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Andrew Boon posted 2nd of February 2011 in Boonex News. 26 comments.

We are adding 6 more languages to our International Forums. The Russian Forums announcement inspired some members to offer their help in moderating forums in other languages.


Today we appoint three new moderators - danielmarseille, ue30 and UFO360. We're taking precautions when giving moderator status, hence not all who offered their help received one. I hope this wouldn't sound offensive, but we really need to make sure that only members with long positive track record at BoonEx Unity are given moderator status. So, if you're not a moderator, but happen to identify a post violating Unity Rules, please contact one of the moderators or BoonEx team and report it.

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I want to take care the spanish forum Please
Andrew Boon
see moreThat would be great. At this point I believe it should be fairly manageable if you just report any issues to moderators with your comments/notes. We try to appoint moderators with more "activity" now... like Market posts, reviews to them, time since registration, etc. I hope it makes sense. We don't have functionality to set moderators to specific forums yet, so it's site-wide. We'll get you there eventually, just keep posting and hanging around.

.. and again, thank you for your help!
it makes me happy that you chose me - I would do my best
@Andrew Boon

I have 3 years using boonex and dolphin

if you can see this is the date I join to boonex 24.06.2009

I have 1270 Forum Posts and I login here everyday looking for new thing for dolphin like updates etc I thing I spend more time on boonex login everyday every hour I like to help in the spanish forum with out problem I learn a lot about dolphin and still learning more new things about dolphin maybe I have vad spell talking or writing english but I will help my spanish people in see more my language with out problem
Andrew Boon
Wow! Well, no objections to that :) You got the status. Moderator can't delete things, but can "hide" content and we review those actions. Still, moderator is, in a fashion, a "senior" representative of BoonEx Community and it may be somewhat a burden when you want to express your personal opinion, for example.

So, welcome to the gang and with this I also call for the more experienced moderators (like Magnus and Zarcon) to help and look after the new ones to make sure we don't see more have issues or conflicts associated with new "powers" :)

Thank you, guys, for you willingness to contribute!
Andrew Boon
Dear those who can speak the newly-added languages... if you could, please give us a properly worded translation of:

_Discussion of Dolphin and BoonEx in "lang" language_

Also, a short welcome post in each forum, something like what danielmarseille did would be nice, thank you!
@Andrew Boon!

Thank's a lot I will do the best on the spanish forum and take care the forum

Enhorabuena! a ver si te puedo ayudar un poco por mi parte!
Where is Turkish forum?
Andrew Boon
Next bunch will follow a little later. We need to make sure have a manageable amount of them.
@Magnussoft -- thank you :)

@Andrew Boon -- Discussion sur Dolphin et BoonEx en français
thanks andrew...i will do my best

the link to ue30 in the above text also links to danielmarseille
@Andrew Boon

I would like to suggest that the 'Recent Topics' and 'Latest Posts" pages have a selector added to display posts from ALL forums, any ONE of the international forums, or ALL forums EXCEPT international forums, with our selection remembered via browser cookie. Once you encourage posts in eight different languages, it will become extremely difficult to view the recent and latest feeds.
@ Andrew Boon: When you plan to add a Dutch forum let me know. I can help with that. I have been here since (01.09.2007) so I can help out the Dutch speaking members.
@Andrew Boon, you think there would be use of a Greek forum too?
Thanks for it!

@Andrew Boon --> Discusiones sobre Boonex y Dolphin en Español
@ Andrew : When you plan to add a Romanian forum let me know. I can help with that.
There are many romanian users that use dolphin.
i use Dophin since 2007.

Thank you !
I agree with Houstonlively, recent topics and latest posts should have a button to select separate languages ( recent topics per language ). I also see an issue now with information being scattered all over the place. I think Boonex should have looked into a translation product, not separate forums.
what is the different in moderation of post between hide and bury...what does bury mean?
Bury - hides post for you only, and if some number of "buries" from others, then it becomes to be hidden for all
Hide - hides post for all immediately, only moderators and admins can do this
you put : International/Française - French

I think it is better : International/Français - French
I can help with the spanish forum too, I know I am almost new here, but I have experience not only with Dolphin, I have a lot experience with LAMP servers so i can help people solving problems from the root, and the attitude, I am ready to help.
I have experience with Centos, OpenSuse and Debian Servers... Test me!
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