Dolphin 7.0
Dolphin 7.4.2 the symbols are not visible.Jonnaklasine started 12 Jul 2020 · geek_girl replied 15 Jul 2020Dolphin 7.4.2 the symbols are not visible. what can be the cause? thanks for your help
How to modify dolphin login to accept only Email and Password pcnetguru started 12 Jul 2011 · callum replied 29 Jun 2020I wanted to modify my dolphin to only accept email and password for login. No username or member ID number.   I...
mod match from modzzz version 2.0.5Jonnaklasine started 26 May 2020 · Jonnaklasine replied 28 May 2020hello modzzz, I checked the match tables and found the following empty tables. modzz match does not work becaus...
Forgot password doesn't seem to workJZMatrix started 16 May 2020 · Morocco replied 25 May 2020Using the stock forgot.php file I'm getting a "PHP Fatal error:  Cannot make static method BxDolFormCheckerHelper::checkEmail...
no bonnex core filesJonnaklasine started 18 May 2020 · Jonnaklasine replied 21 May 2020Hello my Dolphin 7.4.2 has no bonnex core files I always found them in the Templates / directory What co...
Fax to file? Has there ever been a module allowing for faxes to filescsampson1 started 9 Jan 2012 · geek_girl replied 18 May 2020Has anyone ever designed a module that would allow faxing to the files module? Can it be done or has it been done?
Type PDOException Debug backtrace Jonnaklasine started 30 Mar 2020 · geek_girl replied 2 May 2020Hello, I hope you are all healthy. I've been using Dolphin 7.4.2 for a few days now. The following error messag...
I want only to show, pics, video's and eventsdvcgraphics started 15 Mar 2020 · LeonidS replied 29 Apr 2020I want only to show, pics, video's and events on the outline. How can i do that, the rest i don't want...
How to delete that?dvcgraphics started 16 Mar 2020 · dvcgraphics replied 16 Mar 2020See photo,   thanx
hide men...dvcgraphics started 13 Mar 2020 · johnk42 replied 16 Mar 2020I make a website, for couples and woman.But men will always contact woman and couples.C...
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