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Version: 2.1.3

Added: 11.08.10

Updated: 28.07.20

Category: Tools

Tags: profile, customizer, builder, member, points, facebook, google, aqb soft, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - aqbtest,password - xxxxx

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AQB Soft. It cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AQB Soft. This notice may not be removed from the source code.

Technical Checklist...

Profile Composer – is New Great and Powerful possibility which is now available for D7.  Let your members create their own world in profiles.
This is one of the most popular mods in our products' list which was available for Dolphin 6.1.x versions as well. Now it is totally updated and includes new useful features.This extension allows your members to create any block in their profiles such as latest news, flash games, rss feeds and many others, but of course under administration control.Also, members now can remove any annoying or unused blocks from theirs profiles. Administration of the site can control any members' movement in his/her profiles. You may use members profile for advertising or promoting something, just place block to member's page and lock it from member's actions.Features:Members can:
  • create HTML block – It means member can create block and add any HTML content to it. Of course, you, as admin, can check block before place it to member's profile.

  • create Text blocks – In this case member can add only text using TinyMce.

  • create Rss block –  In this case member can add RSS link to any site he/she liks.

  • can share their blocks with other members - It means other members can use the  most interesting blocks of other members in their profiles.

  • can remove blocks from their profiles - Any block can be removed from the page, but your as admin can control which block can be removed.

  • change Privacy of the blocks - It means member can control who can see the block(and which block).

  • change blocks position on the page – Members can place block to any position of the page. Such as Column and position in this Column.

  • edit their own blocks.

  • collapse blocks to the head.

Administration can:
  • create default blocks structure which members will have in their profiles

  • control which action can be applied to any block by member

  • create any kind of block

  • approve blocks

  • remove blocks

  • search blocks

and  etc…Administration of the site has the full control under this extension and member's movements concerning blocks. There are many checkings to prevent the all possible bad things, so member will get warning messages in any case.As Admin and as a member have 100% Ajax human-engineered interface. It is full Ajax application.Installation is very easy.Also this extension is integrated with our Global Points System module.You may reward members with points for the next activities:
  1. a block was created

  2. a block was deleted

  3. a block was approved

  4. a block was disapproved

  5. a block was edited

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I was waiting for this mod from the spring, bought immediatelly, already installed and now I enjoy it!!! thanks :-) -absolutelly suberb!! It´s another product level that pushes Dolphin on the top of social platforms
He finally made this for 7!!! It's awesome that members can move around… close… and remove unwanted blocks. They can create their own html blocks with pretty much anything- Youtube, RSS, widgets, etc etc. It gives your members freedom. My members really love this! This is another #1 choice for your site. :)

Btw, the installation is SUPER easy!
Fantastic Mod, I am sure my members will love using. Just tested the first block and its very cool.

Service was very good as well fast answers and easy install. I had a small issue because of the way my server is setup and Anton helped right away Thanks!

Would buy from him again for sure.
In a word... AWESOME ! In a sentence... an excellent, versatile, sticky, must have community tool. Better than this, perhaps more important for many site owners, this mod is built is built by Anton, so it is designed to work well with other mods. We have so many mods, this is a concern to us. But, we never worry when it's Anton built, it just works, and it always plays nice with others. No Anton did not pay me to say this. In fact, I paid him, and will keep paying him for one great mod after see more another. You can't go wrong with Anton. You can come see this mod work at our community... (you will need to setup a free account) Go Anton!!!
Thank you very much. I'm glad to hear this.
This is a must for any serious Dolphin site. I had this on my D6.xx site and was impatient to add it to my updated D7 site. AntonLV is first class in his support and programming skills.

Nice one Anton!
Fantastic, FANTASTIC, FaNtAsTiC!!! There was a problem though, I can't rate support more than 5 stars and that is sad! I have purchased a lot of mods here at but no one & I mean NO ONE has been as supportive as AntonLV has been with me. I mean it really doesn't get any better than this professional programmer. BTW I AM NOT GETTING PAID (OR EVEN A DISCOUNT FOR SAYING THIS) I just am blown away.

Now onto the mod. It is beautifully well written and works BETTER than described. see more I think AntonLV does shortfall himself a little with his descriptions because he doesn't fully list some of the great features that his mod has. Not only is this mod fantastic, he is willing to make modifications to suit my needs and a very fair price. I had no problems installing this mod, it worked exactly as described and my members absolutely love the fact that they can make their profiles completely unique. I plan on purchasing AntonLV's Mod Profile Splitter next and I expect I will continue to be blown away. Thanks!
Thank you VERY MUCH for the review. I appreciate it.
I hope we'll continue the work together. :)
I don't know where to begin! This mod has completely transformed my site! It completely made the Groups module obsolete ( good thing! ) cause people now create profiles and "friend" what they like, gives your site a Facebook Appeal now, but with Complete customization! The creativity it has sprung on my site is aww inspiring, thank you Anton for taking Dolphin to the top with this Module!

Also to add, Customer Support is SUPREME! If I ever have issues, Anton is quick to assist. A TRUE see more ASSET TO BOONEX!
Excellent service and another quality product and Install service fast excellent communication impressed, we will be back for further products from Anton LV Many Thanks
Before I was a member of BoonEx, my concern was to contact with the best agent, and in fact I think I found ...
From my beginnings Anton always helped me in everything I needed, I know he has a lot of work, yet he always gave me excellence in their work and personal attention.
I owe a lot to Anton, the best mods of Boonex are from Anton, actually i bought them all.
Well, all their products and services deserve more than five stars from a profesional who deserves more than it delivers.
If you see more are looking for professionals to realize their Projects, ROI, Honesty and Excellence, the answer of the equation is AntonLV.
Thank you very much. :) It's pleasure to work with you.
I've used Anton on more than one occasion and all I can say is..................SPEECHLESS. I am TOTALLY and COMPLETELY SPEECHLESS. And I haven't even STARTED talking about THIS mod yet. No matter, whatever it is you want to buy from him or need him to do, Anton is THE place to go. He is THE man. Go with him. You won't be disappointed. I PROMISE.
Great module. This module is designed to suite your desire. It gave me and site members a joy to present.
AntonLV is a professional with high reliability. He is fast, accurate and gentle.
AntonLV and his softs have a 1st class quality.
love this mod! really great and I highly recommend it
Thanks for you patience and help in getting this installed for us. Great product and very happy with funcionality it give our users. Thanks for your great support!
We are glad to help you and wotk with you. :)
Great mod and fast service members love it
thank you
Thanks for the review and we were glad to help you. :)
Where to begin? How about we mention the fact that Anton is a genuinely kind and gracious person to interact and do business with...period. I purchased one of his other mods and due a more important need elsewhere...many weeks later mind you, he was more than happy to let me exchange and get this mod. Man is this mod cool! This mod takes so much pressure off of indecisive people like myself and allows members to easily arrange their profile page by simply dragging-dropping their media and information see more blocks where they see fit. There are cool free sites to copy and paste HTML apps into blocks that members can also add..WAY COOL! And Admin has full control over what they can and cant do! ALSO- Props To Antons team for working with me and doing a little special customizing on the side! Thanks guys, It's always a pleasure doing business with ya! I'm looking forward to getting the item on my AQB list.
Thank you very much for the review. We appreciate it.
P. S. We were glad to help you. :)
Awesome extension and a must have for your community. Had a few problems with install due to another extension I was using on my site and Anton jumped right in and got everything working. Great Extension and great support from Anton! Buy this extension you won't be sorry you did!
Thanks. We were glad to help you. :)
Again Anton gives great service and great creations, Members will
love personalizing their page with this is very fun! A must have!
Keep up the great work!
Thanks. Will do our best :)

I purchased your Profile composer and I need to apply filtration criteria that prevents certain members (Standard and Personal) from being able to see or use the composing Member’s Block and I do not know the filter. I thought that I would be able to accomplish this on the membership level, but the module does not show up on the list. Can you please provide me with some assistance?

Hello. Yes, we can. Contact us via BoonEx Unity internal mail box or via
My email questions were answered within hours. I woke up to find answers I wanted to hear waiting in email, placed order and sent info for the free install. By lunch time I get email saying 'it's installed' - had to wait 5 hours at day job before being able to test it. Works great. Looks great. This is a very nice addition and I know my members will like it. Thank you
Thank you very much. :)
Feel free to contact us if you need some help in the future.
Just awesome if your running a social site it's a must have give members so much freedom best thing ever!!

Thanks Anton
Thank you. We greatly appreciate your opinion!!!
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