A dozen scoops you want to be aware of.

Andrew Boon posted 11th of September 2009 in . 102 comments.

We have a good, healthy bunch of plans and upcoming changes brewing, so I decided to give you some idea on what's going on, or going to be going on...

1. One more beta for sure.

We're at Beta 6 now, but it's painfully obvious that at least one more Beta will have to be put out. The more you test and report now, however, the higher is the chance of stopping at B7 before going to the even wilder RC roller-coaster.

2. Update packs starting from D7 RC1.

We hear that repeated fresh installs put down much of everyone's motivation to test Hookie as it should be tested. So, once we enter into the exciting and hope-filled stage of RC testing we'll be sure to provide update packs for (RCx)-to-(RCx+1) versions. We're still not suggesting any real-life use, but for those with braver hearts it may finally be a viable option.

3. IE6-no more. It's IE7, IE8, FireFox, Chrome and Safari.

Dolphin 7 will show the IE6-no more warning for the poor souls that still torture themselves with IE6. We now test and support only IE7, IE8, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

4. CoolIris is here to stay.

We've implemented a Cooliris plugin in the latest Hookie beta. We'll add even more of it's features gradually, so like it or not - Cooliris is a friend of Dolphin now, albeit optional.

5. Expertzzz.com is about to be "frozen".

OK, proceeding to some juicier bits... We plan to shut down registration and new content posting at Expertzzz.com very soon. You may still see value in buying Contributor status, but consider the upcoming shutdown. All products, services and members would be welcomed by BoonEx Unity.

6. Unity will see updates.

We're preparing a slew of changes at Unity. First, a completely revamped approval process for Extensions (combining both the freedom of Expertzzz and the security of Unity) - we'll be introducing "certified" and "trusted" badges, while liberating Extensions uploads. Second, Blogs and many other modules will be moved out of the homepage, leaving only Forums and Extensions in the forefront. Third, Experts will be given an extra spotlight. That, and a dozen of smaller things are coming up.

7. Agents system.

We've been designing this for a very good while now - the new Agents system should happen as soon as next week (or so). The goal is to improve and personalize customer support/experience. The idea is to let trusted BoonExers work as "Agents" - every customer will be linked to an Agent, who'd be responsible for every possible pre/post-sale request. Much like you work with Agents when you install gutters or blinds at home. More details later.

8. BMS to shut down soon.

It was fun while it lasted, but it's time for many to grow-up and arrange their own "backend". It's in play for a while, yet, so if you have content there, email us with a data-transfer request.

9. Real names soon.

Unity is planned to request everyone to show their Real names instead of their usernames. If you absolutely have to stay anonymous, no problem, but you're likely to have your Unity experience limited.

10. iPhone app ready. Android app progressing.

The promised iPhone app is ready for submission to iTunes and the only reason for waiting is Hookie, which is... you know...

Android app is progressing, but is not ready yet.

Source code for both will be available after Hookie release.

11. We'll be in Singapore and Miami.

Julia and I are heading to Singapore for Social Networking Forum next week and will be at Mimi iDate in January for sure. So, anyone feeling like shaking hands, email me with a wink.

12. BoonEx.com downtime and "callbacks".

BoonEx.com was down for a short period recently and we've witnessed a little bit of an "uproar" about "broken" Dolphin admin panels, refreshing the old-standing "callbacks" issue. Here's the thing - both Dolphin 6.1.6 and 7 don't connect to BoonEx on every admin login. They do so ONLY when you register a license, or when it's expired, which is only natural. Admin login slowdown may be caused by the BoonEx RSS feed in admin panel. If your trust in BoonEx servers is way too shuttered - feel free to turn off the RSS.

This is it for now. Summer's over, and we're hot on the heels for the next leap of growth. If you want to discuss any of those "scoops" - please give the Forums some love!

Comments are welcome too (but comments are not questions or tips of discussion-icebergs, remember ;) ).

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Yes, the changes are good, and these 12 points will be the answer to many questions. We are waiting for RC1, but we are patient :)
13. BoonEx will stop to build NEXT BIG THINGS and will now focus on building NEXT USER FRIENDLY SCRIPTS... :-))
wanna cooperate to make things user-friendlier?
Thanks Andrew,
The whole community appreciates Boonex team's contribution and keeping us updated with the latest happenings...

Nice to know that we will have RC1 in september (hopefully) :)

Have a wonderful trip
im agree and very happy to hear all of these points!!! good job!
Good milestones to work towards, and I hope it all goes smooth. I'd say more, but as it stands I'm a bit unsure what's welcome in blog comments and what not... (I personally find the AJAX based forum a bit stiff to use, and would prefer a traditional BBS style forum to participate in, hence not much from me in the forums. I want to at least be able to use my browser's "back" button!)
thanks andrew,

it's great news for develops that will be in Boonex unity I'm waiting for see it ;)

and I'm happy to know that we will have RC1 in this month :)

thank you boonex team for hard work

Nighto2007 - I don't think he said we'd have RC1 in "this month". He said we'd see another beta (7) first. - Did I miss something here, gang?
Thanks BoonEx. Whole heatedly welcome all the points for future growth.

By the way Andrew, when you are coming to India? We want to see you, Julia n Matt.
I'm looking forward to the RC and subsequent patch upgrades. I haven't bothered uploading any beta's past the second one since I had to delete and re-install each one.

Real Names? Why not just show it in our profiles but still have the nic name show on posts etc?
I have no problem with more beta's. I think we are kind of lucky to have public beta's in the first place.

I was always puzzled by expertzzz so I am glad to hear that its going away.

Good job and thanks for the update.
You need RMS to run all your flash apps..Chats,im,video,music,shoutbox,ect...
oops sorry that was to be posted below in houstonlivelys post. Sorry kernelpaniker..lol
What mean BMS?

Did you mean to say RMS?
Around here we use those initials for short guys that strut their stuff like they all that.. It's called "Big Man Syndrome"..lol
An explanation of BMS would have been nice, but i believe it means Boonex Media Service. The plan i believe is to drop the free RMS service that boonex provides with the free licenses.
Thank you.. BoonEx
This section you stated has me puzzled. and I quote you:

"So, once we enter into the exciting and hope-filled stage of RC testing we'll be sure to provide update packs for (RCx)-to-(RCx+1) versions. We're still not suggesting any real-life use, but for those with braver hearts it may finally be a viable option."

Does this mean to use this as a REAL website we have to wait through (RCx)-to-(RCx+1) as well?
As far as I understand, it means that a RC (Release Candidate) of a Dolphin 7 should be considered just that, a *candidate* for release, but not the actual stable and final release they would be able to fully support or give guarantees on.
I've noticed that there are very few database changes from B5 to B6. I think this time I'll just fix the existing database and overwrite the changed files.... and see what happens
"A dozen scoops you want to be aware of."

...and I was expecting icecream for everyone. : (

; )

Thanks for the update Andrew
Dear Andrew, you have to think again concerning IE-6.
Because majority of southeast europe, middleeast, africa and parts of asia do actually use IE-6.. I am pretty sure that all of the dolphin based sites that do refer to those regions got most visits from ie-6 browsers.. most, maybe all of the dolphin #owners# use most likely ie7+ or mozilla/chrome so in your websites statistics you will not figure out the importance but in the statistics of the sites that refer to those regions it is very obvious see more that most visitors come from ie 6..
My members forexample are from southeast europe/middleeast and i got 87% visit from ie totally 60% of those are from ie-6, 15% from ie-7 and about 12 from ie-8
If you can use IE6 why can you not upgrade to IE7?
The only reason to run ie6 is if your running windows 2000 or under as ie7 and up will not run on those OS's

However, Windows 2000 and under do not run anything modern. The latest anti virus software, the latest flash and the latest versions of java are not available for anything under windows XP.

Dropping support for IE6 is the only logical choice.
Seems like either you have not read my post right or I havent explained it as I should even I in my opionion clearly stated that the Dolhin #owners# use the newest browsers BUT their members use ie-6.
Why? simply because in the 3. countries including southeast europ, africa, middleast and some parts of asia most people do not got internet at their home as you in Europe.. They have to go to an internet cafe and in maybe 90% of them they do got a fake xp and without being able to update, most of them see more automaticly use ie 6.
@deano, I use ie-8+ FF because i simpl got my own computer but since my members are from se-europe and m-east they mostly(60%) enter my site from internet cafes(ie 6)
Did you get my point now?
Thanks for the update.
It is good to see that mod submissions will go through the process it will.
I am total supportive of the Agents System on here and think it will help a great deal.

Good luck at singapore and miami iDate ;)
hi unboonex, i understand that it's almost hopeless to have phpbb forum integrated with D7. But at least can you add "viewership/readership" to blog? Dolphin's blog is the one & only blog in the world which doesn't show "viewership/readership" in blog.

My current site has over 5000 members but the usage of blog is extremely slow. Will you still want to post any blog if you're not going to know how many people is going to read them??
hi unboonex, i understand that it's almost hopeless to have phpbb forum integrated with D7. But at least can you add "viewership/readership" to blog? Dolphin's blog is the one & only blog in the world which doesn't show "viewership/readership" in blog.

My current site has over 5000 members but the usage of blog is extremely low. Will you still want to post any blog if you're not going to know how many people is going to read them??
I agree on the importance knowing who view your blog:
I wonder who will be my Agent? I have so many questions for them... :))

Thanks for the update Andrew, it's great to see that so many of the promises Boonex has made are coming to fruition. Looking forward to the added control of Unity and the final shutdown of the expertzzz.com site. Couple that with removal of anonymity in here should make a true difference in how people behave and get rid of many problems.

Looking forward to playing with the iPhone APP and Android when it comes out. Any see more timeframe on the G3/Windows Apps?
You should be an agent yourself in my opinion
Forcing people to use real names is the most asinine thing I have seen. Boonex is in no way like Facebook that actually has staff to help people out when they are attacked. Punishing people who wish to have some privacy is just plain mean. I have paid for services so Boonex has my name. I donated money and not even a thanks or acknowledgment in my email. Those that donated are supposed to get a free brand removal but that never happened for me. If I am attacked on here I can count on Boonex not helping. see more I do not authorize the general public to have my name and now Boonex punishes people for their right to privacy. Seems now Boonex is even more arrogant and less concerned about safety and privacy then ever before. A huge negative rating for the new Boonex from me.
Boonex is not like Facebook, your right. Facebook is a social networking site. Boonex is a site for professionals who have either developed or are developing a Social Networking Site for the purposes of earning money, hobbying, getting pictures of topless girls (he knows what I mean by that) and as such, we all need to maintain a certain level of professionalism.

2. Asking you what your name is is not a type of punishment, unless of course your a guy named "Sue", well then they have see more a song about that already, and I dont' think you are.

3. You are on a site owned by Boonex, the right to privacy is limited to the amount of Privacy that Boonex chooses to issue out.

4. Finally, how is it a violation of your privacy to let people know your othe owner of the site you created? Is there something embarrassing about them that makes it so you don't want people to associate you with YOUR sites?

There is no arrogance on the part of Boonex, arrogance belongs to me when it comes to Dolphin... And I'm not even a Boonex employee (it's so fun to be the arrogant one).

Maybe you should take a moment and really consider this, as removing the anonymity from the boonex site is actually a good thing that will help to improve the credibility of the sites that you build and own. I personally am looking forward to the pulling back of the curtain on the Unity site.

"Boonex is a site for professionals"

Not! Most professionals do business with companies that value clients privacy. Professional companies have customer support that answer questions within a 24 hours or can be called during business hours. I still have not received a response for brand free which I donated for and can prove it with a receipt. The standard response time from Boonex for services I have paid for has been three months.

I do not see Boonex as a professional see more company based on the way I have been treated. I can prove the lack of response from them. The general public (meaning people like you) are not allowed to view my private information. It's my legal right to request that of Boonex without retaliation. I am in fact a customer of Boonex. Boonex would be breaking the law in my country if they punish me for not sharing my private information with the general public. Professional companies follow the law.

Putting real names will not up the quality here. It will simply allow degenerates to attack, slander and defame people by real name after some people post personal information about themselves.

Facebook answered my privacy questions in 24 hours and stopped attacks in a 24 hour peroid. Facebook took my privacy very seriously. This is just one reason why Facebook is the premier social networking site in the world. It's their professionalism that sets them miles ahead of others. I am talking about the way a business is run in regards to Facebook VS Boonex. Boonex is arrogant to believe they offer anywhere near the level of support (as a business) Facebook does and Facebook is 100% free.

Boonex is a site for hobbyists mostly. So how much profit do you make off your Dolphin sites and what are their url's or is that private information? Where do you live? What is your home address? What cars do you drive? What did you have for dinner last night? Have you visited my sites and if so what were the exact times? What is your IP address? Who is your service provider? What type of debt do you have? You married or divorced? If you you are married have you ever cheated? Ever cheat on your girlfriend or boyfriend? Answer all the questions truthfully or you will lose privileges on my sites. Really you do not have to answer those questions to be on my site. I would never force you to use your name on my sites. Only your payment info has to be real. Get my point? That was a rhetorical question as I know you don't.

"You are on a site owned by Boonex, the right to privacy is limited to the amount of Privacy that Boonex chooses to issue out."

False. There are federal privacy laws in the country I live in that Boonex must legally adhere to.

"Is there something embarrassing about them that makes it so you don't want people to associate you with YOUR sites?"

Yeah when people like you post on my sites it's embarrassing. Nice shouting on the word "your" which shows obsessive/compulsive behavior, immaturity and a lack of self control. I certainly would be embarrassed to be seen associating with you.

"it's so fun to be the arrogant one"

Birds of a feather flock together which is probably why you like Boonex so much.

"well then they have a song about that already"

What song is that? You should post it on your Dolphin site. What is your IP again so I can ban you from my sites or is that private information?

"getting pictures of topless girls (he knows what I mean by that)"

You mean art photos of beautiful women from around the world? Yes, there are plenty of sites like that. Which are the Dolphin sites that have those or is that private information? Have you ever visited any of my Dolphin sites? Currently I have no Dolphin sites up because of Boonex's lack of professionalism and missed roll-out dates. You obviously are not a welcome guest, member or customer on any of my websites. What is your real name and IP again? I need to make sure and not have you as an embarrsing member on any of my sites.
1. Whois.com is designed to inform people who owns what domain. While you can set yourself to be proxy/private on it, that is a choice and designed to assist in letting others know who they are truly doing business with online.

2. Facebook the premier. Well, it wasn't that long ago Facebook was having a huge issue with the legality of who owns images uploaded to Facebook and the community upset over the fact that just because they delete doesn't stop Facebook from using the images to advertise see more in whatever manner they choose to.

3. How can you ban me from your sites? You already have by not having any up.

4. When did you make your donation? If it was prior to the change in licensing changes (D6.1.4 license versions to D6.1.6) then I'll agree that you should of gotten on. If it was after that, then your out of luck. I'm sure though that Lyubov will stop in and check on it for you.

5. Who did you attempt to contact to deal with the licensing issue? If it was the right person then you will get a response, if it was the wrong person I don't know what will happen. Again, I actually PROMISE you that Lyubov will check on it for you. She is an awesome person and if you have one owed to you I know she'll fix the situation.

6. Obsessive Compulsive... No, just a typics jerk. And by the way, wasn't shouting the word "YOUR" I was stressing the word "YOUR"... I don't shout anymore, it raises my blood pressure, not healthy.

7. Boonex is in fact a professional company and the people here are for the most part professionals (myself excluded from that comment) and they do respond quite well to inquiries when you do them in the correct way. I realize it can be frustrating to not always know what the right way is, and Boonex could do a better job on informing people of that, but they really do try to deliver. You need to keep in mind you probably don't want a direct number to them, from your country it would be an incredibly expensive phone call. However, if you e-mail them and realize they are literally on the opposite side of the world as you, then you will note a response in usually 24 hours (same as your beloved Facebook) unless it's a weekend or holiday, then it normally happens the next business day.

8. (Wow, I didn't know I could count this high) Acutally, I live I think we live in the same country, I haven't checked your profile to see where you live for sure, and no, Boonex does not have to adhere to the laws of other countries. They have to adhere to the laws of the country that they have their company set up in. If that was true, then you would have to adhere to the laws of Iraq where people are executed for showing a woman's face, let alone her bare chest. Shall I contact the Iraqi police now or would you like to reconsider that statement.

9. Boonex did not ask you what you had for dinner or what flavor your wife is. They are stating that real names will be required on the Unity Sites in an effort to prevent the issues that happened on Expertzzz from happening here. As far as that goes, in your country you are required to get a license to operate most businesses and on that license you must print your name and it is public information. This is no different, if you want to conduct business on the Unity site then Boonex, who owns the site and has the right to set the rules they want to set, is then stating you will provide your name. If you should choose to not provide it then you will have limited access to said site. Not denied access, only limited access is how I believe UnoBoonex has put it.

10. It would seem to me that you feel that you deserve special treatment from the site admins when you get into disagreements with people, this is evidenced by the fact that your stating you have been attacked on Facebook and infer it has happened here. Perhaps you might want to take a look at the common denominator in those attacks (don't worry, I know I'm a total ahole and very proud of it) and make an adjustment to eliminate that to avoid future issues.

In the end Mindriot, I am disagreeing with your post, nothing I put up was meant to be taken personal by you and I apologize if it has. This is a debate that you opened and your free to have a wrong opinion if you should choose to. But in the end the fact remains it is Boonex's site and they are free to do with it as they choose. They do not have to give you full privacy and full access to all parts of the site. In the end you will choose to be public or private, but you also understand this will carry with it options that you may not agree with should you take the private option. Most of us call this... Life and we accept those terms...

As far as my sites go, I have a few sites listed on my profile, you've been busy visiting it and them I see... Feel free, but it would be nice if your going to keep dropping in if you at least sit down for a cup of coffee or maybe we could go see Barak and have a beer with him over on Pennsylvania Ave...
Great.. i love the new fixes and waiting for the RC relase..
Forcing anyone to put real information is as insane as it is stupid. People that are naive online are the very ones that get hacked, stolen from, have their identity stolen etc..etc.. It should be up to me to allow anyone to know my real identity. And I for one will never post any real information on a public forum, PERIOD!. Im sure there are alot of trustworty people on here. But their is a old saying one bad apple spoils the bunch.
The big difference when you run almost any sort of online see more business you tell your customers to contact the webmater, admin, moderator..etc ..etc..
You dont tell them to contact anyone by there actual name. I dont get that at all. And I will never ask anyone to devulge any personal business at all on any site i run now or in the near future.
Looking forward to seeing how all the changes play out :)
Without IE6 you are gonna restrict Boonex to be used just for Europe, Us and Oceania/Australia
No without IE6 we are gonna Insist on people with IE6 to do something about it.
when will D7 Beta 7 be available? will that be an upgradable version? I've seen some serious intrest for this new platform and I'm dying to get something I can test, edit, upgrade :))))
Thank's unoboonex and Boonex
u know whoo is speaking the spanglish UFO360 nice work everyone and your support.Thank'U
I really have to read things more carefully.

Real names? Surely you don't mean for people to use their real names in public here do you?

If so, what are going to be the consequences for those who don't comply with this foolish demand?

This is a horrible idea in so many ways.

Bad form. You know it too - that's what scares me. You're a smart guy. To demand this smacks of alterior motives Andrew.

Tell me & the others where we are going wrong here.

Why on Earth would you expect see more people to willingly do this?

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't need "Helter Skelter" painted in blood on my wall. There isn't anything worth that. That's what a requirement like this could lead to.
I agree 100%. You would hope that people would not do that with personal information, but i am not willing to put my life, or my kids lives on the line for anything online ever.
I remember when myspace first came out and kids use to post their real schools, streets, and there names. How long did it take before they said stop doing this because of pedofiles, and others were getting a list of targets from a innocent social networking site.
I don't think that anyone is suggesting to put any personal information here. A real name does not do that. Your real name is already out in public. It's the other information about you that you need to keep private. And if anyone is suggesting that kids should put any of their real info online, I can't find out who it is.
Good list of goals, some bold but positive moves there. I fully support the drop of support for IE6, a can of worms for sure reading previous posts, but it's necessary for progress. Good to see that much of the discussions about expertzzz has not gone unnoticed too.

Keep up the good work.

Mick Percy.

(see what i did there ;) )
Good news all around, especially the real names scenario. I can envision a few changes of attitude or complete disappearances of certain characters.
Dwain do you have a family? Just wondering why you would want your private info displayed that could risk their safety. I vote thumbs down on this, sorry but this issue is way to scary even if Dolphin is a awesome software, my family's safety comes first.
I won't make the scammers disappear.. whenever you do business with someone through Paypal you get their name and that hasn't stopped them. They just need to delete expertzzz completely and actually moderate Unity.
see moreMe personally will never list my real name online period. There are just far too many security risks by just posting your real information online. Identity theft being one of them. I cant think of any site, forum, anywhere that has ever required you to post your real name instead of your user name. That is just insane imo. Next will you ask for people to post their real adress and social security number as well?
I really cant see any benefit at all in posting any real information online period.
I just thought i would post this link on what a simple google search can provide when having someones personal information can provide..
What is included in a People Lookup?

People Lookup includes (when available) an individual's current address, phone number, age, birth date, household members as well as other information, including previous address(es), and relatives. The People see more Lookup report provides a consolidated view of current and historical records to help someone find people. This information comes from multiple public records.

I do not want random people online having access to my address, phone number or anything else and this applies to myself or children. Security needs to be taken very serious in this day and age. And I hope boonex thinks about this before implementing it.
WOW!!! I followed your link, mistertunechat, & did a search for my name & it is scary how much information is available about me out there!

Not that I have anything to hide, mind you, but as a former prison Corrections Officer my sense of personal security is very high & I don't like the idea of my personal information being as readily accessible as this.

I have decided that this real name thing is not a good idea, Boonex, so expect me to just remain good ol' Calev which, in Hebrew see more means "Dog" & also means "All Heart" so with all of "my heart" this "dog" will remain just as I am. That's Calev to you, mister!
I do agree that real names is not something that should be forced:
real names is not a good ideea
What I really want to know is:

If one builds a nice site using v6.x, and spends a lot of time tweaking it to their needs, will there be a way to upgrade to v7.x without rebuilding the whole site?
What I really want to know is:

If one builds a nice site using v6.x, and spends a lot of time tweaking it to their needs, will there be a way to upgrade to v7.x without rebuilding the whole site?
that will be a big fat NO, there will be no upgrade patch. this has been said from day one by boonex. you are basically screwed if you spend your time and money on D6x
it's funny how we have now been conditioned to believe that it can harm us to use our real name on a website.

I wonder how you can live somewhere using a just a nickname.

Can you pay your bills with a nickname?

Can you go by a nickname during roll call in school?

How about when you purchase your stocks?

Or anything else that is real in this world?

I would not be afraid to use my real name for real business, ummm, unless I were doing something wrong...

will current licenses be converted to D7 - or will there be an upgrade fee? I don't read much on this issue.
So far, I have heard that if you currently have an ad-free license for D6, it will work D7. I use it for the betas with no problems.
Okay - I switched my license to my current on for another site.

Are all the boonex logos supposed to disappear also?
I have an issue with real names here. It opens doors for hackers. I do not want my personal data attached to anything that can trace my site from here while hackers use this to find target sites when vulnerabilities are not fixed or even known about by the boonex staff. Real names work for social networks, but not developer sites.
The real names are optional, not required. There is another whole blog regarding this with more info.
Does anyone know where there are details instructions to add profile fields? I need some different questons asked other than the default dating ones.
hi, sorry i am lat to say Happy birthday,
this few days i am very busy, but i always reading your post D7, hope it soon available, i know you are working very hard
add FFmpeg feature,like phpMelody so its can host Ffmpeg Hosting provider, also not many hosting provider support Ray Media Server, and its expencive, hope you release
best regards
Once final version is released, I am thinking that the best way to upgrade would be to do a fresh install using/importing my current 6.X database. It would be nice if you guys released some sort of upgrade protocol depicting the various recommended scenarios to accomplish a smooth transition to D7, as well as info on any critical changes to the DB structure so we know exactly how to best move on. Thanks!
If I put my real name on a site like this, how would that hurt me, or make me vulnerable? If you were to look up my real name in any source, you would find many others with the same name. If I have no other personal information, then how can someone use my name to do anything to damage me? I don't get that. But if you know of something that can be done to hurt me if I put only my real name without any other personal info on a site like this, please let me know, because I am having a lot of trouble see more thinking of what it might be. Thanks guys...
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.