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Andrew Boon posted 13th of February 2013 in Boonex News. 23 comments.

With the new Dolphin 7.1 we have a great platform for further development and BoonEx Market is getting healthier with more quality extensions appearing more often than ever. These are great news for geeks, but we see great number of people coming to and not really realising the potential of Dolphin coupled with BoonEx Market offers. It may be really challenging to see a pile of tools and imagine a house. So, we're introducing a new curation system at which will serve as a cue for newcomers, offering them gateways to Extensions that work well for specific kinds of online communities and social networks.


The new Motives page now lists a number of main "niches", which can be associated with a client's idea. It's much like the old "Specs vs Experience" debate - some people may never even think about, say, a Photo Contests module until they browse through "Photography" motive. 


Motives will be managed by BoonEx team, and soon by someone else in the community (more on this later), but we already suggesting having a good look at them, their descriptions and current selections of products to get an idea of what we're trying to do. Vendors may also consider adjusting their existing products or developing something new for specific motives. 


Generally, our goal is to focus on Market and promotion of 3-rd party products more. This is a great advantage of Dolphin and we see massive potential in further growth of BoonEx Market. With Motives, we want to bring Market closer to all consumers and thus improve general activity of both clients and vendors. 


Now you can already see 25 Motives typed in, but not all of them are "ready" yet - we're still working on descriptions and still sort out product entries. We would also love to hear from you! So, in order to keep things organized, we'll be announcing 3 motives at a time over the few weeks and work on them closely. Let's go...



Adult sites software


Your website idea may be on the "naughty" side and that's great! Dolphin can work for adult-only sites just fine and some of the extensions listed in this Motive help to add that extra functionality that explicit sites may require.

You may be interested in age restriction warnings, adult-oriented design templates, disclaimers or any modifications that bring up that "sexy" feel. Your imagination backed by Dolphin platform and a little help from adult-specific extensions may result in a new kind of adult social website, that would be too good to pass.


Animals, pets community soft


Not only people are sociable and showy! Websites for lizards, turtles, funny cats and gloomy dogs can be just as lucrative, and fun! You may have an affection towards certain pets or wild creatures, and you're surely not alone with this passion. Connect with other care-takers, engage into animal protection, organize fundraisers or just share those silly photos and videos.

Most animals can't (or just choose not to) use computers that well, so Dolphin platform may benefit from special modifications and extensions designed specifically for animals/pets-related social networks. Special templates, profiles for both owners and pets, animal-themed icon sets or splash screens and extra settings for non-human parameters would help to build a truly special "animals social network" with unique user experience.


Arts, artwork, crafts community sites software


Creativity and true talents should not remain unsung. Bring them up and share them with other admirers, or other talented artists. Your site members could gather for events, recommend exhibitions, sell masterpieces, share photos and videos of their works, or the works they fall in love with.

Artistic communities would surely benefit from beautiful templates, improved photos and videos, profiles with special touch and splash screens that welcome like-minded souls.


We strongly believe that there many aspiring web-masters that would benefit from Motives system, and us, geeks, need to learn how to present our products and communicate their benefits in a more "worldly" manner. We invite you to share opinion and recommendations on what Motives should include, how they should work and what is the best way to introduce Dolphin users to Motives. Ultimately, we should all benefit from going away from building numerous "generic" social networks and moving towards thematic, niche communities, build for specific purposes with specialised features.

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This sounds like a good idea to give some users niche ideas and an easier way for them to see modules that might fit there niche. I think you should add Entertainment (Nightlife, Bars, Clubs, Videos, Music, Sports, Etc.)
Now you can already see 25 Motives typed in,
Yes read them, that's why I was suggesting entertainment didn't see much related to an entertainment category.
This is good. It will help new projects. I am planning a community site for a City (actually my State) - I did like to see list of tools specifically for that too. On other issue, I have not really seen creativity in developing Themes for D7.1 (They either look awkward, coloration of the default or unimpressive) unlike the D7.0x
You should move the Adult category down the list a bit. A least get it away from the Animals category. Some of these guys around here might think the two go together.
The hilarious Houston...can't stop laughing.
Nathan Paton
For some sites I've worked on, they certainly do.
You can add professional networking too... like doctors, lawyers, IT, Entrepreneurs etc....
Nathan Paton
Great idea to help people find market items that fit their "vision."
Nice idea.
However, it doesn't cover all aspects.
For example, where do I go to look for a module which will allow users to edit CSS in their profile? Or a module with advanced profile customize?
there are many modules of twitter on BoonEx, would be a good idea to put on motives also twitter
i think most modules that does not fit into motives are lost in market then :(
There should be a category "Various"
Good idea and initiative!
Very nice. I know this is still a 'work' in progress, but I actually a little surprised not to see any of ilbellodelweb's products like SpyWall/EvoWall specifically in the Facebook area. Most of his modules are all 'facebook like' modules. :)
This is a very good idea and hopefully the suggestions for each area can be kept within reasonable boundaries. I made the rookie mistake of spending a lot of time going through several hundred modules looking for ones that *might* help transform my basic Dolphin installation into something more useful for my target audience. During my initial research I installed way too many 3rd-party modules... creating a very complicated site to setup, test, fix, add content and launch. In hindsight I would see more have been better off only installing 3rd-party modules that I decided I *must* have to add/improve critical functionality needed to launch the website.
While I do think that at it's core Boonex Dolphin is great...
I have to admit that I'm not all that excited about this "Motives."
After all... Yes it connects mods with buyers and give buyers more ideas of "niche mods"... But I ask... is that what they should be focusing on? I would suggest not.
By that I mean to say... Maybe more time should be spent on "Mod compatibility" than "Mods for sale" offers. I just wish there was a better "litmus testing" see more for all mods.

I say this because... I have had several issues with several mods that were in fact eventually resolved... but that had to be manually installed. Most mods work fine once they are installed. Now I am brand new at PHP... but so far for me it seems to be... Try to install a mod... get errors... fix the errors... move on to the next mod and repeat! lol

The mods that seem to work best are the ones that you can Auto install. As in place the mod in the module folder... start up your site's admin panel and its there, in the list of ready to be installed mods. Perhaps this is so because in order to be auto installed they need to work within the dolphin's framework??? Idk

Yes I am still very new to PHP... but in the long run, which do you would be more pleasing to newbies with money like me... Making mods easier to install... or just making them easier to find?
Jeesh, always reinventing the wheel. C-A-T-E-G-O-R-I-E-S that's what the rest of the web calls this stuff.

I popped in to visit Boonex as I needed a bit of cheering up. Glad to see I wasn't disappointed :D

Andrew Boon
These are a special type of Categories, if you will. Difference with standard categories lies in what they're based on - rationale or attributes.

Categories answer the question WHAT? - templates, plugins, modules, etc. Motives answer the question WHY? or rather WHAT FOR? - fan sites, dating sites, gaming sites, etc.

One may find Motives or Categories more useful, depending on their analytical and planning skills - they may well know whir website may need, or they may only know what kind of see more website they want.
Ahh ok. I get it. you mean like 'Site Categories' ;)
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