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Quote · 4 Jun 2011

Version 1.1.1 has released.

In updated version - minor changes in source codes and integration with default search engine.

Quote · 13 Feb 2012

Version 1.1.2 has released, in updated version you can find next features:

* New: admin panel - pending approval
* New: global map for index page with vacancies (Google Maps V3)
* New: resumes block for index page and home page (of module)
* New: new option 'can apply'
* New: new option 'life time' (with crons)

Quote · 6 Jun 2012

Hi Andrew

Need to test this modules as a member, could you please give temporary login and password please

Am keen to buy this



Quote · 26 Jun 2012

We have updated this module today. Current version is 1.1.3

We've added a new page for admin panel - resumes, where admin can work with resumes (approve or disapprove them), plus several more minor changes.

2 fijimates

Sorry, I'm late with my response, but you are always welcome to join my demo website in order to check this module inside.

Quote · 9 Sep 2012

This module has been updated. It is available for Dolphin 7.1 now.

There are several new features (for 7.1):

* new member menu link
* dolphin's site stat
* new dolphin's charts
* vector icons

Quote · 11 Dec 2012

Version 2.0.1:

* integration with 'Business Listing' module

It means, that instead of typing a business name for vacancies, you can select it

Quote · 19 May 2013

Version 2.0.5:

* choice of currency and term of payment

Quote · 28 May 2013

Good evening Andrew. Is there a site where I can try this mod out? A demo site? I am thinking about building an industry specific job site and I want to play with yours a bit and see if it meets my needs. ... Hosted by!
Quote · 1 Sep 2013

Hello, yes, of course you can test it. The demo is installed here:

Quote · 1 Sep 2013

New features (v 2.0.6):
* four new fields for vacancies: 'Kind of work', 'Business trips', 'Kind of salary' and 'Number of reviews for the vacancy'
* comments for vacancies
* block with industries (categories) on module's homepage
* google maps on the filter (browse jobs page)

Quote · 1 Oct 2013

Andrew. Used SWReg to purchase. Did not redirect so I can download. Can you check it please? ... Hosted by!
Quote · 2 Oct 2013

Never mind. I'm an idiot. The download link came in my email...... :) ... Hosted by!
Quote · 2 Oct 2013

I guess I am totallay dumb and dumber. It's not in the email. I did not get redirected to the mod download ... Hosted by!
Quote · 2 Oct 2013


Yes, unfortunately it doesn't work automatically in case of swreg (we need to confirm every sale). It works automatically in case of paypal only. Your transaction was confirmed, and you have access to this product now.

Quote · 3 Oct 2013

New features (v 2.0.7):
* powerful tool to manage places (jquery.dataTables + jquery.Jeditable)

Quote · 6 Dec 2013


powerful tool to manage places

 as in? can you include facebook invites?

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Quote · 6 Dec 2013

Yes, this is admin panel page where you can manage with places (regions, states):

2 newton27, are you thinking about purchasing this module? Can you explain please what is 'facebook invites' in your question? Do you mean the facebook share option? 

Quote · 6 Dec 2013

Hi Andrew. How can I add more industry types? I looked in both the code and database and couldn't seem to find them. 

Quote · 27 Jan 2014

Hello, the categories (industries) are here: administration/categories.php?action=all&module=ajob

Quote · 22 Feb 2014

New features (v2.0.8):

 * resume view page: owner thumbnail, contact and share buttons were added
 * vacancy view page: owner thumbnail was added
 * 3 new fields for vacancies and resumes were added: company url, education and experience details

Quote · 16 May 2014

New functions (v 2.0.9):

 * search for resumes, based on membership level restrictions
 * possibility to demand a certain membership level (or levels) to apply for a position
 * possibility to demand a certain membership level (or levels) to display additional contact information
 * cron-based "Jobs Weekly Digest" (that is sent to members by email)

Quote · 10 Jun 2014

New functions (v 2.1.0):

* The module is integrated with the mobile native application
* The module is integrated with the standard sitemaps

Quote · 25 Nov 2014

Today the module was updated for dolphin 7.2.x

Quote · 9 Dec 2015

Hi Andrew,


I have a problem installing the module. Sent you a private message.

Quote · 31 Mar 2016

Hi Andrew,


What is the 'distance' used for in the add vacancy page ?

Quote · 24 Apr 2016



I'm trying for weeks already to reach you by email and pm, I get no response at all.


Please answer my question.

Quote · 2 Jun 2016

Now you promised me on Sunday to make the changes I asked for on Monday. Every day I've been mailing you. Wednesday you told me you were going to spend an hour to make the changes. Haven't heard from you since.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with my client and there's nothing I can show him.

It's since end of March that I'm asking you to make the changes which was going to take you no more then an hour.

Why are you not responding ?

Quote · 9 Jun 2016

Thanks for sending me the module with the changes at the deadline !


Only now I found out that this module cannot work with different membership levels where people have to pay for a membership.


I've sent you an email.


Hope you can solve this.

Quote · 11 Jun 2016

Two weeks since this update, still no working module. Hard to get in touch with Andrew, he never has time. It's 3 months now since we agreed on customizing this module, still not finished and working. Very disappointed !!

Quote · 25 Jun 2016

The Google Map isn't working. Just noticed that the compatibility is set to 'not specified' again, while it was compatible when I bought it. No more replies from Andrew on this matter. Since I saw the blog about the issue with the API keys, I guess that's why the map is not working. 

Quote · 28 Jul 2016

Hello Annabel, really sorry for so late reply. 

I updated the module today (fixed work with google maps, also added some minor changes, added profile removal event handler). 

I replied all your emails as well

Quote · 11 Sep 2016


Are you available for some custom work on this module?

Quote · 3 Dec 2017


I am experiencing an issue where the job is being added to the timeline and it's got several layers of nesting to it.  Take a look at the screencap. 

How can we correct this?


Quote · 3 Dec 2017

We are getting an error:  that andrew/job/templates/base/images/vacancy-2x.gif doesn't exist

Do you have that image?

Quote · 5 Dec 2017

I need a response.

Quote · 11 Dec 2017
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