Improved Account and Social Interaction Features in Osho

Andrew Boon posted 27th of June 2012 in News. 15 comments.

Some of the key parts of Dolphin's social networking functionality were long overdue for a good overhaul. Now, we're finally presenting a whole new "My Account" and a set of refined social connection features. This upgrade alone should be enough for everyone to upgrade to Dolphin 7.1 as soon as it comes out, because it will significantly enhance user satisfaction and engagement on any Dolphin-based community. Have a look...




The new Account page is now a lot more friendly and familiar for any new site member. It features a Friends Timeline, which essentially is the same thing as a typical "Feed" in large social networks, showing updates from your friends...



On the side you can see the new trimmed version of Account Control, Friend Requests and New Messages blocks. Together all Account blocks work as an overview of what needs to be done, and a quick doorway to the most important features - a dashboard of sorts.

Spy is still there, and should you want to keep using old blocks, like "Quick Links", they're still available for activation via Page Builder.


Subscriptions, Connections and Friend Requests 


Friend requests now work just as they should - once you get one, you can either accept it via alert in your Account or on Connections page, or when open the requester's profile you'd see this:



So, the system considers current connection state and adjusts the action buttons. Coupled with the new alert box in the account and more prominent display in "Connections" page friend requests are way more "understandable" now. Oh, and here's how the new "Connections" page looks:



 We've also cleaned-up "Subscriptions" page a little. It is now a lot easier to unsubscribe from multiple items and all the unnecessary "variations" of one subscription are removed:




Other Improvements 


Along with the big new additions, we continue fine-tuning modules and features that we've already announced - Timeline, Blogs, media-modules, Spy, etc. Default menu links have been revised, comments in Timeline synchronised with original content comments and Mailbox layout was updated. Many of those changes seem small, but they improve general experience quite a bit. 

Overall, we're about to proceed to "wrap up" stage of Dolphin 7.1 development. Just a couple of "big" things left to do. By "wrap up" I mean general layout review, bug-fixing, testing, upgrade script preparation and packaging. Ah, and by "a couple of big things" I mean a couple of big things that we'll soon tell you about. So, stay tuned!

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Looks good. I am impressed.
Hey Andrew, could you add the function "mark as adult" for photos and video? The most famous Dolphin competitors do not have this feature yet. It would be useful for those who want to build a community.
Also it would be interesting to have the ability to send files to another user through the mailbox. Maybe sending the file directly as it happens on messenger or by attaching one or more files (and link) from your photos/videos/files folder.
One last thing: you can make everything translatable see more in dolphin? Much of the administration is not translatable (you can only do that by editing the database), and the same goes for the titles of many icons on the site (such as "Add", "Remove", etc.). It would be nice to translate all through the language file.
Ps: You are doing a great job!
This does sound very great. However, realisticaly andrew, in which time period can we expect osho to be publicly released?
Andrew Boon
We're pushing it as hard as we can. Trying to prioritise and not add too many new things, but there're still a couple of "big" things left and some minor issues, including those previously reported. We can't wait to release it, too.
I can't wait for its release... (:
Good to see dolphin heading in the right direction. it's a shame we will have to wait until 8.0 to see anything done to things like chat, but this is a huge improvement.

They say the proof is in the pudding... my taste buds are ready...
well i can wait for a better release. :)
I belong to a talent networking site, where different membership levels allow for greater numbers of photos in album.

Free gets a handful, VIP gets 100.

Free can send 5-10 messages a day, VIP 100. Similar for casting notices.
Since many of us have worked with credit card processors, and their IPN (Instant Payment Notification $_POST) protocols, being able to set up our store with our choice of anything but PayPal would be good.
Looking forward to it!

I presume one of the "couple of big things" that we will soon hear about are forums?
Is it possible to easy turn off the Timeline? Would be more negativr then positive on my niche site.
Yes, sure, it is separate module, just uninstall it or don't install.
looking good.

changing the subject...any plans to fix purchasing functionality? Any significant update without fixing this would be premature.
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