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Andrew Boon posted 25th of July 2012 in News. 49 comments.

What end-users don't see, but you, fellow web-masters, have to deal with all the time - the Dolphin Administration system is undergoing a nice makeover. Our goal is to make it easier to navigate and understand without being a Dolphin guru, plus we want to make it generally more useful for everyday site monitoring.


There're a few big improvements that we're not quite ready to show yet, so expect a couple more posts covering Dolphin Admin, but there're already many improvements worth peering at:


New Dashboard

The new Dashboard now features an overview of site's content and alerts when there's something pending review. Also we've added some fancy charts to display site growth dynamics and a pie-chart of existing content percentiles. Modules (including 3rd party) can connect to those charts to display their info as well. So, now is looks like a real Dashboard...


Other Bits

There're lots of little tweaks that we're working on, such is reorganising pages, settings, fixing goofy language, simplifying license registration process, adding templates management  and removing unnecessary blurb. The process is ongoing, but just for example, here's the reorganised Laguage Settings page, where all separate blocks have been moved into one block as tabs, making the whole section a lot more handy...


well, and the new Dolphin, naturally, made it to the login panel...


There're just a handful of little things left to do, so we're actually getting very close to beta testing. Stay around!

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I am impressed. Great job!
where is the option to delete cache ?
great, will there be a way to integrate more easily with something else, like flowplayer,
it's there a way to upgrade my dolphin from 7.0.9 to 7.1
yes, there will be an upgrade package as always i think!
Andrew Boon
Absolutely. There will be an automatic upgrade script with instructions.
thanks, right now am trying to deal with my admin panel which doesn't show properly so i dont know how to work this out, but the rest is ok, any idea?
Now there are some problems with displaying icons in IE8 -we are working on it.
Also it's better to discus problems in forum.
Nathan Paton
I like the admin login a lot for some reason. Must be the giant Dolphin logo and the less-confusing license text. The stats are also an interesting addition which I'm looking forward to playing with. Kind of makes me think someone should consider integrating one of those PHP analytic scripts.
"so expect a couple more posts covering Dolphin Admin"
which will be a couple days from now, YES???
and then we can download this bad-boy and get our build on, YES???
Hells Yeah! Sounds like a plan to me ;)
Thinks underdog has too many toys lol.... : ) Am looking to trying it out too, but only when a fewe have crashed and burned and lessons have been learned lol : )
X~) Well, you know me- Throw some square tires on it and I'll still hope for a smooth ride! LOL
Nathan Paton
You can download it now from the SVN repo, but expect some broken stuff. I'd recommend developers to at least install it to get an understanding of the changes and update their stuff.
Yeah, I've heard you advise that before....and I've started to go down that road even, but unless I'm missing something, it looks like I was going to be there for hours downloading one file at a time....Dear Lord...That's a lot of files! Why isn't there like an optional download button to snag all the files at once?
Nathan Paton
You need to use a Subversion client to download the files from the repo. Check out for more information.
How about giving admin it's very own independent template & css this time.... instead of grabbing a lot of it from /templates/base & /templates/tmpl_uni
unless all that's been fixed already... I haven't checked in a while
Any template(including admin template as well) uses 'base' with an option to override desired styles.

It shouldn't be any references to 'uni', if you know one please let us know.
Nice indeed I am looking forward to using this thanks Andrew!
I like it, looks very clean. Good Work :)
Nice admin panel and analytics images.
It uses the GD library or jQuery Chart for the analytics chart? I do not think it is Flash because BoonEx hate the Flash technology.
It is getting sexier!! lol

Yes, where is the option to clear cache? I've been doing it manually for a week now.
Nathan Paton
Andrew said it /will/ be under Tools. Guess it's been removed until then.
well, the obvious response is why? I suppose it will be put in later..
Nathan Paton
The /will/ is the key word here. Removed it to make way for the new dashboard, but haven't gotten around to implementing it under Tools. Oh well, there's always SSH.
right, but Filezilla is easier..
Nathan Paton
rm -rf ./cache/* - etc.

I disagree. :p
that's why we like you so much.. Tanks for the tid bit!!
But... rm scares me sometimes when I'm drunk..
Nathan Paton
Yes, don't operate a server drunk. Bad stuff can happen.

... Not that I'd know...
is this available for usage yet? I downloaded the SVN files about 2 weeks ago and installed but the admin panel then still looks as is on version 7.0.9.
Nathan Paton
It's "usable", but not stable. You can test it, but do NOT use it in a production environment.
Sounds good. I have 7.1 running already on a testbed server I have. Its running pretty good...just wanted to check out the new admin section. Will download it and install it. Thanks.
Andrew Boon
2 weeks is a loooong time ago. We now make a good few commits every day.
I know Andrew. Technology changes very rapidly...even in software development. I will go and check out the SVN and grab the files.
Nice! Simplicity is the way to go...
WOW what a very nice admin panel dash with easy approvation pending access
how soon you think may be ready
ill the issue of pictures nad profiles notbeing in light boxes be fixed .So peple can view and not loose page they are on
I have a question, Where you can include your Metatags for different languages, i.e. Español, German, etc.

[Membership Description - Needing Lang_key for translation]

Guys, about Admin Tools > Language, please do not forget to let us translate the "Membership Description". This feature is not available until D7.09...

(suggestion) - Also, for New Membership. We can limit the durantion (time) but also, would be nice to have the option to limit the amount (quantity) of new membership to be available for purchaising. So, we can create promotional campaigns to sell new memberships.
When is the the beta coming
Most important tool is to develop the best way to prevent Chinese spammers advertising their counterfeit Gucci handbags and Nike shoes, I see it in every dolphin site I work on almost, any better spam prevention tech in this version?
I liked it. Good Job!
A doubt, may be made the default permissions for new members from Admin Panel?
That administrator in Admin Panel to decide that privacy is a new member, who can see profile, photos, videos, files, etc ...
After power switch member in your profile.
Now, all public privacy is a new member and can not choose in Admin Panel, or I have not seen.

By the time Dolphin 7.1? I am nervous ...
Dear Andrew, thanks a lot for your and your team's continuous efforts and commitment in keeping Dolphin a great product for all of us. I'm very excited and look forward to the release of Osho, but while it's still in the development, let me please suggest one big single improvement - News module with its text editor. We present our Dolphin site in three languages and we have a categorised section for News in which we try to publish each news in three languages. However, so far it's been a real pain see more (somewhere) using the current News module with existing TinyMCE editor. Therefore, can you guys please look into this area and improve your News module by making it a multi-language news publishing engine, so that when publishing each news, we could also include other language versions of the same news content which can be selected from something like inner drop down language selector. This way we (and probably other publishers here) won't have to enter each news in different languages separately. And to make the experience of News publishing or even commenting in Forums enjoyable, we would really welcome and be grateful if you could upgrade your TinyMCE editor to a better default text editor, like CKeditor or else. Just so you know, we earlier purchased a separate CKeditor module from Boonex Market but had bad experience using it, so we switched back to TinyMCE. Please let me know if you could consider my suggestion for your Osho release, so we could plan accordingly. Good luck on your development and successful release!
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