Create your own language file. UPDATED

AntonLV posted 15th of February 2010 in News. 44 comments.

How can you get new language for your Dolphin?  The first way is to search Unity Market and purchase it. Sometimes this way is easier and faster, but you need to be careful purchasing from unverified vendors. The second way is to make the translation yourself. It would be the best way if you know the language yourself, but it may require more time. If you selected this way using Dolphin 6.x you needed to have a basic knowledge in MySQL and how Dolphin works with language files. Dolphin 7 has new features which help you to do the translation easier. You only need to know the language you want to translate to and be careful making the translation. OK. I'll try to give step by step description of the process here.

  1. You need to go to Dolphin administration panel -> Settings -> Languages Settings and export default English language by clicking 'Export' link near the language in 'Language Files' block. Browser automatically downloads lang_en.php file.

  2. Open the file in text editor. If you don't know anything about PHP programming I recommend you to use the simplest text editor which won't add any special characters in your translation, like MS Word does. For example, you may do it in default Notepad, if you are using Windows. At the beginning of the file you may see the following code

    $aLangInfo=array (
    'Name' => 'en',
    'Flag' => 'gb',
    'Title' => 'English',

    I my example I'll translate the script into Russian. In this case replace the code with this one

    $aLangInfo=array (
    'Name' => 'ru',
    'Flag' => 'ru',
    'Title' => 'Russian',

    Below the code you may see pears like the following

    '_copyright' => 'Copyright © {0} Your Company.',

    You need to translate only the right part. Also you don't need to remove system codes like {0}, {1}, {2}, etc. They are used by system parser to insert dynamic values.

    '_copyright' => 'Copyright © {0} Vasha Kompania',

  3. When you translated all pears in the file, rename lang_en.php to new one in accordance with the name of the language. In my example it would be lang_ru.php

  4. Go to Dolphin administration panel -> Settings -> Languages Settings -> 'Create New' block -> Import tab. Select the file you worked with and click Import. If you didn't have any mistakes during the translation you should see 'Language file was imported' and your language appears in the 'Language files' block.

One more thing I recommend you to use UTF-8 as file's encoding. Good luck.


P.S. If you like to play with modules' reinstallation or prepare a product for selling it would be better to make translations for each module seperately. Also you'll need to translate Orca forum which has different language system. You may find an extended manual here.

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Thanks. I think you can also recommend to make the entire translation before importing the new language file. If you have some errors (mispelled words for example) or if your translation is not complete, you will have to delete the new language you added, and re-import the corrected file.

For those who are interested, I am working in a french translation (public and admin parts). It will be available for the end of the week (add me to your friends to know when it will be available)
Thanks for the post, Anton.

1 question, wasn´t there a way to create a language file from the admin with D6.1? I did it that way, and then compiled the translated php file from the admin as well.

Regarding unverified vendors, there is one guy using 2 nicknames, PUQEE and MEKOO, selling a Spanish lang file that is faulty and above all, it´s not his.

BOONEX MUST VERIFY ALL VENDORS BEFORE ALLOWING THEM TO POST IN THE MARKET. Otherwise, we´re all at our risk here, and that is not the idea, see more I guess, for UNITY.

Thanks and regards,
As I know Dolphin 6.1 doesn't have Export/Import features by default. May be you have some custom modification related to it.
Thanks! 4 The Share But a lot of people Know About This
I agree with Magnussoft. There are a lot of people here who know nothing about it and this post will help them.

P.S. I couldn't create the whole site for you or your client, because a lot of people need help too. You need to try to find a solution yourself by understanding how Dolphin works, try to search forum and if you cannot find an answer try to ask somebody.
Nathan Paton
@UFO360: But for some reason, people keep asking about this, so perhaps this blog post wasn't such a bad idea after all.
@ Magnussoft
But why now when people ask for help they never respond is like me i have 40 topic and they never give support or reply me back

the only people whoo help me here on this forum the members i never get help from my Agent or any administrator here
Nathan Paton
@UFO360: I have no idea how your reply relates to this blog post, or any of your other replies in this post.

The members of this community do the best they can to provide support, but we are not all-knowing like the staff. The staff live in a different time zone and seem to prefer not to venture onto here. You also must remember that they are constantly swamped with support requests, so do not always expect a reply from them (and no, I am not saying that it's an excuse, but the system is not well see more thought-out).
I didn't have enough time to answer on ALL his private letters. :(

Thanks for your understanding. If everybody were like you... :)
well that is great that you have finally exposed the hidden scroll to the language files translations. however, the one thing that i disagree with was the short little kick about the verified members. when clearly it has been discussed that certain members of the staff allow whomever they choose to to post in the market. then the fact that in order to get a product verified on the market costs $50.00 and several weeks, there would be nothing for sale there except for the mods that are released by see more the boonex staff.

the people who are uploading products to the market should have to be verfified, and their work verified as their own, and that would need to be done for the sale of the community, not for monetary gain.

Hello DosDawg

I don't have verified products at all. I don't need to do it because I worked hard on Expertzzz and here making useful products with good quality during about 3 years. I recomend everybody to go this way.
if it was a one time fee of $50 to get verified ok but $50 for every product hmm no thx :)
AntonLV, i agree that the mods need to be verified. What my point is that the recommendation within this blog post should have been geared more towards to the actual topic at hand instead of a plug for monetary gain.

I truly believe that all mods, yours and everybody elses should have to be verified. there are developers out here that can help get your mods verified as well, and yes if you are selling and developing on your off time, you should have to pay the same exact fees as those who do see more not work for boonex. why should your work be any different than anybody elses?

with the release of half-working functionality on Dolphin 7, then all of the sudden functionality that should have been part of the core release is being offered for sale basically for double the cost of anything that was offered in Dolphin 6.x, why should your work not have to be verified and you have to pay the $50.00 per instance?

typically you would lead by example kind sir. show the developing community that having your mod verified does have its rewards.

Everybody who have Premium status can post mods here. And everybody can submit the mode to verification if he decides that he needs to have the Verified label on the mod. We are all have the same possibilities. If I ever decide that I need a verification for some of my mods I'll do the same as the others and pay $50 to Boonex and wait for their verification. If my mod will meet ALL requirements I'll get this label. I don't have such label on any of my mods.

Dolphin 7 cannot have all possible functions see more in the very first release. It's an on going process. For example, D6 needed to have Ajax notifier and messenger. I got a lot of requests about 2 years ago about it. And I create Smart Reminder and Smart Communicator. Then they were included in the D7. The functionality of great part of my mods for D6 were included in the D7 by default and I don't complain about it. It's usual process.

'why should your work not have to be verified and you have to pay the $50.00 per instance'. It's a decision of each vendor to ask Boonex to verify the product or not. May be I like the 'Not-Verified' icon better then 'Verified' one. ;) Therefore I don't have verified products at all. But as I wrote I worked here for a LONG time and the most part of old members of the community uses my products and support and know about their quality.

P.S. I'm working here as a separate vendor, not Boonex employee.
@ AntonLV
what about the TRUSTED icon how do we get that one?...
You need to work for some time and get good reputation from the other members of the community and from Boonex too. If Boonex knows that your mods have good quality, you provide very good support to your clients, etc they can give you a Trusted label too.
This label cannot be purchased. You can only deserve it with your hard work.
Makes sense thank you :)
one more question for AntonLV
does it really make sense for someone who's providing FREE mods. to pay $20 just so he/she is able to post it to the market
You don't need to post all mods for FREE. If you worked hard to create the mod and it required a lot of time from you. You want to get money for it and it's normal. But some easy mods can be shared for FREE because they are not so hard to create. It's my opinion. In the same time I saw a lot of mods on Expertzzz which had about 1 line of new code and were sold with some price($10 - $20). It's only your decision to sell the mod or share it for free.

P.S. Don't forget that when you purchase Premium see more status, you get some other advantages too. Post products is only one of them.

P.P.S. Premium status is needed to post products in Market. This limition was created to protect the market from reseller and fraud like it was on Expertzzz. It you know it was a big problem. New products like 'Pay $10 and get 100 mods for Dolphin' appeared on Expertzzz very often. Boonex added this limition to protect me and you and the others members of the community, vendors from resellers and buyers from such packages, because usually buyer paid $10 or more and receive nothing. Everybody should understand it. I think $20 is not so great price if you want to start your internet business here. Also I recommend you to purchase Premium membership on 1 year if you plan to post mods continuously. ;)
my 2 cents. Extra Mods should be generally free, but come with an ad link of the creator, like you guys did with the whole script. This would give people time to test a mod if it works as promised and then to buy a link free mod or simply forget about it. This then could determine the level of trust in a mod creator. Joomla extension is a good example. Most mods are free, many come with an ad link for free but are fully functional and some, - those with the lowest sales come with a price tag and see more without a chance of testing.
I also realize that extensions at Joomla are reasonably priced. Why not take it as an example?
I bought the Italian language file and I imported as described in the procedure but there are some parts that are not properly translated. On some buttons for example. I see _name_. How can I change even these references?
Looks like not all language keys were translated. You need to go to Dolphin admin panel -> settings -> language settings, search for necessary key and make the tranlation.
This is good idea about updated how to language article. However - article absolutely missing part about how to actually translate mail templates. I think article should be updates to cover ALL language translations..
understood AntonLV, but the reasoning behind the $50.00 verified portion. How many mods are being reviewed now that have been submitted for reviewing?
and the fraud still exists here, just because you take the pig out of the mud, you cant take the mud out of the pig. you know who i am talking about.


Suggestion: if a mod is selling for $10.00 the first $10.00 of that mods purchase should go to boonex. if a mod is selling for $130.00 the first $130.00 should go to boonex. if see more there are mods that are stale, say 60+ days with no sales, they should be pruned from the market.

also, can you please do something with the organization of the market? its hideous that there is no search feature and no organization, not by name or feature function. please do something with that.

It's not my decision to create Market in such a way. Boonex set rules of how we all should use the Market and the other parts of the community and we should act following them if we want to be a part of the community. As I know Boonex are still working on it and search feature should be available shortly.
I have translated marathi language in dolphin 6.1 can i use that language file in dolphn 7
D7 has a lot of new keys which you'll need to translate manually. For example, D7 has translatable admin panel.
Also you cannot easily import the language file because the file itself has different structure.
are there any language diff file 6.1.6 -> 7.0
if so anybody can compare their old lang file with 7.0 then they translate just different keys.
Boonex should release diff file for language.
There is no such diff for now. May be Boonex will create it but I cannot say anything specific right now.

It's hard to say without an investigation.
Hi try to do import the file but always I receive this error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ')' in /home/myidweba/public_html/tmp/1266531206.php on line 83

How can I resolv that ??'

Alberto Massa
The problem is in the PHP error in the file. You may contact wth it's vendor and ask him to check the problem. Also I can take a look at it.
@Alberto Massa
There is an extra or missing character on your language pack (line 83). What language is it? It is for d7? If you want, send me your lang pack. w.arcila at yahoo dot com and i will take a look.
That's great post Anton.

Thanks for the sharing.
Hi Anton, i added my Bosnian language to my site as you explained in your blog.
And there was no problem to recompile.

Then i translated orca forum and i added bih.php files in "install" and in "integrations" folders.
(there is 2 en.php files, i translated both of them)

But when i try to recompile language then i get "Language files compilation have been failed. Please check folders permissions."

I checked permission on en.php files and i make same permission see more to bih.php too, but no success.

If i rename my bih.php to en.php, then i can recompile files (and i can se bosnian string).

What's wrong here? :(
You need to check permissions for the following Orca folders
I tried everything but i still have the same problem :(

I just can't understand that en.php can execute bosnian language. But when i copy en.php (translate this version) and save as bih.php then i can't execute bosnian strings. Permission is ok, but every time i compiling language then i get message that i should check folders permissions. :/
I tried everything but i still have the same problem :(

I just can't understand that en.php can execute bosnian language. But when i copy en.php (translate this version) and save as bih.php then i can't execute bosnian strings. Permission is ok, but every time i compiling language then i get message that i should check folders permissions. :/
Looks like something is wrong with language file. Contact me via internal mailbox with necessary access info and I'll try to help you.
Andrew Boon
"Trusted" status is given manually to members that have a long history of compliance with BoonEx Rules and Dolphin Development Guidelines. This is very selective and will be given in very rare cases.
Can anybody help me create the Chinese language file. I did all the steps and imported it into the script, but when you chose Chinese the site does not change to that language.
hello can anybody give an advice im trying to create spnish language i know the language and was editing the languagae english on editpad pro and i did like the sample but im lilttle confused about the readme text where i put it and how to upload to the site , i tried according the language rules but it didnt work some part that i already edit but seem like im doing something wrong and another question since i have to uninstall all the modules and in order to create a new language for see more those as well can i edit module by module by parts? i mean that i dont have to unsitall them again so some features like blogs wont get lost again? i would apreciate if anyone could help m pleasee ..thanks.
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