Nomination for Moderator

praveenkv1988 posted 24th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 20 comments.

I am posting this for moderator nomination. Plz. post your comments and votes for me as a moderator.

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I support you 100%

You would be a GREAT add!!

You never hesitated to help me when needed!!

You have my support also as you have helped me on numerous occasions, and unlike some others, you always reply to your emails, I wish you luck.
I support you 100% elso

you are amazing man in unity

he help me so much and replay for so much post for me and answer on all my questions fast and clearly

I wish you good luck

best regards
praveenkv1988 gets my vote! He is and will continue to be an asset to our community! Thanks for your input and work.

got it.

you have been all over the place over on expertzzz. i am trying to get all those guys who are postin over there to make their way back this way, and elminate posting all over the internet looking for support,
praveenkv1988 is definitely the best I dealt with. He answers emails rapidly and does any job fast. A rarity in this business!
My company keeps on giving him more and more difficult jobs and he solves them all. I say praveekv1988 is a real Champion who deserves our vote. He does not need luck, he should be a moderator purely on merit!
praveenkv1988 is a perfect person to solve many problem here ,i have faced lot a bugs in my website he helped me to rid of those things,fast reply and also i am planned to quit from dolphin and expertz script
that he adviced me to stay here and helped more.
I support you 100%
You're the man praveen. You post more sollutions and help than anyone I've seen!! I definately vote for you!!
I support you 100% as i think you would be a great add to the moderator team.
When I needed help with something Praveen really stepped in there where others wouldn't. I highly recommend Praveen for moderator.
all the best. dont know you but youve helped many, thats good enough for me
You all should go step-by-step all steps :
Hello praveenkv1988

I am not against you(CyberXing, DosDawg) personally. :) If you become moderators, you'll help us to make the system better, I hope. But new Unity has the rules for upgrading to new membership level ( You should do it step-by-step. And we should follow the rules. :)

Step-by-step rule: you can only upgrade to Expert if you're a Contributor; to Pundit if you're an Expert; to Moderator if you're a Pundit. Hence, every Pundit is a Member, see more Contributor and Expert. Contributor status fees are not required once you upgrade to higher levels.

Best Regards
Yes, I am sorry for this. I havn't seen it. But I couldn't delete this post also. I appologise for this...
Hello here,

As expert at well-known site '' maybe I want become moderator in moment too :) but can`t.
I haven`t here even expertz status here at all.
And I agree with this stepped system too
Andrew Boon
I am all for you too, but let's stick to the rules now. I am sure you won't have any problems with this, but will give a good example to the newcomers.
I have to say the following, i have dealt with several hosting company's and some better then others. I live on the East Coast and i have dealt with company's that obviously live and follow on a different time zone which is fine but if a problem occurs during your day time and the hosting company's time zone is night time you won't hear anything from that company until they wake up. Praveenkv1988 will respond to your concerns or problems at any level, but here is the key to his reputation. He will see more call you if needed and explain to you the issues and have you understand them. He goes out of his way, and gives you the best recommendations to your site. Great developer!! i am just keeping it real!
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