I like the approach to taking a better step towards resolving disputes, but I would like to hear a little more 'detail' on the matter. Here are a few questions I have already in response to your 3 outlines:

1 - Could you elaborate on the reasons allowed for when/if a product can be suspended? Example: Asked for support and got no reply, member is unable to download after payment, etc. Also what is the 'wait' time to allow the product owner to respond?

2 - When you say 'force' a 30 day refund, see more I am assuming that you are suggesting we contact the vendor via email and request for them to refund the member's money? I'm not sure any other way that we could 'force' a refund.

3 - Since disputes can be for several different reasons, I feel that we may need to give a detailed outline on 'what' constitutes an dispute BEFORE members just start going crazy and posting all kinds of them. A prime example would be products that cause errors/conflicts due to other custom modules they have installed on their site. Vendors can't guarantee that their products will work with every other product on the Market.
I have an example that you wouldn't think could happen Zarcon unless it happened to you. We are supposed to test the product out on there test site. All good and well it worked on the test site. On my site it did not work and it was not other modules stopping it from working or hindering in any other way.

I contacted the seller who told me it had nothing to do with his mod it was dolphin. I with a brand new dolphin install thought yeah right not this time mate and said can you make your mod work see more please.

Took 4 weeks for him to make it work and told me he changed a line in HIS mod. Hell no he changed a line in my dolphin core, without my permission which caused problems then with the rest of the site, but his mod worked.

So how can we see a problem like this coming in advance. I have a massive headache thinking about what can and will go wrong at the market now. I sure wouldn't want to be a moderator (are you going to be paid to do this job just allocated to you of enforcing refunds, as isn't this the job of an abuse Team who is on a payroll..) Drama I don't need and be a long time before I spend a cent again in the market...
LOL @ being paid. I havent heard nothing about that. In your situation, it just validates my example above. Here the module worked on their test site, but not yours. Since you stated that you installed the module on a 'clean' install of Dolphin, there shouldn't be any type of conflict with other modules. You indicated that his change was to your core files which messed up your site. You would need to explain what file he/she changed (need proof positive), how it affected your site, etc. It would see more also need to be examined to see if the install 'required' modification to core files in order to work.

All in all, we (Moderators) will have a big task on our hands trying to get these disputes resolved.
My head hurts for you.............
to resolved this issue and probably also for other cases
there would need sites in each version of dolphin - for testing the modules in dispute - tested by moderators or SuperModerators
Nathan Paton
We aren't paid. I'd be willing to work for a cool cape, though.
what kind, if you give me a little while I will make you one and post it to you. what kind do you want LOL
Nathan Paton
It must come from the hands of Boon himself. Then I can be considered well paid.
Here that Andrew, time to get some supermoderator capes!
I want a SuperModerator cape too !!!!!!!!!
I am willing to send anyone my file if they email me requesting it. My file shows what has happened
and I have eveything, emails and so on. I do not do the installs, my hosting company techs do it, I have emails from them stating the problem. I think I have been very patient in this matter but there is a time limit to file. and after some research I found that this seller has had other complaints of the same nature and I seen nothing to show these other complaints have been resolved. that is why see more I took action. no one likes being ripped off, and communication is one of the keys, I took everything in coinsideration, the time differance between the US and Australia the type of responses received, past alledged bad acts and the delays

If you emal me I will send you every bit of evidence I sent to Andrew Boon, it is evidence enough to convince anyone.

Jim Stewart
Andrew Boon
replied in the post update
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