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Videolization 1.1


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Version: 1.2.5

Added: 26.04.10

Updated: 08.02.15

Category: Video

Tags: extensions, video, tinymce, youtube, flash, widget, vimeo, upload, record, dolphin 7.1

Demo: http://rayzzz.com/dolphin/  username - test,password - tester

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Rayz expert and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Rayz expert.

Technical Checklist...

Brings more interactivity to your site. Now almost all sections of your site will be reborn thanks to unique possibility to record, upload and embed Youtube videos everywhere - in Blogs, Classifieds, Events, Articles, Forums (Group Forums) and above all - the MailBox. Now your users will be able to send video mails to each other (links to video files are passed with e-mail).You can grant access to this feature to any membership level on your site, for example only users with Gold membership will be able to use it.New:Vimeo video embedding is added;Fixed Youtube urls;Large size of Youtube preview image.Register at http://rayzzz.com and try this mod in action. The registration is free and doesn't require a confirmation.

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This is a must have for any Social networking site. If you take NOTICE to facebook and myspace and other corporated social networking sites you'll see they've implemented the same options for video embed and upload.

5 Stars
Fast service ! Excellent mod. You got to have it on your site.
It's installed on my site www.iphnompenh.com
i need the registration key where can i find it
me too
i need the registration key where can i find it
The license is available at the product's page
Excellent mod. Very fast service. I asked him to custom the mod by removing upload and record option, he did it very quickly and in the professional way. I recommand you this mod as well as this seller.

Please. I am looking for some information in how to fix these errors messages from Videolization.

1) As a Admin: I get video emails but when I click on them, I get this error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function getsize() in /home/......./modules/rayz/rzvideo/classes/RzVideoModule.php on line 81

Note: I am able to play the videos from youtube and uploaded videos.

I opened the file: -- on line 81:

$aInfo = getSize($sModulesPath . "rzvideo/files/" see more . $iId . ".jpg");
if($aInfo['width'] > 0 && $aInfo['height'] > 0)

Also I get in my Admin email account an additional email with this subject:

Mysql error: Unknown column 'MEMBERSHIP_ID_STANDARD' in 'where clause'

Found error in the file '/home/......../inc/membership_levels.inc.php' at line 183.
Called 'fromCache' function with erroneous argument #2.



Called script: /....../plugins/tiny_mce/plugins/video/video.php
Request parameters:
[memberSession] => GyJQY6!Zd7rRzcx9FssxcSAeERf=rwbe
[memberID] => 2
[memberPassword] => 0d419b2072da7c2ccc857d53a775d1645403422d
[__unam] => 9401df3-132c763bc50-24d96c5d-139
[fbs_186084278132988] => \"session_key=2.AQDNUuoD_Vi7HlLD.3600.1319108400.0-1281235989&uid=1281235989&expires=1319108400&secret=UtG9Df21aNhU_sqCt7_obA__&base_domain=clickonclip.net&access_token=AAACpPh9L4PwBAJqNsbZC93uPC3F9ZALImVLB4kDEI41uoU029TKNy6zCYrY8rSUhCWHi5t4LJV56JlgCYFzqgcTcmyi9hZB3eEb9Qqo7OuXcZCPrV4fR&sig=77d30b623b0665c6a0a9c5667ea9cb1e\"


2) As a regular member: nothing work. I get a fatal error : "Database query error"

Please, I'll appreciate any suggestions!!


This is a great mod and allows your members to communicate beyond just the simple text!!
Rayz is great to work with (very responsive and fast) and goes the EXTRA mile to help get everything setup as well as making you feel comfortable with how the mod works! I highly recommendd working with Rayz and his mods!!!
Super mod Great support, simply perfect!!!
Great facility and a fantastic module. Works perfectly and support is excellent.
great mod and great author
for D7.0.9 not works after install, but Rayz log in and fix problems (it takes only about 24h from purchase)
I purchased this over a year ago and needed to reinstall after I upgraded to 7.0.9, Rayz support is excellent!
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