Dolphin 7.0.4 (anti-spam) Released.

Andrew Boon posted 23rd of November 2010 in News. 39 comments.

Dolphin 7.0.4 is ready for download and use. This is an official release, recommended for live sites.


Highly Recommended Update

We have fixed lots of bugs and adressed some serious security issues and added a bunch of anti-spam tools. Whatever version of Dolphin you're using right now, consider updating. Test it at, talk to your developers and/or modifications providers and update to 7.0.4 ASAP.


What's New

+ Urgent Security Fixes

+ Antispam tools

  • Akismet
  • DNSBL checking
  • URI DNSBL checking
  • enhanced blocking by IP

+ Speed enhancements

  • SQL queries optimisation (categories, wall, friends, albums, user's bans)
  • Templates images were optimised (thanks to nuknspax)
  • Time between AJAX updated was increased
  • CSS minify
  • New cache engines: XCache and APC

+ Media Server was updated to the latest stable red5

+ Shoutbox gets delete & block buttons

+ Option to automatically delete empty user's rooms appeared in chat

+ Auto-scroll to the photo/video/sound content when you go to next/prev.

+ Befriend link becomes Remove Friend when users are friends already

+ Articles, News and Feedback modules were refactored

+ Classes documentation unified to be properly parsed by Doxygen

+ Bugfixes

  • - Matching system generates database error sometimes
  • - HTML Promo block is damaged
  • - Featured blogs page was removed
  • - Upgrade fail when there is apostrophe in language key name
  • - Wrong link in My Profile -> Info when you are viewing somebody's profile
  • - sys_options cache is not always cleared
  • - Possibility of partially created sys_option cache was eliminated
  • - Bugs in SQL error generation routine
  • - Broadcast message in Groups/Events/Store is not escaped properly
  • - Menu builder bug with & symbol in the link
  • - Mailbox message send to email is damaged
  • - It is impossible to set avatar if user unconfirmed/approval
  • - Confirmation message for spam report button in mailbox
  • - Member floating menu has incorrect links in some places
  • - Changed template is reset after browser closed
  • - "Get E-Mail" button sends a message without requested info
  • - Missing language key in forum
  • - Match don't work sometimes
  • - Admin Host tools pages look bad
  • - Make all fields mandatory on contact form
  • - Language key id field is too small
  • - Can't deactivate banners
  • - Possible fix with illegal mix of collations mysql error
  • - "Forum Posts" link redirects to homepage
  • - Don't' show profile delete action is spy
  • - No approve button in photos/files modules
  • - IP block list is not working properly
  • - Banners bug in flash apps
  • - JS error on homepage when subscribe block is removed
  • - Forum Management page is visible to all
  • - Image edit don't work when permalinks disabled
  • - Stored IP addresses isn't associated with members
  • - GZip compress warning when no Accept-Encoding header is passed.
  • - Share poll is not working right
  • - Simple messenger privacy settings is not wrapped by design box
  • - Unregister link was removed from dashboard submenu in floating member menu
  • - bx_pmt_cart - caption is not friendly in member menu builder
  • - Pruning and some maintenance cronjobs was not running
  • - New forum actions aren't defined in integrations like events, groups, store
  • - No warning dot in Profile edit page
  • - Wall share link generates db error sometimes
  • - Forums and Groups isn't migrated from Dolphin 6.1.6 due to database error
  • - Too short database table field length for EntryUri in Ads
  • - Video/Music is not playing in iPhone app
  • - JavaScript embed objects are not working when inserted via admin page builder
  • - Disabling autoapprove don't work for sounds
  • - Couple profiles can be occasionally deleted, profiles pruning is disables at all
  • - Albums navigation iterates through all items even if they are not approved or not processed.
  • - Design/layout problem in polls admin panel
  • - Forum styles are different during post editing and viewing
  • - Create blog form is not redirected properly if blogs permalinks are off
  • - Member menu can generate js error, because strings are not escaped properly
  • - Rename "Hot or Not" to "Rater"
  • - SQL Error During Install Due to Apostrophe in site description filed
  • - Don't try to resize avatar if it isn't an image
  • - Join by invitation doesn't work
  • - Chat admin gender is always male
  • - Page link (between menu and submenu) is not always detected properly



Download Dolphin 7.0.4

Update Instructions

Live online demo at

List of processed tickets

Discussion Forum


Here's hoping that this update would keep your sites running smoothly and would let you enjoy Christmas in peace. :)

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Thank's lest try the new Version
Nathan Paton
Downloading now. I'm also glad to see some of my reports on that list.
Ok aqui no brasil já atualizei rsrsr valeu!!!
Good Grief.. I just installed this (upgraded) my test site and granite, I do not have any of my custom mods on this test site, but 7.0.4 is smokin fast..

Great Job,.. Now its just gonna take me a few days to upgrade my "Live" site now (because of the modifications).. But hopefully worth it :) especially if it remains this fast..
Downloading....great news!!! Keep up the good work Boonex :)
My faith is being renewed in dolphin. Thanks Andrew for bringing us updates faster. Keep them coming!
Woohoo! Well done guys!
nice thx
but minifying the css and js files isn't the best solution since it will make it harder for us to edit those files
AWESOME .. AWESOME .. AWESOME .. I will start moving forward with this in the morning. I may not even be able to sleep from being SO EXCITED..
Keep up the good work guys.!!
Regular css files are the same, only cache files are minified.
It would be useful if the upgrade file was listed above... as per previous upgrades.

My anti-spam (Admin) menu is screwed, any ideas?
great news only this time I'll wait and prepare before I start the upgrade. Dummy questions: is it useful to disable/uninstall all extra modules before upgrading and then reinstall again?
Great sound :)

thank you for this huge fixes , downloading now ... :)

Keep up the good work Boonex :)
is RED5 now required for dolphin 7 ?
Well anti-spam is now working...
Thanks to the Boonex Team and to you Andrew!
Just had my host upgrade me to 7.0.4 and I use to check my site page load times ect. Well my site page load time used to be around 5-6 seconds and page size about 400Kb now with the upgrade my page load times are way above 10 seconds and the page sizes have jumped to 600kb. Damn I really thought my site would be faster guess not. Maybe it will without any mods or custom templates but that would be boring :( anyway that's my experience with the upgrade..I supposed my site is better now see more only for the security enhancements and the anti-spam thing
Nathan Paton
@ue30: The RMS is a modified copy of Red5.
Congrats, Andrew and the Dolphin Team!
Nathan Paton
I wanted to add that I can really notice the speed improvements. This is looking more and more like a solid release. Good job, guys.

Yes, it is better to uninstall extra(not necessary) modules before upgrade and install them back after upgrade. It can be the modules where content is not important, like shoutbox. But always remember that by uninstalling the module you loose all this module content.
Good update !
But it would be nice to have a little documentation about using the tools of spam ;-)
Thanks for the update :
Your facebook connect on not working.

Nice results for your site on :
Beautiful Work on This new Version AlexT!

I thing is time for me to stop talking craps on this new version everything is working beautiful and perfect

but you guys for got my ticket about the hidding chat rooms I hope to see this in Dolphin 7.5


Facebook work perfectly, we just forgot add www prefix to callback site's URL in our facebook account!
Thank you very much for the continued development. I install dolphin 7.0.4 completed. My website is

Jakkrit P.
has anyone tested the webcam recording? it got worse in 7.0.3 with stuttering and sync issues with .H264
at I tried it and it stutters all the way till the last couple seconds hen it's in sync
Is it absolutely necessary to have Media server v7.0.4 installed before upgrading? If so will have to wait till next week as am waiting for host to update my server to Media server v7.0.4.

Just curious, has anyone had any trouble with custom fields disappearing or has it all been fine?

@Zarcon. Hi! Can you confirm that the privacy setting for the IM now works fully?

Well done to the Boonex team. Sounds like this upgrade might be the Dingo's Donuts.
I looked hostforweb hosting requirements and it writes "BoonEx Ray Media Server - Simple and handy. If you use Free Ray you don't have to install and host Ray Media Server. You can connect to ours for free. Just go to your Ray Base settings and write our RMS server details in RMS IP field. Then you will be able to run RMS-dependent widgets, such as Video Recorder, Video Chat, Whiteboard or Video Messenger (FREE!)"

Is it enough for Dolphin 7.04. I don't understand exactly "+ Media see more Server was updated to the latest stable red5"
red5 is different from RMS or?

Could you explain and Does hosforweb is enough for Dolphin 7.04 for all hosting requirements ?

Nathan Paton
RMS is a modified copy of Red5.
So please give me detailed explanation, according to this information I'll buy it Dolphin and host?

+ Media Server was updated to the latest stable red5.
What does it mean Dolphin requires red5. And red5=RMS or Which one do you recommend?

Does hostforweb is enough for Dolphin 7.04 for all hosting requirements?

Nathan Paton
I guess I can go into detail...

The media server is a modified copy of Red5, which is an open source Flash server. It was using an older release until now. Dolphin does not use an unmodified Red5 installation.

If your hosting provider offers media server service with their hosting packages, you'll have to talk to them for more information on availability of the new version. If you are on a VPS or dedicated server, you can update your media server to the latest version on your own. If you don't see more currently have the media server installed, you can also install it yourself if you're on these two server types.
Can I get a direct link to RMS 7.0.4 so I can wget it to my server, for some reason when I try uploading it from my windows PC it says it cannot upload it has a bad file descriptor.

Other wise thanks my site is running Dolphin 7.0.4 now.

My anti-spam is not displaying right in Tools. Tab looks like this _adm_mmi_antispam and when I click on it the display is not working either. Displays I can not interpret and box is all messed up. Help.
is there a thread for install issues?

I'm going step by step and discovered I do not have a directory named "upgrade". ( the 7.0.4 zip file doesn't have that folder either)
Step 2: Remove the upgrade/.htaccess

I continued on the steps and it says Dolphin is installed but the admin page still reads Dolphin 7.0.3

--Umm,. disregard my post haha ,. I wasn't using the " file ,.. *Smacks Head!*
Thanks all.
I have successfully upgraded my site from 7.0.2 to 7.0.3 and then 7.0.4.

But all my previous messages from 'my shoutbox' are gone. Is there anyway that I can recover those 'messages' ?
I just had my site upgraded to 7.0.4 now I notice that facebook connect is not working. Just does nothing. Any ideas?
I download and installed it and most of the links don't work, where are the links hiding at, so I can fix it? lol, guess its in the header file
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