Installation & Upgrades
After Migration All Site Links Become Downloadshotpointis started 22 Oct 2015 · Nathan Paton replied 22 Oct 2015Hey all, I created a cpmove file and uploaded it to my vps via the install cpmove file in whm and it installed fine with a fe...
fileinfo extension isn't installedAdamsiftm started 20 Oct 2015 · deano92964 replied 20 Oct 2015Hello,   Tried installing 7.2.1 on xamp but cant proceed due to this error message 
ASK. ffmpeg.exe "Non-Executable"egifahroji started 15 Oct 2015 · Nathan Paton replied 15 Oct 2015
Error after upgrading my site from 7.1.6 to 7.2Papik started 28 Sep 2015 · Expertzkris replied 12 Oct 2015Dear all, finished to upgrade my site to 7.2 and when I try to login into it , after 20 mins it says:
Upgradesmartanda started 28 Sep 2015 · geek_girl replied 28 Sep 2015Hi, I am using 7.1 Dolphin and need to upgrade to 7.2.0. Can some one help me to upgrade my site to latest vers...
Unable to install BOONEXT started 7 Sep 2015 · BOONEXT replied 8 Sep 2015Hi, i just downloaded the latest version of Dolphin and Xampp, as i would like to host a very small site on a home pc using W...
YouTube making thumb nail to bigjesuschristdriven started 3 Sep 2015 · jesuschristdriven replied 6 Sep 2015Hi i wanted to see if you had a answer on why this was happening, I upgraded to 1.6 and it was fine for the 1st week or two b...
Upgrade Dolphin in softaculous?jackpot started 4 Sep 2015 · Eddie Gates replied 4 Sep 2015Can I upgrade Dolphin in softaculous?(From Dolphin 7.1.4 to 7.2.0) If it does not, whether it can upgrade in less "Fro...
Can I host Dolphin.Pro on home-computer?BoonEx started 28 Aug 2015 · BoonEx replied 28 Aug 2015Dolphin.Pro is a “web software”, so it really has to reside on a hosting server, where the site can be easily accessed by vis...
What to prepare before installing?BoonEx started 28 Aug 2015 · BoonEx replied 28 Aug 20151. Choose the Name and Domain for your social site. You can change the site name at any time, but m...
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Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.