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Version: 2.5.4

Added: 21.01.12

Updated: 09.02.16

Category: Communication

Tags: extensions, modifications, status, dolphin 7.1, german, deutsch

Demo:  username - N/A,password - N/A

Support Forum:

License: This is a commercial product made by Andreas Pachler and cannot be modified for other see more than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Andreas Pachler.

Technical Checklist...

Dieses Module fügt der Homepage eine Block hinzu in dem alle Statusmeldungen der Mitglieder angezeigt werden. Über die Admin Konfiguration kann eingestellt werden wieviele Statusmeldungen angezeigt werden sollen.

Dieses Modul wird mit Deutscher Übersetzung ausgeliefert!

This module will add a page block to the homepage where you can see the status messages of all your site members. You can configure how much messages should be displayed at one block page per admin panel.

This module comes with German translation!

You are welcome to test all my products at:

* changed the layout of homepage block
+ added random function
* tested with Dolphin v7.0.9
+ added possibility to buffer the 5 last status messages
* fixed little bug
v1.4.0 & v2.4.0
+ added function for status message removal
* updated for Dolphin 7.1.0
v1.5.0 & v2.5.0
+ added function to show headline if no status message is available (could be disabled in admin settings)
* fixed admin interface layout
* fixed typo
v1.5.1 & v2.5.3
+ added status update alert
* tested v2 against Dolphin v7.1.2
* tested v2 against Dolphin v7.1.3
* tested against Dolphin v7.1.4
* tested against Dolphin v7.1.5
* tested against Dolphin v7.2.0
* tested against Dolphin v7.2.1
* tested against Dolphin v7.3.0
* tested against Dolphin v7.3.1
* tested against Dolphin v7.3.2
* tested against Dolphin v7.3.3
* tested against Dolphin v7.3.4
* tested against Dolphin v7.3.5
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Good mod and work fine !!

thx for all ! :)
This is a good mod, easy to install and a good way to keep your members involved with each other.
easy install, good coding, no problems! thank you!
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