Friday, 13th - perfect time for... Dolphin 7 RC!

Andrew Boon posted 13th of November 2009 in . 119 comments.

What's your favorite way to spend a Friday night? Glass of wine? Romantic dinner? Crazy clubbing? Whatever... we've got a major spoiler for you right here...

Dolphin 7 RC

This means that you can download the files and start some big-boy playing right now! And if, for whatever reason, BoonEx comes up with RC2, you'd have an upgrade pack. I know that for many this means a "Go!", and with all the waiting and delays, and Alphas and Betas, I don't blame you ... if you think it's a "Go!" so be it. We'll try to be VERY nice and helpful if you have to upgrade soon.

Okey-dokey, let's see:

Check out the list of bugs fixed in RC

Download Dolphin 7 RC

Download RMS RC

Online Demo (fresh install again)

Report bugs, post suggestions in Forums

Check out Trac for the progress of the next milestone.

And yeah, don't forget to comment in comments and discuss in forums. Not the other way around.

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Am i the first to comment? At last BRAVO... a long awaited RC :)
thumbs up
Great news! But, I will lean on the side of caution until it has been out for a while. Will continue testing as a beta until the final version.
fugum, the RC is the final version, i dont look for them to release a 7 final, do you?

yahoooooooooooo dolphin 7 RC out
What i expect is correct
At last... We can start hard working and developing!
What a way to start my Friday off !! Woo Hoo
Hope THIS doesn't turn out to be a horror event. Just kidding.

Downloading now!

Friday Night's Special :)
i'm gonna tell the spouse i'm sick lol
Friday Night's Special :)
i'm gonna tell the spouse i'm sick lol
Ok, this means we can start customizing it?
Yes shaneed, it means exactly that! :)
Woooohoooooooo! :)))
Now I know that every minute of waiting was not in vain, thank you Boonex and Congratulations!
My Website is launching on Monday!
4 templates, 5 mods and 2 communities have been waiting for this!

I´m from Brazil and starting to use the software.

Could you please tell me where I can find templates to use in Dolphin 7.0?

Nice... Boogie Night awaits with Dolphin 7.0 LOL
I have the painters here this weekend so i can work on this while they do their thing!! WooHoo
if only girlfriends had more patience and understanding...we'd be a better world! :P
My first comment. Thank you boonex. I can't wait to get started :) After playing with the beta version I went back to the 6x version last night and it blowed lol. So im glad i have an RC to play with. My only draw back is, is it really that hard to have a couple of free basic templets (say a basic black for instance) for people to start off with?
good question, but trying to design a template for 100k+ users would be a cat fight. the template you have now is fully customizable, and the templates directory with all of the css files that control the aesthetics of the site are very well written.

im sure gorpus will have something our soon, and there was one other fella who was releasing some free templates, only problem was that they were not ported to orca, so they didnt work out too well.


I am working on a free D7 template thats the sort of thing your after. when its done i'll give you a download link
Thanks and I look forward to your link
Supper at last the time has come, now we can get started and begin to implement our Projkete.
The customers enjoy!
Thanks a million gazillion !!! Been waiting for this for so long. Now, finally I would roll up my sleeves and get into action ...

Thanks to the whole Boonex Team !!!
Thank you so much boonex. And hopefully our Christmas present would be the final version.
Спасибо за работу!
Thank You for your work!
Most excellent. And with an upgrade pack for possible future incarnations I feel comfortable uploading this to my server.

Looking forward to my test drive.
Awesome. I have a question about scalability. MySql with ext2 or ext3 has a 32k folder limit. In older versions, Dolphin creates a picture folder for each unique member who uploads profile photos. If you have more than 32k members with photos, number 33k+ can't upload photos. This sql limit is extended to other folders like music or videos.

Has there been any change in Dolphin's infrastructure which would split the way it stores member data via folders? For example, code looks at the first 2 see more characters of the unique ID and creates a tiered folder structure to distribute the number of overall folders needed in a large membership account environment/site?

I am excited to start working with the RC and hopeful of it being stable enough to about go live. :) (I know, don't do it haha but I may)
good question, and being that you know about the 32k directory limitation, not file limitation, there are a few work arounds for this, or you can build on 64bit and miss it altogether. so most specifically if you are on a shared environment, this can prove tough for you, but if you are on a dedicated machine, then you can do what is needed whichever avenue you choose to take.

Haha, true dat Mr. DosDawg. I suppose if you have a site with over 32k profiles, its time to get a dedicated machine to host your site. I was just curious if the Boonex crew (or external coder) had created a clever directory hierarchy scheme to minimize the folder limit.

I thought about writing something but thought I would ask the community before I invested time in it (I can code but I'm really slow at it). 'Course, I may just upgrade my hosting package and go from there as you suggest.
Im having problems with data migration, i started from profiles and it shows "in progress" without any change.
Plz post all similar questions in this forum:

And describe problem with more details:
-do u have customized `Profiles` table?
-what error messages did u get to ur BUG report mail?


nor any comment as to whether there will be one.
are you trying to install RMS on a windows environment? i dont even know that there is a RED5 for windows. there is an alternative here, you can hit ray up about the wowsa media server.

more fluid and not bound to only streaming ray/apps stuff.


Where can i enter license code, in administration panel of RC1
Hi i would like to download and install this newer update version however need some feedback about something, the beta 7 dolphin i downloaded and installed however when I removed the install file it said i needed shell and had to go to dolphin to find out, the web page i installed could not be viewed, i immediately uninstalled it, was upset because I lost the previous site, i backed it up but the site would not return as it should. So i in a position in wanting the new version but do not want to see more end up with another down fall, any ideas on this,? and how do i get shell is it from the host that has to switch it on?
you get shell from your hosting service provider. not sure why the script told you that you needed shell for the install. the files permissions can all be changed from FTP, and there is really no other reason to be in shell other than to install RMS, but if you are not on a dedicated machine or minimum /vps, then you will need to get a third party provider for your RMS.


My board never loads, i know that during installation advise me what i needed to do but just clicked ok and forgot how to, can anyone how to make it work.
thank you

U can uninstall it and repeat installation process again then don't forget to see info under "+" link during board module's install.

Hey guys....thanx for this now the next delama is to how to convert my site from version 6 to ver 7 the easy way...can anyone help?? thanx in advance
if i am understanding this correctly you need to do a fresh install, but im not 100% positive.

In this case u should upgrade ur site consequently from 6.0.x to 6.1.6. And only after finishing use upgrade module from Dolphin 7.

Impressive till now.. Installation went perfect, every module works right out the box (including the usual trouble making videos and audio).. Nice job!

"...including the usual trouble making videos and audio" plz tell me exactly where do u have trouble now (u may use PM)?

I am very confident in Boonex, I'll install Dolphin 7 in my new site. Thank you unoboonex
Gracias Boonex! Bajanding!
Can't wait to start using the Final!
does this mean i can get rid of 6.1.6 ?
Don't forget to make full backup before "getting rid of anything".
Yesssss.....Thanks soo much man!!

I want more beta revisions! Not RCs!!! Only Kidding :o) Thx

Cheers Boonex
lol, for a minute i thought you were serious..hahah
Who me? Serious? Naw. Obviously someone thinks I am -> -1 ;o) Not that I care. ehhh. What I do care about at the moment is that I just noticed my driving license has expired and I have to send it off to be renewed :-o
Hi i was wondering if the RMS is for the videos on the site and how do i upload it to my server and where i am kind of new to this

No, RMS need only for chat in audio/video mode, IM, live board. See more details in our forums and answers sections.


Dolphin 7 RC - Woo hoo!

I have been waiting on this RC to begin working with Dolphin for the first time for a new community site.

Are there instructions for installing this RC specifically, or do the Dolphin 6 instructions apply and I just should use them?

Thanks in advance.
yeah basically you would follow the same instructions as 6, 7 installs a little differently and is more user friendly than 6 or previous versions. just need to make sure that the host where you are going to install has the server configured correctly.

Thanks DosDawg.

So if I open an account with any one of the Dolphin 6 hosting companies, who run a single RMS, and do an upgrade of our accounts software from 6 to 7, then all could be okay? Or would they need to have RMS version installed matching Dolphin 7?
Would be nice for some instructions im confused on the rms and what to do/where to install it!
you will need a dedicated machine or minimum /vps to install RMS, and RMS gets installed in the /opt directory according to the wiki files.

otherwise you will need to seek out a third party stand alone RMS provider.

Since you are on Arvixe, I would suggest asking them to do an install of the RMS for you. :) Since you are on a shared server, they won't allow an install just for you, it will be for everyone.
Wow that was quick getting the RC out. Nice!

I do have one question, I never can get an answer for.

How, Exactly do I create a profile field using Predefined values, that actually works?

I have tried 10 different ways, to make the profile field work the way I want and they never do.
Here is what I have done: this time
I made a new list in Predefined values
i went into profile field builder, made a new block, make a new field, made it a selector set it to #!listname

I recompiled the see more language
I used other pred lists as examples
I put __New Item

(because that is what I saw in the ones already listed)

in pred list on all my items just like in the examples pred lists
when I edit my profile and select an item, and view profile i see __New Item
not New Item
like it would supposed to be.
and when I go back to edit my profile the list is reset to the first one in the list order. So if I have 100 things listed, i would have to rescroll to reselect it.

If I didnt it would select the first one for me.

So I guess what I am asking, is there a 100% working tutorial for dolp 7 that I can use from start to finish to make profile fields.
Thank Boonex ...Any one got the migration script working ?? I did install and set up the cron then tried to run the completed and said no items transfered and get ..the following error in log ..

PHP Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user 'izari'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /home/izsocial/public_html/sdol/modules/boonex/data_migration/classes/BxDataMigrationDb.php on line 212
[13-Nov-2009 18:40:02] PHP Warning: mysql_select_db(): supplied argument is not a valid see more MySQL-Link resource in /home/izsocial/public_html/sdol/modules/boonex/data_migration/classes/BxDataMigrationDb.php on line 213

Any Ideas Anyone ??


Seems ur hosting has limit on simultaneous connects to DBs. Show them this error.

Also - plz use this topic for similar messages next time:

this is deffinitely a pleasant surprise i was not expecting this this weekend at all!
installed like a charm
Installed and up and running...
i still do not get it to install correctly at all, i have tried everything suggested, tried all the docs, instructions, hacks, etc. My hosting company says they host many dolphin sites, but yet mine never works. I don't know if its permissions or not. I never can upload videos, music, etc. I have the RMS installed on the server, the host went through alot to get it setup, and nothing there either.

Use this topics for post details of ur troubles during instalaltions, we'll try to help.

Thanks so much for all your hard work! It has paid off greatly. Thanks!!!
I'm fixin' to download it next year on Friday the 13th, just to make sure it's ready for prime-time.
I am few hours late to see this blog.

In India today is Children's Day (14th Nov) Birthday of our 1st Prime Minister after Independence.

Today, its a cool gift for courageous child like me.

Thanks you very much Boonex for D7 RC.
it's just a nice christmas present, unwrapped violently a month earlier! oooh i feel naughty ! lol
can anyone help me how to set cron jobs command @ godaddy, i tried everything but migration still doesnt work.
Better ask similar questions from godaddy support, not here.
Sorry if this is a stupid question, But does this have to be a fresh install or can i not update from 6.1.6???
Need to use data migration module in Dolphin 7 for upgrade from Dolhpin 6.1.6.
I installed D7RC on a shared server. But there are many things not appear like demo.
There is no chat, directory, blog, forum etc.
I downloaded from the above link. Anyone can show me where to get a complete set like demo site.
Could it be RMS problem? My shared server no RMS installed.
Pls advice.
In Admin area, go to Tools, then Modules, this is were you install Blog, Forum & a host of modules.

Install one at a time, some may fail to install as they are dependent on other modules that have to be installed first, check any that fail to find what modules needs be install first.
running great on xampp for templating

awesome work :D
Any one got Data Migration working...mine transfers nothing and the log error
PHP Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user 'izari'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /home/izsocial/public_html/sdol/modules/boonex/data_migration/classes/BxDataMigrationDb.php on line 212
[13-Nov-2009 18:40:02] PHP Warning: mysql_select_db(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/izsocial/public_html/sdol/modules/boonex/data_migration/classes/BxDataMigrationDb.php on line 213

Any see more Ideas Anyone ??
That error is due to incorrect permissions for the database.

Video comments do not work in Mac OS X. Still connection error. FAIL!
I'm a mac user and i do have the same problem. If anyone found a solution for this, PLEASE let use know! thanks

Post details about this trouble in

is the mobile appications ready for installation onto dophin 7 RC? and if it is, where I can I get it? and will it be free?

I sure was happy to see the RC posted.... and then I went to install it and boom... problems.
We have spent months installing the Betas without a hitch and then when we get to the RC... well the flash apps are showing uninstalled (the beta apps were always installed), then problems with registering them.... seems that there are permission problems again.

I thought that the flash apps were included automatically in V7 when you had an unlimited license.

Additionally, the link for help see more with permissions points to the old instructions. Could we please have an updated set of permissions for V7?

Anyone have ideas I'd like to hear in the forum or here.


May u plz post this troubles with screenshots here


Nice Job = Boonex and Developers This One is Top

Thank You Everyone
@ Andrew
An option is missing in your blog... to spend not only friday night but the whole weekend opening new tickets and reporting bugs in RC :-)) he he he
Just kidding of course :-) One more RC, working carefully, and D7 Final could be available before Christmas ;-)
bug in search and dublicate album

INSERT INTO `sys_albums` SET `Caption` = 'user\'s photos', `Uri` = 'user-s-photos', `Location` = 'Undefined', `AllowAlbumView` = '3', `Type` = 'bx_photos', `Owner` = '1', `Status` = 'active', `Date` = '1258368554', `LastObjId` = '0'

Mysql error: Duplicate entry 'user-s-photos-bx_photos-1' for key 2

Found error in the file '/html/community/inc/classes/BxDolAlbums.php' at line 85.
Called 'res' function with erroneous argument #0.
Looking GOOD!

Only problem I have encountered so far is even though I have installed the Groups module, there is no indication of Groups anywhere on my site!
I hope that from now on you guys move faster toward the Final version!

not process. flv videos -. wmv -. avi files that are loaded

ffmpeg.exe = 777 = ok

but does not process the videos are in the "Not processed" and never finish the conversion process
I played with version 6 of dolphin and a working
I have just installed the RC version 7 and everything works fine except that I make videos that are loaded
Permissions are ok
I link videos from YouTube without problems
I upload and play mp3 audio ok

but the videos. flv. avi or wmv files that are loaded into the folder as "Video is being processed"

and no end of processing to be left available

anyone can help?
FACEBOOK CONNECT change all existing user status to Unconfirmed???

i also send this to

but no respond :((
Thank you for coming up with the RC of dolphin 7.

I looked around the demo installed, and it looked all nice. I was trying to use this version on my test server, but unfortunately I find that the affiliate related settings are missing. Is the affiliate feature excluded in dolphin 7 ?
Awesome. i don' know what to say. this version 7 the coolest Community software in the world.
Comments go in comments and discussions go in forums. Where do questions go?

I installed D7 RC on my current Arvixe hosting account into a new domain/directory. Install went well, no problems. Everything works except rms.

I don't know what has to be done for rms. D6.x has been working with their rms server, but when using the same rms settings, it does not work with D7RC.

Do I need to install newer rms? If so, do I need a different hosting account to install it? I have shell access see more on existing account but it is a shared account.

Thanks for help and/or direction
Hi Friends,

Where do I find the upgrade cron jobs from Dolphin 6 to 7? Is there any documentation available for migration?
Does the Boonex shared RMS work with D7 RC or will I have to have it configured on a dedicated server? Thanks?
The BoonEx RMS isn't supported anymore, you have to have your own RMS installed or find a hosting provider which offers to host RMS for you. Check
does anyone know how to change the size limit on sound files in D7rc? I can't find that and it seems to only work with small files. It shows larger ones being uploaded and shows them in the count, but they do not show up with an image to access them, only the small ones work.

can't find a php.ini file as in v6x and can't find it in the administration area or flash apps. I guess I am overlooking something. Can anyone help?

i have problem with VIDEO UPLOAD
If the first video uploaded is named "1" and if go page with video i see "File Not Found" i have Dolphin 7 RC

Kan some one help please?
There is still a problem when creating the second person in a couple with entering the birth date. The calendar jumps to the first person and the second person cannot be created. This problem has been there for all of the releases and we have fed this back a couple of times.
Any ideas of giving dolphin a DIRECTORY plugin? Where for exapmle people can add Restaurants companies etc.. to rate simliar to yelp?

Dolphin has already so many features it looks really confusing.. hopefully in admin we can turn off features..

But a Directory would be great.. Anyone else interested????
bravo !
I've problem with my video upload...
at least even the youtube embed doesn't work
I'm searching answers...
Thanks again for this wonderfull service ...
keep on
Can older RMS and new RMS RC co-exist on same server? We would like to test the new RC first since we were informed that old RMS is NOT backward compatible!
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.