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Andrew Boon posted 26th of September 2012 in Dolphin.pro News. 36 comments.

Depending on your network setup you may want to use anonymous usernames or real full names when displaying member profiles. For a long time Dolphin only supported usernames, and many web-masters had to hack their way to "real-names" support, often with quite a few hiccups. 


Rejoice! We've just added a little feature that will rock your world! :-D


You can now choose what to use for profile display names - usernames, first names, or full names in your preferred order. There's a couple of new admin settings. They look like this...



As you may see, it is now possible to choose not only the display name, but also the accompanying brief information line.


Options for display name:

First Name

First Name + Last Name

Last Name + FIrst name


Options for brief info:

Age + Sex



Status Message

Depending on your niche, the right combination can effectively reinforce your site image and direction. Say,  username / headline for fan sites;  First Name + Last Name / Location for professional communitiesFirst Name / Age + Sex for local social networks, etc. You can change combinations anytime (as long as your users don't mind, of course).


For example...


Works like charm. Stay tuned!

p.s. and, guys... thank you for your patience! ;-)

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nice nice, Name & location works for me
Also modules developers can add their own variants to both lists.
Have a look at sys_objects_member_info table and BxDolMemberInfo class, it should be easy, please post such question in the forum next time.
This is going to Rock! Great Work!!
There you Go Andrew. That´s what I call good news!!!
good to hear, but i would need some additional function if possible.
would be nice if we could check the structure of the username with regex on joining.
This is quite possibly one of the best changes to be made. Good to see progress with Dolphin at last : )
And the release date is..........

lmao..... I think everyone has a new site planned for this...
Is there a demo site for Osho? :)
Update to SVN 16947 as of 9/28/2012
I tested out your site to see OSHO.. pretty smooth guys.
nice new feature - this will be very useful
it would be nice to solve the problem for couples
Ok then. Sounds fantastic. How about releasing 7.1 with the current feature set so we can get going.
This is really a good news for me and for many here. Congratulations. 5 stars
When using First Name + Last Name settings can the Username be removed from the jon form (username not be used on join or on the site) where we just use email instead of username to login

Knowledge is Wealth
Great move, well played!
I simply love it and I have to say splendid :-)

The future is near :-)
looking good Dev. Crew! I can't wait to find bugs so i can complain like an ingrate. ;)
Oh, you might have really, really blown this. Gosh I wish you would really listen to people here insteand of deciding you know what is best and then springing it on us and expeceting everyone to be delighted. I was one of the first to push for real name design here and even then knew that the "first name" and "last name" concept simply doesn't work for real names. I was also involved in Google Nymwars so I know all about it, and I wish I could find the reference, but there see more is a long technical report on why this doesnt work - not for names in many cultures, not for people who have some kind of honorific before or after their names, or for a dozen other reason. This will still have to be hacked ot make it work and you have probably made it harder.
Here is that link http://goo.gl/eIfr This will still have to be hacked to make it work for business sites, and this may make it even harder.
We have to keep First and Last name for the compatibility with previous versions.
But this system can be easily extended to show anything there, so it will suit any needs.
FINALLY LOOOOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!! THANKS that one of the best improvment !
(next best will be to stop showing avatar/profil photos in the photos page module)
Looks good but I wonder then if the below 3-combo won't be possible?

First Name + Last Name
You can make a little modification and it will be possible. You need to merge "location" code with "headline" code. For example, I merge age with location and all work fine. (file to edit: inc/classes/BxDolMemberInfo.php)
Very cool.... I would like the option to be able to go into the site as a regular member and see what changes need to be made and what is insecure for the members. My computer and dolphin know me every time I try to go in as a member and.... well... it doesn't work well.
I am assuming we can test this out in version 7.1 that we downloaded as a beta test?

First Name + First Letter of (Last Name) for Germany
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