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Andrew Boon posted 22nd of June 2009 in . 78 comments.

Ok, we had today as the planned day for the feature-final beta version release, but unfortunately it's not ready yet. We have been  dragged down a bit by Unity administration issues and functionality upgrades, and on top of that a recently reassessed "Groups" functionality which added a good chunk of work.

We also still need some time to properly arrange Albums in the media sharing modules. The avatars/photos/profile photos trio is also being worked on.

So, we have set July 8th as the definitive date for FF Beta and will push everything possible to meet this deadline.

Note, that with delays like this we normally have a few people working on remaining features, while others bug-track the tail, so we don't need as much testing/fixing after the BETA.

All in all - Hookie is really, really, really close. Really....

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07.08.09 I'll be READY ;)

One question that I keep forgetting to ask:

How much trouble would it be to add the version number to the beginning comment section in every php file in the distribution package? All of the commercial scripts that I use do this.
Good suggestion, we will consider this during preparing Dolphin package.
That was one of my questions long standing, and I got in the habit of using a php script to auto-change when ever I dl a new release, but it would be nice to not have to go thru this step each time.
Thank for the News and i wonder why now profile comment stop working with HTML or CSS post? at first time i saw it work.
No problem :-) Quality is much more important than timeframe !

Please don't underestimate the needed time for testing/fixing after the BETA... As for me, I'm not a real fan of patches (7.0001... 0002... etc) ;-)
As a SmartPro customer, will we have all the modules in the /module directory & not the /modules/boonex directory as I want in my URLS to read as My domain name Ads, Blogs & so on

& not as

It is for inner directory structure only, all modules URLs are rewritten and will look like this:


m - for modules
module - for module name
action - for action within a module
parameters - parameters to pass to module's action

But several modules uses old way, but URLs will be rewritten and friendly too, for the ads it will look look like this:

Thank You, Alex, I was concerned from dolphin 7a demo, I seen both as Ads = http://www.demozzz.com/dolphin7a/modules/boonex/ads/classifieds.php?ShowAdvertisementID=25

But the hands that connected here http://www.demozzz.com/dolphin7a/photo/gallery/Paige-Hilton

That came from http://www.demozzz.com/dolphin7a/m/photos/browse/all

Makes me feel a lot better that the latter is the way modules are rewritten
I have 1 question: what about flash modules in D7? they don't works for me ((, and what about free license for D7? Thanks for your answers.
p.s. sorry for my english - i'm Russian )))
Great - thanks for the update! =D
FF Beta (Feature Final?), Going from 28% on trac to 90% in little over 2 weeks?
Due to the state of the code (not whats missing), are you 100% sure this is correct as you would need to double the work force for reaching such a beta in the short time frame. The programmers set the last date correct as this new one?
Great! I'm ready for testing!

have some question, what about the language by migrating(upgrade) to D7 from D6.1.6, will it work normal or we should again translating from zero?
Thanks for the update, Andrew! I guess I speak for most of us if I say that we´d rather wait a few more days/weeks if that helps us avoid patching versions.
Hello! Thank you.. for the update..
Great job
Andrew and Team...
You guys are doing great. As time goes on the problems and obsticals will work themselves out. What can not be worked out will open a new door for oppertunity.

I would like to share this Quote with you:

" There are two things to aim at in life; first to get what you want, and after that to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind has achieved the second. "
Logan Pearsall Smith
Great news! 2 Questions I haven't seen answered though.
1). Will there be new functionality for the groups or will it remain the same as 6?
2). Will 7 allow for an easy upgrade from 6?

Thanks and great work!
Good News...
btw, menu is not xxxx. http://www.tomakali.net/
why dont we have in-page edit on the Blocks? like
Edit, rearrangement,color,theme for page/blocks?
user would love to customize the pages/blocks according to their likings...
Tabbed Blocks would look cool...
Andrew, thank you for the update, as all others have stated, glad to hear its making its way to FF. :-)

Great job! Can't wait - just keep plugging through.
thank you for update and great job

I'm waiting .. and I will be ready on 8July

Thanks for the update Andrew...

We will look forward for 8th June.

Appreciate the work behind all this and thanks to the whole boonex team :)
I edited my typo from 8th june to 8th july, and it got posted as a new message instead.

Moderators, please delete this message..sorry for the touble!!!
Thanks for the update Andrew...

We will look forward for 8th July.

Appreciate the work behind all this and thanks to the whole boonex team :)
To be truthful I am not surprised its behind, when i downloaded the 1st realease for testing i could see it would take longer then we had been told, but i love its going.
Thanks for the udate!

I for one realize how much of a delay the cleansing of Unity caused. There was also the attempt at updating D6 during that same time frame.

I think that a 07-08-09 release would be a remarkable accomplishment considering what Unity has gone through recently.

Although I am very excited to work with the FFD7b I also realize that it will be just that; BETA and not something that I expect I will take live with membership within minutes (or maybe even weeks or months) of see more downloading.

I really appreciate the opportunity to work with the betas because I enjoy it and it's an opportunity to learn, but I understand what FF beta means and temper my expectations accordingly.

I think a lot of the unwarranted negativity comes from unrealistic expectations.

Take the Alpha release as an example:

Victor stated very plainly that it was Alpha meant only to give us a view of the admin panel and not subject to upgrade and certainly not ready for prime time as a live site with members.

Yet I still saw many posts from people complaining this or that didn't work.

Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

Thanks again Andrew for the update.
Thanks for the update. I have no problems waiting, I just really like being informed.
ditto.. information is king, thanks
Boonex Team with Andrew, TAKE YOUR TIME as much as you need. Dolphin must be the best product, you will be proud of it. You and we.
Roadmap is only oriented plan, but more important is good job you do.
Take your time and inform us if we cal help in anyway.
Thank you.
that's good news.. the good things don't just rush out.. it's nice tough that you guys released something for us to play and discover :) so thanks!
Yes, I would rather wait two more weeks than have it full of buys and need tons of immediate patches. Nevertheless, I'm very anxious to get this software as soon as possible. I have put many things on hold in anticipation for this product. I look forward and continue to wait.
Thank you for your efforts. Looking forward to Groups :))
ARGH! Now tell me why I just HAD to click into this blog posting?!?!?! Now I get to be another anxious little kid on Christmas Eve asking if I can open up my present and am waiting. lol

I for one am glad that the team is taking its time in developing the software, just don't take too long and forget about us. But then again...who can with us bugging 'ya all? :)
I wonder whether a final release date being set on the roadmap by now, or if there are educated estimates of the same. Beta is, after all, not something everyone may want to roll out into production environment.

The show is only over when the final stable release is out on the market. In the meantime, let's set the July 8th counter and start fiddling our thumbs. =)
No rush, keep waiting...
Keep up the good work guys :)
Since I ran out of diskspace on my server, I haven't installed the script (yet). But as I read the comments, I think I'm going to wait until July :-)

Anyway, it looks good on demozzz, I'm convinced of the great work you did the past few months and I'm looking forward to the beta.

Is there a modification made to the articles and site news ? I mean metakeywords and metadescription ability to insert for each article. As far as i have seen, Dolphin doesn't do too much regarding SEO. Why should we be interested only in layout and not in functionality, and by this i understand SEO. If you a beautiful site, it doesn't do any good if you don't have good SEO on it. Dolphin has the same keywords and metadescription on all pages. Why don't you pull keywords and metadescription see more out from the articles automatically ? Freeglobes is a CMS that does that and i must say, SEO is ok because it automatically generates keywords out of the description inserted, being a web directory cms. In Dolphin case, that would be the contents of an article. You also can't upload photos with tiny mce delivered with Dolphin, and, you can't insert them into the admin articles and site news. That's a flaw.

Dolphin is great, but it can be the best !
There definately needs to be some seo improvements I agree with you. Not sure if they have done this in d7 as we haven't seen the whole release yet. I am really not counting on it, but this is one of the things that I am really hoping for along with many others.
my only one question is: did the beta version will be able to upgrade to the final version?
This will be a terriffic Burthday for me as the 9th July is my Birthday. Many thanks you have done a terriffic job.
I'm confused. When you say July 8th, do you mean this year or 2010?
Hi, ok I just wanted to make a point I made, I watched a lot of dolphin since 2006 and I noticed that since that date until now, the entry ARTICLES and BLOGS and have not changed. For me I think for dolphin7 these headings should be as headings EVENTS and CLASSIFILDS, which means that in sections ARTICLES and BLOGS and one must be able to add images from the image files on his computer and more importantly that ARTICLE and BLOG and each is represented by thumbsnails (small images) and not just by see more the text title.
Okay I have been sitting on plans 4 50 communities for awhile now and I can wait a little longer but how much different is D7 from D6 really? If there isn't much in the way of changes on the front end I wondering if it would not just be best for me to go with D6 so I can utilize the mountain of mods I have spent a small fortune on. Instead of waiting for D7 and risk these mods not being compatible with it. Any advice from the folks that are really knowledgable about Dolphin would be welcome.
Quality speaks though u take good time. Keep it up. Hey I am in raw stage of developing my site, so u want me to wait for D7 or go ahead with 6.1.6 and then upgrade to D7
What i don't understand is why isn't it optimized for SEO ... any page is the same with the other one. Article titles are the same, and needs modifying. Site news have same articles and need modifying.
Metakeywords and metadescription are the same on every page.

SEO talking, Dolphin, at least the last complete version, is vvvvvvvvvvvvverrrrrrrry weak ... Profile Photos are indexed all the same, why don't they modify the title according the title you give to each photo ? and so on, so on, so see more on....
I hope with patience

on July 8 will be able to download the beta version?
Thanks for the update... take your time... good things come to those who wait :-)
I still say this will be very hard to meet the July 8th mark whether beta or stable and I will $ if this actually happens on that date whether beta or stable. I highly doubt either will happen. Hopefully one or the other does, and not well we ran into a little set back which I am actually expecting to hear. I am all for this and positive about this just the time frame I have issues with. If it is moved back much longer, I would like to say I told you so, but hey I am still wishful thinking. Just see more these things take longer than what we are usually led to believe.
Hi, quick question - I'm intersted in creating a social network community for my main site. Should I get Dolphin 6 or just wait for 7 seeing as it's about a month or so away. If I do get version 6, are all the server install instructions going to remain the same - not a server expert here.
Another quick question - do have to upload video content or can you just add embed codes like ning and socialgo. Would like to add Justin.tv and livestream feeds to the site.
thanks your guys very much, the dolphi is very very good,
Just curious...I haven't been following the development...but I have a question about a feature.... Will you have the US states (New Jersey, California, Etc) added to the registration page and a searchable option?
you can do this yourself in the 6.1.x release under the profile fields builder, msg me if you need instructions
Don't know if it's been reported as a bug yet....but the member join page has an improper validation test for the username field. I have replaced the code in the field builder with the validation code for the username field from v 6.1.4 and it works fine.... just something to look into... this is using the 11040 build. (And it has been there in all the Alpha releases.
any download link for alpha version?
When will the photo albums and such be coded to use flash instead of the old browse and click method?

The photo upload process for sure is still very confusing for the average users. What are the plans for this?
I see lots of questions but no answers, seems a bit one-way traffic, we call that in dutch: talking to walls.

Could anyone point me to the answers???

And yes i have seen replies, but i mean ppl who are in the know.
today is the day : 08.07.2009
when is the release of dolphin7 beta?
u told today
D7 will ready to download Today 8 july 2009 or 7 August 2009?
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