Forum in Russian is here! More to come...

Andrew Boon posted 1st of February 2011 in Boonex News. 22 comments.

Starting with Russian we are launching "International" forums for members willing to discuss Dolphin/BoonEx in their language of choice. We would need some trusted moderators fluent of other languages to add more. We already know that there's a strong interest in Chinese, Spanish and German sections. Anybody willing to moderate those?

Forum in Russian

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Great work!
Can this be bilingual?
any language + English
so no one have to bang their heads on translator engines;
We have the English forum and now a Russian forum...may i ask this...
If a question is answered in the Russian forum, but also interests English speaking users, how will they be informed?
Diversity is quite nice, but this thought bothers me.
We agree...apart from the above-said, we have another MAJOR concern with this idea.
As a mod developer, if one of our client posts a message on a russian forum, we will probably miss it and it will lead to unsatisfied client and could eventually result in a bad review. To make things worse, do you want us to montior all these forums - russian, chinese, german, italian etc etc.
Just provide standard translation buttons on top of the english forum, so that they can just click and read the topics see more in their own language. We have never seen this idea of creating totally separate forum for different languages, please revisit the idea !!!
Andrew Boon
It's pretty much a fresh experiment right now and you may see how many other have international forums - for example. We'll run it for some time and will see how we can "propagate" information, if needed. SOme kind of automatic translation and perhaps carrying over useful bits to English forums is very possible.
If you are going to have a Russian forum, shouldn't you at least get a Russian language pack for TinyMCE?
Yes, its funny. All language packs of TinyMCE is free and available here:
i could help for the german forum.
Andrew Boon
Sweet! You've been around for good while and we'd be happy to have you as a moderator.

So, you're now a Unity Moderator and there's now a German forum as well. When you can, hide and report posts that are SPAM or are in violation with BoonEx Unity Rules. We will try to assess the situation using online translators and your comments.
Большое спасибо, учите русский
if u need help with czech forum Im available
I'm Italian and support too two dating community based on dolphin, i'm available if you wish to support and moderate Italian Forum

I like to help on the Spanish forum why not
same question that : ydrargyros

am available for french forum
Andrew Boon
You're a moderator now! Thank you for being around and offering your help.
I can help with the Spanish forum. Great idea!
i wish to help with the german forum!
Count on me for the Spanish section. I'll give it a try.
Can you add Bulgarian forum, some users from BG chose this CMS (Dolphin) and they have some questions, but not speek very good english (like me XD). I can help a lot :)

Best wishes: Bozhidar
I will try with with all former Yugoslavia countries in one, if it's not a problem :)...
I can help in the Turkish forum.

I can offer to become a candidate for the role for moderation of Russian-thread section
Possible most of russians can support me.
Я могу предложить себя на эту роль - модератора русской секции форума. Надеюсь большинство русскоязычных пользователей поддержат меня.
Конечно поддержим!
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