Dolphin 7 (Hookie) RC5

VictorT posted 24th of December 2009 in . 62 comments.

Previous RC performed very well and only a few glitches were found since then. So, RC5 is here today!

Along with the previous RC releases, this one comes with a proper upgrade script too, which will automatically update your files (unless you made script modifications) and will keep the site data and settings in place.

Please, try this package and let us know how it rolls.


Check out the list of bugs fixed in RC5

Download Dolphin 7 RC5

Upgrade Instructions from RC4-to-RC5

Download RMS RC5

Online Demo (upgraded to RC5)

Upgrade from 6.1.6-to-7.0 (it is not official yet and for test purposes only)

Report bugs, post suggestions in Forums

Check out Trac for the progress of the next milestone.

And please, don't forget to comment in comments and discuss in forums. Not the other way around.

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Great news...
less bugs...
closer to Final Release...
still any updates on testing part?

1.Stress testing
2.Load testing
3.DB strength testing
4.Security Testing

and SEO reports?
wow i already install this release... thank boonex
I was sure that we will have RC5 in less than 48 hours....and I think it only took 24 or something like this!
very nice, keep the updates coming...gotta be getting close to the full release!
Why, on God's green earth, would you release another RC two days after you released RC4?

Have you guys at Boonex completely lost your senses?
God I hate to agree with you - but this is BEYOND STUPID!
Someone is going to get coal in their stockings this year for all this I am so with you on this Houstonlively. Merry Christmas hon and Happy New Year.
I guess this is what you guys meant by releasing 7.0 final when tickets between each RC were low enough.

Well... I suppose churning out an RC every two days, is ONE way to reduce the number of tickets between RCs. Unbelievable.
WoOoW, fast work and Great news .. I'm waiting the final version

thank you Boonex :)
Yeah, great news for you because you are not installing it. For the rest of us it is terrible news.
im going to have to ride this one with you. What would prompt an RC5 when you as developers have clearly stated that there are a large number of tickets that are pushed to 7.1?

RC4 and RC5 in a matter of days, HL if you recall that is the way that 6.1.5 and 6.1.6 were dropped on us.

Boonex, this is not exactly what would be coined D E V E L O P E M E N T.

get a grip guys, you released RC4, and two days later you drop RC5, so should RC4 be abandoned, and it was a premature mistake to see more set it public?

This is hurting everybody who has business here boonex, its hurting your license sales tremendously, if you were a perspective customer and you followed the number of RC releases, and see that rc follows rc two days, how excited would you be to jump onboard with this extravaganza?

not very likely, boonex this was off the hook to release an rc two days after one RC was released. i know you guys are chomping at the bits to drop the Final on us, and pretty much after RC3 we were all pretty ready for it and the fact that we now have more of an open ear than on any other releases, we as a community was ready to take on the task of helping get 7 stable.

then out of the blue, you come up with new access and approach levels, where you wish for the very people who have given you the feedback needed to bring D7 to a stable position, a new pricing structure, where they would be placed in an environment of cost to post, maybe not to the forums, but post to trac, seriously, you want to offer that as a perc of being a member of this community.

so here we have boonex with x-number developers, betas release, rc's release, community provides feedback on what does and doesnt work. boonex sets up a price structure and states that if you desire to post in the blogs or forums its going to cost you money, and if you want to submit tickets to our fair weather program 'yeah' you got it, its going to cost you money.

i have been a part of several development communities, and not one in the 20 years i have been on the internet, would require you to pay to submit a trac ticket.

i will most likely get admonished for this post, but it is what it is.

The only thing I can think is that they want to do as much damage to people actually using this software as they possible can. That is the only thing that explains their entire development approach.
Why did you - or anybody - give boonex a thumbsup vote for this?
when you see it in 5.5 and then 6.6 and then what 7.7 you know what to expect onwards .... a chain reaction of a broken script...

It seems like this whole thing is a mess and it aint getting better over 4 years it ONLY getting worse!!!

I think its time we vote and have a petition to get rid of AlexT and bring on CodeSatori onboard to change this around for the better like i have said in other other posts and threads!

Boonex needs a change of present programers and it wont get better if you see more let them continue they way they are constructing this

(Trust me for once!)

AlexT is screwing with all your heads and if he was such a good programmer the old errors and bugs would of been fixxed already with out questions!
can anyone fix error display unicode in video chat ?
I would seriously like to ask one question about these D7 releases.

why does each one still hold the D 7.0 flag in its compressed state as well as its uncompressed state.

i would like to do a DIFF on everything from v-6.0

if any of you members have the originial zips and would provide me with a download link, i wish to create a historical directory of what transitions have been made.
you guys take my breath away, lol.
Anyway, seems to get close to final.
Thumbs up

Merry X-Mas and have a great Christmas Eve everyone
someone is having fun hitting the negatives on us dawg ... hmmm I just wonder who that would be
thanks boonex for every thing you have done for us it`s really hard work .
so far upgrade went smooth, I even didn't have to adjust language file this time.
Previous RC performed very well and only a few glitches were found since then.

Hmmmmm, i wonder why. When you only give us 2 days to test it. Of course only a few glitches would be found. Not to mention it's the week before christmas, so may of us have other things to do besides test dolphin.
Hi there,
I was thinking about working with Dolphin for a huge community site. As far as I can see, 3 RCs after my last post, there are still the most essential menu items (like profile, modules etc.) showing script errors (files not found, obviously for wrong paths).
This does not look like a serious project to me anymore, so I will stop messing around with Dolphin...

Kind regards from Austria,
you obviously did not host or install your dolphin correctly. there are no path errors as you describe. there are only small bugs at this point, if you host, install and set your settings properly.
Ok, I guess i will put my thoughts into this.. As I am a fairly new member of this community and testing the D7 software, I can not help but wonder why Boonex does not listen to some of there (what i think) most active members. They are the ones donating there time to help other members. When I got started I had issues and most of them were solved pretty quick within forum.

From a business aspect of looking at things, I think there is a mis-communication or mis-understanding here. Don't push rc see more versions out just to get final out, fix the major issues and then release a stable final version that doesn't have 120 tickets for 7.1.

I understand there will be bugs and such but I have seen some major tickets pushed to 7.1. Fix it first then release.. This is how you get negative feedback, loose new members and upset your most valuable asset; active helping members stabilizing issues.

I was ready a week ago to purchase prime license but after reading forum posts and seeing rc versions being pushed I have held back purchasing.

Just My Thoughts,
Merry Christmas To All!
Thank you for being a voice of reason Dan. They absolutely aren't listening to their members, and with this decision, are showing they don't even care.
Do you guys have any clue of how rude this is? Any at all! Do you even know what it takes to run your system in the real world. I can't even express what I really want to say right now, as I would likely be kicked off this forum.
see moreOk, everything i like in D7, but two thing no one from boonex wants to take a look to fix them... First thing: date and time (i have server located in the US and i am from Europe so i have time diference, so when user send message for instance they dont see real time but have to add +9 hours in they mind to see when is message is sent), Second thing: IP Black List... dont make any sence, it supposed to have IP address of member so you can see which IP you block, i think IP have to bond with user.
SetEnv TZ Europe/Helsinki

open your mind, mumper! Use google!
Let's say that some faults have corrected, and other long going are back. Like not compiling orca language :(
well I think you are doing great Boonex, especially considering you don't charge much and you offer a lot. It is obvious to me that this is the most robust open-source social networking platform offered today.

Almost all software has bugs. Most software companies put out updates often unless their software is very simple. Microsoft often puts out several a week, Firefox does it pretty often. Adobe.. well you get the point, if not, I'm sorry.

Oh, BTW Dolphin users, you are not required see more to install every update. You can skip one or two if you are enjoying your holidays, and you will still be able to update to the next available RC or the final release of 7.0 when it comes out (shortly before 7.1, and 7.1.1 or 7.2; improvements will continue then too)

You are doing well Boonex, thanks.

For the time try this:

In the first line of file inc/ add this row:


Obviously change Europe/Rome with your timezone (you can find them here:

It will fix your time problem...

About RC5... I don't have word....obviously we got few ticket...2 days....
Nop... Luca, i'all ready try this several times, dont work att all... thank you for your help
Seriously is this a joke? I read the blog more carefully and you are saying you released this because "only a few glitches were found" - What? Huh? Could someone please explain that logic to me, because I really don't get it. I don't think I have ever agreed with Technoman but he is right - someone should be fired for this. All I can think is there is a sadistic element at Boonex that wants to do as much damage as possible to people actually trying to use their software. That is the see more only thing that explains everything. Like telling us D7 would be ready "in a few weeks" more than a year ago, then getting us to be your testing staff for all that time. You guys my enjoy coding but you have NO CLUE what is involved in trying to use your software - NONE. This was a really lousy Christmas present.
Me and Technoman had a few differences too, but I have to lean in his corner on this one too. If you read this one Technoman keep hammering the boonies!
This makes me laugh:

CSS errors isn't a bug????? well...this product work good only with one browser?

But this too:

BoonEx reply me to this question:

Do you like flood, spam, and offensive nickname or other not very nice? No, I think

So why we have to accept this in our community if you don't like it in your website?

I'll wait a see more or in pm with a good reason why we have to accept flood and offensive nicknames...and remember...time isn't a good reason..
Have people here looked at the bug list that was fixed with this so called "release" yet? Here they are:

1649 - group forum posting problem - set to invalid
1650 - member menu bug - minor - fixed.
1653 - latin accentuated characters - set to invalid!
1656 - language key popup - fixed.
1654 - private photo request - minor non-critical feature added
1655 - Renew install.txt file. minor edits to install.txt file.

Two of these bugs were "fixed" by setting them to "invalid"! see more One is simply some edits of a text file, and only one is even close to being serious - and that only for people using translated versions. This release is a MISTAKE! Something has gone wrong with the decision making process at Boonex, and I can't see any reason to install this "release". Boonex - when a company makes a mistake like this, they should issue a "recall". Most people haven't finished their RC4 updates yet, and this will put everyone on a different page. I strongly encourage you to issue an apology, and remove this version. Then do your own investigation of how you could possibly have become so out of tune with your own member base.
You guys can NOT be serious here? I can not even get my installs to stop with all the email attack reports. How about you all stop releasing RC'S and work on this security issue?
It's very hard to understand what Boonex is thinking especially when UnoBoonex doesn't seem to be posting much anymore. I'd like to see him personally weigh in on some of the posts on this thread. I can forgive a lot but its just plain stupid to charge people who are donating free testing services to post bugs. UnoBoonex, ever hear of the saying "show me how a man is measured and I'll show you how he behaves? Well if you charge to post bugs, guess what, people won't post them (DUH!). Don't see more you want to know about your bugs? Next, what's up with 120 (and counting) bugs pushed to 7.1? UnoBoonex, many months ago you committed to releasing a really stable and rock solid D7. Where do you stand on this commitment now? With 120 bugs pushed to 7.1, you're simply going to cause those who take the bugs on their site very seriously (i.e. almost everyone) to wait until 7.1 (show me how a man is measured). Are you sure this is what you want? When you put this together with 2 RCs in 2 days, it's obvious that you're rushing it. It seems that Boonex very often posts first and thinks second. UnoBoonex, maybe you need to surround yourself with a few more good businessmen (or business women) so that you can turn this around.
Wow - 120 bugs pushed off to 7.1! Thanks for that information. This has nothing to do with software - this is a political release they did for some reason. Maybe they needed to tell some investor they just did another release? Whatever the reason, they aren't listening to our most critical issues.
more than half are enhancements, 2 tickets closed. I just had a look.

Lets hope and pray for Boonex and all who use Dolphin that 7 and 7.1 not get abandoned or even orphaned.

Lets hope and pray that Boonex doesn't take on to much workload with Poseidon so not to conflict with the interests of Dolphin users, or until they have enough workforce to tackle both smoothly, because an implied DIY is out of question for most of the users.
Boonex it's extremely easy to say there were "few" bugs when NOBODY PUTS BUGS IN THE TRAC! Get some damn moderators on here and start going through the forums! I can make a bug free version of anything when I ignore all bug post. It seems the only bugs that boonex puts on TRAC are minor issues, or the ones that are bumped so many times they are over 30 replies long trying to get attention.
Excellent point Maurice. As you and I both know, there are critical issues that are simply being ignored, while they jump all over the simple bugs. There Trac bug reporting system has become dysfunctional, and as the blog post proves, something has gone wrong with their organizational decision making as well.
I totally agre with you mauricecano... they even dont consider to take a look at the IP block list or Time zone problem which we are booth several time wright on the forum...
Well.. What can I say here...Umm..

I did the RC5 upgrade..
It went fine. Didn't break my site this time :)


My God, you guys really struck a nerve on this one..

Chris - did you know that once Boonex sees someone post "everything went fine" that will be the post that Boonex considers to be "real". I have seen it happen on the forums many, many times now. Dozens of people will be reporting a bug, and then one person says, "it seems to work fine for me" and that is it - no more attention from Boonex at all on this issue. By the way, when you issue a "release" that only fixes three or four major bugs, how could it not see more "strike a nerve"? This is a make work project they have given all of us.
for 7.1 please add moneybookers. It's the second largest after PP, less than half the fees and twice as fast as PP

Hey, after all it's X-Mas Day
Nathan Paton
This has got to be a joke...

Apologies, BoonEx, but releasing a new update of your software a mere two days after the last one is one of the worst things your could have done. Not only is it a major insult to those who continue to test your development releases, but it shows sheer ignorance when it comes to fixing bugs. You cannot give two days for people to report bugs and then say you had no more issues to report on.

If you guys are truly finding less and less issues with the current source see more code, why don't you give attention to the 120 other tickets you have set for 7.1?
RC5 is cool... but beta 6 was better ...sry
You are kidding right? Who releases another RC within DAYS? Up until now it seemed like the development was going well. You could have at least played around and waited another week to release it. You guys have to remember that right now we are in the holiday season. You are not getting much tickets because people are spending time with family. Give this stuff some time before you just kick out another release. Especially when the only people installing the stuff are having problems. That, and what see more is all this BS with "can not duplicate". Of course you can't. Every system is different. But you as a developer need to build your software to work on every system. Not on just Demozzz. Oh yeah, you are testing it on other systems. Ours. So, give us some time to find bugs and open tickets. And not during the holidays.
Hey Boonex
I do not know what going on in here. But, I just noticed that both RC4 and RC5 has the same zip file name

Is this a mistake or what?

Which one the real one?

What a pitty that programmers of Boonex is unprofessional and they'll do so many bugs more and more
I ve never posted here , but today am going to say the RC5 is the worst and buggie release ever ! RC3 was working far better ...

Getting almost fed up .
Andrew Boon
$5/lifetime, plus all current members - automatically upgraded doesn't really mean payment for anything. It's a profile confirmation anti-fraud measure. It is also free with any purchase of any paid BoonEx product.

As for RCs - we accelerated RC releases because we all need to release the Final already. Bravehearts that run RCs may be fine (apart from the "too-often" updates), but most new customers suffer with 6.1, which is already a much less stable product than the current D7.

We've see more been all working today (X-mas) and will be working throughout the entire holiday week, for a reason. We want you to have the product ASAP, and only Final will bring proper upgrade packs, schedule, etc.

Remember, all those Alphas, Betas, RCs are just part of (underground) pre-release development. We could as well just fire up the FInal when we're ready.

Right or wrong? Dolphin is a sophisticated system. It's not a forum, or guestbook, or a blog. It's a big platform. Bigger pieces of software do get frequent updates, especially on development stages. They get even more frequent before release.

As for "charging for reporting bugs". Everyone is still welcome to report bugs, through forum, as they do now. We'll be offering direct posting to Trac to Premium members, yes, but that doesn't deprive anyone off their current rights.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, what's the whole fuss about? Do you want your Final Dolphin 7 or do you want to keep on dancing at this RC stage forever? RC is still a development version, nobody ever told you to use on your sites. Don't like an RC that just a few days apart - FINE, wait, download Final and off you go. The only difference is that we'll have more live sites running it and better upgrade packs afterwards.


Sir, if you have problems with Dolphin being buggy, there's no difference if we release now or later, we'll still be releasing updates.

If you have problems with frequent updates, just don't post so many same comments here and you can use just one third of your time to do the upgrade. Alternatively, just wait for Final release.


re: "AlexT is screwing with all your heads and if he was such a good programmer the old errors and bugs would of been fixxed already with out questions!"

AlexT was fixing errors and preparing Dolphin for you for the last 14 hours, and will likely go for another 5-6 hours or so., although it's 1am here. Is he a good developer? Trust me, he is. It's just that it takes a lot more than a good developer to please everyone. Just think about it, look at different web-software products and you'd likely realise that there's a reason why there're not so many "all-in-one" scripts that actually work. It's not a trivial challenge.

@Caltrade & @Technoman

With all due respect and with some X-mas in mind, may I ask you guys to spend some time with your families and relax, OR try to be a little more positive and constructive. Believe me, after thousands upon thousands of comments and emails I can tell the difference between constructive criticism and just loose composure. We may end up without a pleasure of your company as active Unity members if you don't hold your ponies.

p.s. Merry Xmas everyone!

p.p.s. Hope to come up with proper "Merry Xmas" soon.
@Unoboonix - I posted this because issuing a new release only two days after people had done upgrades for a previous release represents a profound lack of understanding of what it takes to run your software in the real world. This release was a mistake, and I think you must know that by now. We are told in every release post not to "discuss" things here but on the forums, where they can just be ignored. I don't recall ever saying Dolphin was "buggy" but I have tried "lobby" see more to get major functional issues into Trac - what is wrong with that? I HAVE been "positive and constructive" on the forums, but that shouldn't mean remaining not calling Boonex out when a really dumb decision is made. I did that when you annouced your 1000 percent price increase - and was viciously attacked here - but about a month later, you quietly reduced your prices to almost exactly what I had recommended. You have plenty of people here who will praise you no matter what, but because I have expressed my opinion on this I am being told to "hold my ponies". I'm sorry you would choose to issue a threat on this day - Merry Christmas to you too.
Andrew Boon

Peace, ok? I know you mean good, but it did feel like you're trying too hard to co-comment every negative feedback and kept on pushing. We do hear you, but making "changes" as opposed to fixing bugs takes a lot of time, and is not supposed to be done on RC stage. We will be doing changes and fixing "flaws" in 7.0.1 which will come VERY soon, but you should know by now that we must have released Dolphin 7 already and should have focused on bugs only.

Anyway, let's see more just keep on working... ;)

There is an important rule behind all of this that I’d like you to remember:

The more defensive you become, the more likely that the person criticizing you is actually right after so many years!

Really…think about it for a moment AndreW. What if we all agreed and said “Your Team Of Kyrgyzstans Suck as Programers!!! ”. Would this upset you? Since your not a Kyrgyzstan Programer it is obviously NOT directed at you, your from Australia, this is a ridiculous accusation see more and the chances of this getting an emotional response out of you are slim.

But what if someone came up to you and said “Canadians are assholes”. Well, it’s still pretty ridiculous but you know what, we all can be at times, and hey…there may be a little bit of truth to that. ( I can be an asshole at times at least I admit to it! ) :)
AndreW= error

Andrey / Unoboonex / Andrew ... etc
the negative posts for the most part were constructive. I know specifically the posts i provided were not intended to be detrimental. I can understand its all frustrating for you guys as it is for many of us who have been testing this application with you. I personally laid off the beta releases because there were just too many of them.

as for the RC's, i think i tried 1, 3,4, but knew that you had set a date of Dec 25, 2009 as the Final Release for Dolphin 7. I do however, wish to discuss see more the question you post in here;

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, what's the whole fuss about? Do you want your Final Dolphin 7 or do you want to keep on dancing at this RC stage forever? RC is still a development version, nobody ever told you to use on your sites. Don't like an RC that just a few days apart - FINE, wait, download Final and off you go. The only difference is that we'll have more live sites running it and better upgrade packs afterwards.

In all honestly Andrew and Development Team, it would have been better to release Nothing, than to release something that was premature, and not ready for public consumption. You are more than correct, Dolphin is not a blog or a guestbook, Dolphin is by far the greatest thing available on the internet OpenSource, and the dynamics of Dolphin are extremely complicated.

I said this previously, and will say it again, take your time, test and retest this software, it seems there are releases that were not even remotely tested by the development team. It was set out on the public, and some issues were addressed while others were ignored, still others were pushed to Dolphin 7.1. Why was this, because there was undue pressure to present a release. A release that was not ready in more ways than one, and all of the posts in the forums were evident that there were many see more problems, problems that were being negated, and not addressed as something being wrong with the application. The feedback that was given by the larger part of us was so that your Final Release would be as near bug free as you can get it. The whole concept of having novices test a Beta Release or an RC Release was so far beyond me that I opted in most cases not to even delve into the conversations.

had to post in two sections, the blogs now are limited to 2000 characters


I likened that to providing a tike with a new Cadillac, and believing there would be no accident. That was the decision of Boonex to release to so many who were most likely to create their own problems, and not really be able to provide valuable feedback from situations with the script.

at any rate, i know you guys have worked your tails off to get this release out the door. there are still some things that need to be worked on, but then again, its all a work in progress.
Too mush mistypes in code!!! This is only I found by the way:

administration/templates/base/promo.html -> <laber></label> (r=l) 2 times,
administration/basic_settings.php ->

$bPromoImage = getParam('enable_flash_promo') == 'on';
$sResult = $GLOBALS['oAdmTemplate']->parseHtmlByName('promo.html', array(
'checked_image' => $bPromoImage ? 'checked="checked"' : '',
'checked_text' => !$bPromoImage ? 'checked="checked"' see more : '', ------------------------- must be ----- !$bPromoText?
'style_image' => $bPromoImage ? '' : 'display:none;',
'style_text' => !$bPromoImage? '' : 'display:none;', ---------------------------- must be ---- !$bPromoText?
'content_image' => $oFormImage->getCode(),
'content_text' => $oFormText->getCode()

... ect - to be continued
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