 · TruckingSpace replied 16 Dec 2015Hi To Dolphin Developers,   Are we having a module for "Paypal Login" as we have facebook_connect in boonex?
fileinfo isn't installedsean6079 started 28 Nov 2015 · Expertzkris replied 29 Nov 2015I have a VPS server and I can't get Dolphin 7.2 installed.  
how do i get the appssaberface started 19 Nov 2015 · saberface replied 21 Nov 2015how do I get the android and iPhone apps
Can Anyone Build Me A Block?Perren started 19 Nov 2015 · Expertzkris replied 19 Nov 2015Hi all After being let down/ignored by people I've bought products from, I'm putting a simple request out here for a l...
Issues with Embed Videos & Upload Pix on 7.2.1Morocco started 25 Oct 2015 · AlexT replied 26 Oct 2015Just upgraded to 7.2.1 but I can no longer embed Videos or upload Photos..Someone posted similar issue at h...
upgrade from 7.1.0 to 7.2.1sanzatg started 25 Oct 2015 · camperjz replied 25 Oct 2015is it possible to upgrade directly from 7.1 to 7.2.1? Thanks
7.2.1 Upgrade - Disaster...Stuart038 started 23 Oct 2015 · Eli replied 23 Oct 2015Well I managed to screw up my update... I should not have attempted same whilst so tired. I was looking at a complete ...
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Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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