Dolphin 7 (Hookie) Final!

Andrew Boon posted 25th of December 2009 in . 50 comments.

After OVER a year of development, 17 Alphas, 8 Betas, 5 RCs, countless sleepless nights, thousands of coffees, many thousands of comments and almost humanly-unbearable amounts of swearing, we're proud, happy and very relieved to release the long-awaited Dolphin 7 - Hookie! Resume breathing again... Dolphin 7 is a major upgrade, almost an entirely new system, so it's hard to come up with a comparison. In short, you DO want to use it instead of Dolphin 6. You will find all the information about it at the pages of the new

Special Thanks (no - much more than that)

To every single person who has helped us along the way, you have truly made Dolphin 7 a product of community collaboration, more than any other Dolphin, or maybe even any other web-script. The best that we can offer right now is: Thank you for your time, your critique, your support, your praise and your patience. There really are no "good" thanks that are appropriate enough. The long hard grind to crank this one out... Is now over. Let's rest and appreciate the holidays for a bit. We deserve it and so do you, every bit as much!

Fresh As A Daisy

Some may argue that this update is too "raw". Well, it's not. It's the most most tested, most stable and most, mostly, mostest reliable update we ever, ever, ever had (forgive the superlatives). And most importantly, with making Dolphin 7 the now and current version, we set a whole new development challenge for ourselves. We'll need to release tidier updates, with upgrade scripts and diff files, so everyone will benefit. There was absolutely no reason for us to hold it off any longer. All in all, it's free, and it's good. 'nuf said!

Say Hello To Hookie

We release Hookie with good faith and high hopes. We strongly believe that this is the world's best solution for building a community site and nothing, free or paid, offers a comparable combination of functionality, ease of use and flexibility. We welcome you to start using Dolphin 7!

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Congratulations! I know it's a huge task trying to get these things out. The very best to the team for 2010!
wow finally i`m the the 2nd one to reply and download thats really gooooood
cool design and you cant imagen how happy am i right now
keep up boonex
sepcial thanks to unoboonex and to the boonex team
Many Congratulations !
Hi, thanks for working so hard to get this finished when you projected. Great holiday gift!!

I didn't see update instructions to update from the RC's. Is it the same instructions as in RC5? Or did I miss a link?

Happy Holidays
Wish you every success with D7 and will thank you Boonex Team for the hard work up to now!
you can be proud of your work
So are you saying that if we have RC5 installed, that is considered the Final version or do we need to download something else? I dont see any new download links anywhere. Just curious :)

Andrew Boon
The Final version has an update pack from RC5. There's just a very small amount of changes, nothing critical. Bigger changes will come in 7.0.1. And we're fixing download links now.
Thanks for the wonderful Christmas gift boonex team !!! Been waiting for this day from a long time and it feels really good to see the dreams come true :)
Andrew Boon
Thank you, thank you! Things are still very shaky. We keep fixing links, adding info, etc. I'd recommend watching and doing nothing so far :)
Thumbs UP for your hard efforts!
You are kidding me right? What happened to all of the problems everyone was having? I mean, yes, I have been waiting for the final. But this seems more of a Microsoft approach. The old lets just get it out there and worry about the details later. Not impressed on this one guys.
Upgrade instructions are available at this page in Trac

You can see there 7.0 RC5 -> 7.0 in the list.

Generally, the instructions are pretty much the same as previous RC upgrades, but please follow them to be confident.
Don't work join in IE8 Opera10 in firefox all ok

I'm really happy for release the new version before the 2009 is final .. Now i will start my project in 2010

thank you boonex team you are the best team and dolphin the best community script

best regards
Nathan Paton
Alright, I'll say it: I was fairly harsh in my previous post concerning the previous development release.

And with that said, I can move forward with a big "Thank you" to BoonEx, for continuing with the development of a script that truly rivals those already out there; free, commercial, or otherwise. I suppose I can just continue and complain about things such as unfixed bugs, or some feature I don't necessarily agree with just yet, but I must accept that I could never manage to accomplish see more what you fine folks down under have.

So, thank you, BoonEx. And have a wonderful time during the holiday season. As you have given a gift to us, I'll be giving a gift to you. Though times are tough, I will be more than happy to do what I can and give you guys a donation to show my support for your work.

See you in 2010.
Great to see it was released, just hope the issues were resolved that were being posted in the forums.

Merry Christmas to the Boonex Team and Staff

Here's hoping that 2010 is the year of the Dolphin : )

Happy Holiday's Boonex!
Best gift I received for 2010! More power Boonex!
Merry Christmas to everyone! Thanks for the gift. I am very glad I am able to launch it before 2010. Boonex, Thank you!
Congradulations in getting the final out. I'll spend the weekend installing.
my live site using Dolphin 7 Final
my live site using Dolphin 7 Final

Thank you Boonex
Trillion Thanks to Boonex Team.

Thanks for The Thrilling Gift at X'MAX n New Year.
wheres the download link??
great news great job great software
Wow, I remember waaaaayyyyyy back when this was frist being announced.
I was one of the guys that was negative and yeah i meant well in a weird way, hehe.
Anyways i must say thank you sooo much, this truly is a christmas present for me.
Thank you sooo much for your continuous efforts hard work and dedication .
Things can only get better with a bit of strive you can accelerate to greater heights.

Happy New Years to all.
Congratulations! Thank you very much for everything! Greetings from London - Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to all!
Sounds like a winner to is final..Great work.. Happy New Year BoonX team..
Congratulations! Thank you very much for everything. Happy New Year BoonX team. From Pakistan
Glad to see it's out now guys - a great christmas gift.

Now I'm off to work on the site. Get ready, I'm sure I'll have a bunch of inane questions for everyone... lol

Happy Holidays
Wonderful timing for release so I can get my new site ready for opening sooner than imagined. Thanks to all those who have contributed!
I just NEED to write something here!!! I can't thank you guys enough for everything done.. Congratulations for the new version and I hope for even better days and luck for all of you next year! Happy Holidays! God Bless you Andrew and your family for your good heart!
Thanks you so much andcongratulation for your wonderful job
Thank you for all you have done. I'm sure your script is among the best out there, if not the best. You high level of commitment and effort really shows through your product. I am totally impressed by what you have done.
Two Questions: Forgive me, but I don't see much of a difference between Dolphin 6 and Dolphin 7. Is there a web page that shows the changes? My other question is; Is it a seamless upgrade from 6 to 7? Will ver 6 templates still work in 7?

Thank You.
I have RC3 never saw another RC come out. How do I upgrade from RC2 to Final?
Damn ! I went to my family to spend Xmas and found this huge present under my christmas tree when I returned home. Thanks a lot Boonex !!! Now I can finalize my site and start broadcasting the good news.

Merry Xmas to all of you (including all Boonex fans) xxx
First thing I notice ... site stats are incomplete. Only mentioning the new members and the tags. Where are the others gone ???
Gr8 job TEAM ;-)
Now, whats next?may be documentation!

I have seen Dolphin 7 and i must say it looks great. But that would be all. It has many functionalities, but regarding SEO is close to zero, and that would be everything needed for your website to be found on google, because without metadescription for each page individually, for each member, and keywords, you get nothing as visitors. Your website just looks very good but nobody will find it because people are searching for words on Google and not for beautiful images. I asked you long see more ago if you're going to implement meta description and meta keywords, and now i have the answer : NO! I am so sorry but i must go with other CMS because this one will bring little visitors from search engines!
Oh My God! I have been waiting for this day. I been patiently waiting Thank You Andrew And Entire Boonex Team. Congrats!
I feel I have to contribute a bit to this discussion only in recognition of dosdawg, caltrade and many others who helped me so much in building my social networking site.Without the help of them my site wouldnt have been possible, period. That site is This site is a real functional social networking site. meaning it has close to a thousand members, People who use it. I chose dolphin because it was promoted or "sold" as a free out of the box cms. This was not the case, I see more spent hundreds of man hours and dollars getting it to "work". (Not to mention dealing with a few shady characters and getting ripped off, as many of us have).
Its occurred to me a year ago that I(and everyone else)wasn't a client or user but a developer and unwilling Guinea pig in a company devolping its software, I havent realy been here in over a year, Nothing has changed. after all the trials and tribulations I found in running 5.6 to 6.1.0 etc. I decieded to stop there. it was apparent that Boonex had not considered people who had actually made something of what they had created, only in releasing the next big, best thing to someone new who hadnt figured out they were been forced to marry boonex yet. I have been waiting to buy the next best big thing Boonex, But every time I check in it seems its always still around the corner. This has to hurt your sales boonex.
Boonex, Your very site has 404 login errors! What more can I say about that, A social network company that sells social networking software and cant figure out how to log in users, the irony here could choke a horse.
I can see now its an open fact boonex uses people to develop its product, not test. A year ago these allegations were made. Now it appears its become De-Facto.
A year later and it seems only the names have changed, Dolphin 6.1 has become 7.1 and it seems it just as far see more away from being a finished product as 6.1 ever was. While I agree that development is a journey that must be undertaken together, it should not be done with your customer blindly leading the way, stumbling into the darkness trailblazing anew paths with no idea where hes going or the fact hes even leading the way. After customizing my site out of necessity, i found(like many) it impossible to "upgrade" any further. But then again I have yet to see a true (working)upgrade.
As Caltrade has pointed out talk like this will likely get me booted from here. But if we can be constructive and objective and instead of looking for who has wronged boonex can we instead ask at what point does Boonex wrong thier client? I run 6.1, Ill continue to run it until the next big, best thing arrives, Fortunately for myself and unfortunately for boonex, i wont be contributing to its development. let me again thank all those in the forums who made my site live.
Hello, I use delfin7 but I have a small problem when I try to upload a video showing me that video is uploaded, but after watching him try to clip out the following words to me that video clip there, could you tell me may be the problem, whether it is in the decoder ffmpeg because the script is only available decoder for windows, but I use linux Ubuntu 9.10 karmic, and if the problem is the decoder can you tell me where to pull this decoder for this distribution . Thank you in advance, and excuse see more me for bad English.
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