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Advanced Video Embed 2.0


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Version: 2.2.1

Added: 19.01.11

Updated: 18.02.16

Category: Video

Tags: extensions, video, youtube, dailymotion, embed, metacafe, myspace, dolphin 7.1, vimeo, youku

Demo: http://rayzzz.com/m/chat/home/  username - test,password - tester

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Rayz expert and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Rayz expert.

Technical Checklist...

Attention!!! You can get 2 my products (this one and any other from my store) for free if you will buy hostforweb hosting for 3 months at least following my referral link here. By the way it's a perfect hosting for Dolphin software.

NEW !!! You can now embed Videos to the Wall
Finally you can insert your own custom embed code to add videos from any sites.
This mod allows your users to embed custom videos (by adding embed code) from different sites (not only from Youtube as it is now by default) and the more easier way to add videos from the following sites:
- Youku.com (new)
- Blip.TV
- Dailymotion
- GayWatch
- GodTube
- MegaVideo
- MetaCafe
- MySpace
- RedTube
- SexTube
- Vimeo
- XTube
- XVideos
- XXXBunker
Go to my site (rayzzz.com), register a user and test this modification.
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Good job.

Merci pour ce super mod. C'est très pratique
The installation of this one is a little different than what I am used to, but once I got over looking at everything italicized, and really read what I had to do, it was pretty easy.

I love this mod. It works great and it pulls tags and info from the description of the video it is embedding. Great and easy to use. All you have to do is choose the site of the video and copy and paste the url into a box. The mod does the rest.

I haven't rated the communication or support because I haven't needed see more it. Quality is excellent and the value is superb. And the accuracy of the description is dead on.

Great work.
After installing the mod following error is occuring: Video upload failed (Video error)

What can be the the problem ?
I just Purchased Rayz Advance Media Embeed and Unlimited Internet Photos mods. Excellent support & communication.
Thank You very much Rayz.
Excellent Product - Service - Communication - Support.... Will buy again from Rayz!
vimeo and blip tv don't work for me. Embed is ok but video don't run. Whats wrong ?
Just bought this module today. All of the new options require a thumbnail url (not shown in the photos above). There's no instruction regarding what to put in here and using the regular url doesn't seem to work. Anyone know how to fix this?
Well, if you want you can add some comments to the thumbnail url field. There should be the direct image url entered, for example - http://rayzzz.com/flash/modules/video/files/1_temp_small.jpg
me too,
<< Just bought this module today. All of the new options require a thumbnail url (not shown in the photos above). There's no instruction regarding what to put in here and using the regular url doesn't seem to work. Anyone know how to fix this? >>
and when I click on the combobox not see info box and the button continue is always disabled,
I have followed all instructions.
Have some idea?
I think there were some problems while installation. I can help you with fixing that bug if you will provide me with your site cpanel details and admin account
Great mod and fast installation from Rayz
thank you

how to integrate this module in another module, such as events or module modzzz busness listing

it is there a way to incorporate it in other site module

This module is genial
This extension did wonders for my website! Rayz has been extremely helpful with everything. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.
Nice addition to your video options that works seamlessly! Thanks Rayz :-)
The Mod is excellent. If you have a Videopage you must have this Mod
Good Support

Thank you
A fine modules and works well with 7.0.7
Well done my friend and thanks for the good work :-)
This product is great and a must have for any site that wants to be user friendly. The support provided is even better. I would buy again from this seller. He is very helpful!

Thanks for all your support :)

I have one question? How do I remove some of the options like XXX sites. I don't want people to have those options on my site but I would like most of the others.
This can be done but removing the files according their sites names from "modules/rayz/embed/classes" directory
Thank you so much. Again, no idea why you developers do things, and do them so well, that Dolphin should have as basic features. But I'm glad that you do!

Fairly easy to install (that modules/boonex/wall/classes/BxWallModule.php file compare/edit was a lil gruesome but I made it through!) - even for me! Great, quick communication. Thanks again.
Thank you for this mod, it has given my members more choice for importing videos. Cheers!
Would like to know how to disable some of the video links. We do not want the x rated video options.
to remove unnecessary video sites you should login your site via ftp client and remove unnecessary files according to the sites names from "modules/rayz/embed/classes/" directory. If this is too complex for you, then I can do this work for free
Highly Disappointed with the thumb nail link. I wish the information would have informed me that my members would have to go search for a thumb nail link before they can upload a video. I would really like to know if and when this would be resolved and if not I don't want this module because I don't want a community full of videos without thumbs.
the latest version allows users to add videos with the default thumbnail image without searching for the necessary icon
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