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Bad words protect+ | Protect your comments, blogs, ads and more


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Version: 1.7.0

Added: 22.03.11

Updated: 28.04.19

Category: Core Changes

Tags: comments, facebook comments, boonex comments, spam, antispam, protection, ads, articiles, prevent, dolphin 7.4

Demo: http://dolphin.zx1.pl/m/photos/view/legs-1240042-1280x960  username - You can test as guest,password - You can test as guest

License: Lifetime for one website

Technical Checklist...


Protect your modules against the bad or vulgar words.

This module will protect:
  • each comments in all place on site (only via Dolphin Comments System - this version not support external comment system like Facebook Comments)

  • blogs post (from BoonEx Blogs Module)

  • ads (from BoonEx Ads Module)

  • articles (from BoonEx Articles Module)

  • forum topics and posts (new) (from BoonEx Forum Module)

  • wall posts (from BoonEx Wall Module)

  • messages (mail, simple messenger) (from original Dolphin Module)

  • profile fields (from original Dolphin Module)

  • user status message (new) (from original Dolphin Module)

  • and all other content put in form in modules 

Additionally, by simply click you can prohibit the publication of e-mails and/or links.
Raise the professionalism and prestige of your site.

You decide what you want to protect.
- Possibility to define any long list of banned words or phrases.
- You can filter the whole words or parts of words that contain bad words.
- Choose the censorship style - censorship of the complete word or leaving your first and last letters of the word.
- Select a censorship symbol such as "*", "_", "$" or any other.
- Prohibit the publication of e-mails and/or links.
- Enable/Disable e-mail notifications if bad word will be detected (message contains: text with bad word(s) and publisher ip)
- Manual modification core files or SIMPLY replace all files.

Ask before you buy!
If you are using third-party modules ask the author about compatibility!
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is very good comments, but I asked if you work for blogs and posts of the day, yes, it works in all places. I need something I equally, doing the same work in blog posts, because I'm tired of blogs deleted.
OK. I don't uderstand you. I'll try to make this feature for you.
I released a new version with your instructions :-) Are you happy?
Uploaded INC folder and Module folder into my Dolphin 7.0.6 and installed and guess what didn't work kept spitting out a fatal error every time I tried to leave a comment. Had to replace the two INC files back with the originals because this extension is totally broke.
I send you pm with installation instructions. Sorry for inconvenience.
I just installed on 7.0.9 and it works great. Thanks.
I just bought this. What I needed is the users to prevent exchanging email addresses through Mail (Compose). It did not catch it. I am running a dating website where I do want members to exchange email addresses immediately after joining. Your descriptions said that protect post, blog and any other form. You mod does not protect emails within Dolphon 7.0.9. Users can still exchange email addresses or use bad words to abus eachother.
Send me private message and talk about this feature.
Excellent Module & Fantastic Support. Buy With Confidence.
Good mod
I bought the mod. bad words
apparently works well on the wall, but in the simple chat not working.
I have tested and can send messages simply chat including any of the forbidden words.

another issue is words.
can only be words alone? or combinations of words and phrases?
I want to ban ("sevilla imperial"), but I will not prohibit: ("Sevilla") and ("imperial") separately.
I want to ban: ("carlos y maria"), but I want see more to allow: ("carlos"), ("y") and ("maria")

is very important, now any word that includes the letter "y" appears: *

do you have any solution?
Your suggestions have been added to version 1.6.4
This is a great module for removing those unwanted words. I use it on the profiles mainly and it works perfectly! I recommend this module. Installed very quickly.
That's awesome and very very useful plugin. Works aswell. Thanks man!
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